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I have noticed this for a while, so I don't think I am delusional.

When I fight Raspals, using melee, since I hadn't noticed it when using magic, the Raspal is near zero health, then the health bar makes a positive jump, as if it were healing itself. Has anyone else noticed this behavior?

I am just curious. What's up with that?


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If we can do it? Why not them? I'll have to check that out.


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All mobs regenerate health just as us Homins do. Personally, I never noticed Raspals doing this as I tend to avoid attacking things that aren't agro unless it's a mission requirement.

@Bittty - Try not to kill them in one punch ;)


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Yes I've seen this - it appears that Raspals have a self heal capability.


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Raspals and aranas, both do it during a special animation if I remember it correctly.

Funny enough, the boss Raspaketh does not self-heal.


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