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#1 [en] 

Simply, to give more players the chance to participate.

And furthermore it would be amazing if all the big holiday events (Easter, Christmas, Halloween) would have a duration of at least 10 days and include two weekends.
I had really trouble to find the time at the last Easter event to participate. :(

I just noticed others have trouble with to short announcement durations as well.

And I hope it's not too confusing to put these two similar topics in one post. ^^
It's all about time management.

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#2 [en] 

i put lets discuss this further because most events are publicized in advance. Go to your Home page and look at upcomming events. Usually the Dev team is on top of it and announce them.

#3 [en] 

In an ideal world, that would be wonderful. However, that implies that the Event Team knows when an event will be ready at least 10 days in advance. Given some of the events I've seen, I have my grave doubts about that.

On the other hand, looking at the Calendar I see events listed up to a month out, so some of this is true already.


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#4 [en] 

Bitttymacod (atys)
On the other hand, looking at the Calendar I see events listed up to a month out, so some of this is true already.

Yes, of course. A big thank you to all who are already adding their events early. (You make my RL a bit easier.)

And a big thank you for creating all the events in the first place. You are a part of the spirit of Atys. :)

#5 [en] 

I second that proposal. Personally, I have, sometimes, to schedule my presence more than a week in advance, as, for example, night train tickets cannot be cancelled without damage within less than seven days, even if I decide that a particular event would be worth while. Other players, especially from the Americas, Australia, and Asia/Pacific, have to reconcile events important for them with their work schedule, with the need of announcing to colleagues and superiors to appear later or to leave earlier.

I am fully aware that event guides and designers are doing a great job and are entitled to their real lives. But too short schedules may clash with the RL of players leading to frustration and lesser participation.

Announcement a week or bit more in advance thus would be a good idea.


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#6 [fr] 

Je suis d'accord: un event jugé important ou attendu par les joueurs devrait être annoncé à l'avance afin de pouvoir s'organiser. Je suis sur que les animateurs le pensent aussi, donc il faut trouver comment faire. Une chose est sûre: trop d'information tue l'information...


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#7 [en] 

Agree on the point that good time management of event announcements is vital.

Although I admit that I see most events really properly announced on Atys server since server merge, good work from post merge event team on this point (pre-merge on Leanon server was horrible in that respect: major event announcements less than 3 days in advance or none at all ...)

Maybe high event management standard could be improved a bit concerning length of holiday events. Some people have to work on holidays and often such people love to play games.
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