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Good day everyone, I am not quite sure how to really start-off this discussion but I wanted to make a couple of comments and hope for an open discussion and if possible, a change in the future (again, if possible). 

Ever since I have been doing civilization faction runs for points, I have noticed that our mounts are attackable and able to be killed by argo as well as our packers when trekking them from 1 location to another but not during war-time. I have been apart of 4 OP Wars and noticed that Range Fighters run around like "headless chickens" only worried about their Hit-points and Stamina with no worries or regards to their mounts/packers since they cannot be killed. If our mounts can be killed by argo, why not make them killable during war-time as well as being able to be resurrected just like a regular toon during the battle. I think that if this was/were possible, then Range Fighters would have to use a strategy and not just runaround in circles shooting at anything/everything and have an alt toon healing them.

I noticed that when we purchase our packers (for those who are able too), that there are 2 different types (regular and rapid), with 5 different levels of constitution which very a lot on cost. I would like to propose a 3rd type of packer (including mounts) - (War Only) that has a much greater constitution and life, that has the ability to be resurrected and where the cost is set around 1M dappers per animal since the highest cost now is around 500K for the Rapid Mektoub with Excellent Constitution. 

Now, I am not saying you are unable to use regular mounts/packers during war-time but what I am saying/suggesting that when someone who is on a Mount or trekking packers to an OP, that when they cross the range barrier and not using a "war mount/packer" that asks us to "Attack/Defend/Neutral" there should be an additional warning stating "that your mount/packers do not meet the requirements to participate with the war-zone, bringing them inside will nullify your ability to retrieve any mats/ammo from them (essentially making them worthless). If you wish to use these items, place your mount/packers outside the war-zone barrier and retrieve from there as need be". That way, Range Fighters will be forced to purchase "war-only" animals that are able to be killed and resurrected just like the rest of us who are participating and then an actual strategy will also need to be applied.

I do not want anyone to think i am against ranger weapon fighters because i am not, what I am against is our inability to kill the mounts as well as our inability to heal them when we are making treks from 1 zone to another. If this was possible, I truly believe that not only would people be willing to pay that cost, but then the art of war would have to be rethought and maybe ranger fighters would be looked at differently as well as how groups use them for attack/defense.

Please take note that I am not a range fighter during war-time since I am Free-to-Play and our damage is like a bug-bite by comparison with toons who's levels are 201 or greater but i have started training range weapons and yes they can be enjoyable at times although the digging is not fun.

Again, was not quite sure how to start this conversation but really was just more of a thought that I wanted to share.

Thank you and have a great day,

Soyeok - Happy Dog - Ranger-in-Training…

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Interesting proposition and something occurred to me while reading it. There's a a thing on Atys called the Nanoseed; it's what (in RP/Lore terms) enables Homins to be resurrected. Presumably mobs have the nanoseed too and that's what causes them to respawn.

What occurred to me is this - where in the process of domestication is the nanoseed destroyed? Why are mounts and packers unable to respawn like other Meks?

I like the idea of being able to heal/rez mounts and packers but think the mechanics of it needs serious thought/discussion; not to mention implementation lol.


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To my knowledge, no other creature except homins has the Seed of Life. This is precisely what makes us able to reappear, and forbids mektoubs from being teleported around. You die once your Seed wears out. Mektoubs don't respawn in a roleplay sense, but simply produce more offspring :D

(This may or may not be official lore, but instead something I read in a certain document. Take with a grain of salt.)

Roleplay discussion aside:

The idea is interesting, but I feel the simplest solution - the one which requires the least new coding - has a chance to be implemented.

So, I would simply make the existing packers and mounts targetable by the NPC guards, only by the NPC guards. Maybe give them a special type of armor that will help them take more hits before they die.


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Thank you for the feedback, I would like to make a different suggestion/comment and that is why can we not purchase another mount once our first one is killed? I understand that Free-2-Play toons are only allowed "1 Mount" but I was guessing that the mount should be alive one in your inventory. I bring this up because when we are making faction runs and our mount dies, we cannot purchase another one to transfer the items, we either need someones help to get another mount there or we need to free the mount and abandon the mission.

I would like to see if we could be allowed to purchase a transfer mount that is set on a quick timetable (say 1hr from purchase) to transfer your package or gear, otherwise after 1 hr, the mount disappears and all contents lost. I have been on a few faction runs where i was left with no choice but to free my mount, lose the package and abandon the run all because i was unable to purchase a "live mount" because i was carrying a "dead one" in my inventory.

Thank you, 

Soyeok - Happy Dog - Ranger-in-Training

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I don't ordinarily use my mount except as Ikea furniture.  Is it possible to "free" a dead mount?



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Yes, but if you do, you lose all the items it has in its pack. Not optimal.


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