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Ah but dear Dazzie, while you have my respect, The nobles as a whole can't, due to the leadership. If my understanding of the curent structure of the Nobles is correct, Jayce is the leader of the Nobles, and a leaders actions speak for that of his/her people.

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Jayce is not the leader of the Nobles I was a Noble long before him we really dont have a leader.

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I was trying to say out of this post ! But!!! My fellow guild member and i were not there as akenak members and we both did not have akenak title !!!!! I will hold my hands up to the fact that i did have my akenak title as i never change my title ever !!!!
Also !!!! We never slanderd your King in fact we asked and said that we would love to meet him the oh so proud noble!!!!! couldnt even be botherd to talk to us !!!!!Yes we joshed and role played Fiesty Fyros if it gets this reaction i think i will never atempt semi role play ever again !!!!!


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I will have to agree with Khandy, If this doesnt end, now... I will Resign as an akenak. The role play isnt fun if people are going to take things overboard. We forget that we are friends in the process of this or neutral to eachother and we argue about silly things. So if this continues i will drop my akenak position. It apparently causes problems so i'll end the problem with that. Thanks


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If I had heard that 2 of our Nobles had acted in such a manner I would have requested they be called before our king and punished.

So can it be assumed then that you'll be calling for Jayce to be punished for his ganking activities?

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So it seems like in the recent past a specific member of the House of Nobles has murdered some Kamists while they were digging in the Prime Roots. That happened before he became a Noble. And it obviously offended and upset a bunch of people - some of them happened to be Akenak, but the Akenak as an institution was not behind the event.

So perhaps an alternative response could have been sending an official communication to the House of Nobles stating their displeasure with the nomination of the aforementioned Matis and explaining their reasons.

Maybe that could have avoided some trouble and confusion.


I still have the feeling that the lines between IC and OOC are kinda blurry here. Just as an example, I have two different opinions on this, one IC and one OOC.

IC, the character Rikutatis is against the blockade imposed by the Nobles. It's immoral, etc.

OOC, the player behind the screen, the guy typing this, actually thinks the blockade was an excellent idea and a good move by the Nobles. Not because I like to see children die in a drought, but because I know these are fictitious children in a fictitious drought.

So what matters to me is fun and interesting RP. And usually, political conflict and tension makes for fun RP. There were some very good RP moments in this thread. There's a reason writers write novels about conflict, not about people getting along for the entire 400 pages of the book. Because conflict makes for interesting stories.

But it should be just RP. Characters. The moment it becomes hard feelings between players then I have to start reconsidering my opinion about conflict in RP as it applies to Ryzom =P

And Lili! If you quit the Akenak, then WHO is going to kick Akenak prisoners in the shin and push them around?! It wouldn't be nearly as fun =P
Lili in the Akenak forever! (or at least until the next term) =D


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The roll play can be fun, and in a game based on competiton and sometimes violence, it can be a key element in perpetuating the fun and excitement. It would have been very interesting if the devs had allowed us to take the trek through HH. Many if us in the desert were seriously looking forward to it, A nice battle could have sparked an interest in the game for some, And of course after we kicked butt, I would have enjoyed having a nice stinga rum with my friends Dazzie and Loracas at their local gathering hole, (Hopefully they still feel the same way. If not then this game has lost much of its appeal to me). Roll play is roll play. Don't take it as always being a personal attack.

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All of my previous posts in this thread have been in character. I, the player, also loved the idea of a blockade and would have loved to have tested the resolve of the matis, but Stitch the character is a tryker and fyros patriot so he has no real love for the matis. I hope that explains my position here. I have no intention of hurting anyones feelings or even expect anything to happen with Jayce, that is just Stitch the characters position.

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OOC: Please put your OOC comments between tags ! It's getting hard to distinguish wether some people's comments come from the player or the character ! And talking about RP hardly qualifies as IC comments unless your character is a roleplayer too (and even more confusion ensues).
/end OOC

Oh come on now ! I can almost smell the marshmelloes roasting ! Tell me this is not serious !

Learn a lesson from this ! When you don't want your actions to be taken as coming from the Akenak / Taliar / Nobles / Whateverish, don't do it while wearing your Representative Symbol ! (title) Precising you are speaking for your guild or self isn't too much precaution either ! That way, no one will be able to spread false assumptions about the Akenak, Taliar, Nobles or Whoever represents the blue people !

Of course, if a council of representatives decides to elect / nominate a member that's been murdering harvesters, insulting royalty, putting stables on fire or any other crime against hominity such as taxing a hominitarian caravan in time of drought... then it's their responsibility to judge and punish those crimes. Else they lose credibility... did I say credibility ? *she starts laughing*

Politicians and credibility ! No offense meant, but what a joke ! I'll believe it when SunCe stops believing he's the true God of Atys...

OOC : P.S. This is a game, not to be taken seriously.

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