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It has been a very long while since I last subbed my account and walked around Atys but must be said it brings back good memories.
I was wondering if much had changed and if any old faces are still around?

Yaffle \ Kye

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Kye/Yaffle, You may not remember me, but I do remember you. There are quite a few old timers around. Come take a look see. Good to see you. Come on back.

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I remember Kye/Yaffle...

Yes there are still some of us old timers around.

Change? There has been some, not as much as some players would like though. It will still feel like the game you remember though.

Create a F2P account and get back in here! ;o)


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You can't "complete" the mainland. If one thinks one has seen or done everything there, one is kidding oneself. But be prepared to "get out what you put in," because the mainland does not coddle or hold hands.
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uhhhh i Remember u Yaffle \ Kye

it is really really a long time ago when i saw u last on Atys

but its nice to see u back( or coming back) and always good to see some oldies back on Atys

im back as well ... ok atm there are payment troubles but as soon as they are done i will be online for sure ^^

greetings Lexius


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someone told me a day : Let the past be the past and never look back...except there is a kitin behind ya ^^

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Yes, I remember Kye/Yaffle too, but I am not on Atys very often. :p
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