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After the discovery of an old diary excerpt hidden in the Goo, the Zoraïs have met in assembly and decided to carry out an investigation on the infamous Marung Horongi.

I request the help of all homins who have any historical or personal knowledge regarding Marung Horongi or Nung Horongi to share them with us here, so that we can compile a dossier on this vile homin.


Rikutatis, Zoraï Awakened and Dynastic Scribe


"We are Kami. We are here to be you. We are many as you are of many minds. We are one as you are one in Ma-Duk."

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Kami'ata Rikutatis aribini

I have found some records about Nung Horongi in our guild archive.
2nd AC 2549
Far more exciting was the second cycle. Nung Horongi could be caught in the Witherings. I personally did not know him before, but a Sage of the Zorai said, that he was the former master of Muang and that he probably was in cahoots with him, concerning the murder of Still Wyler. Of course our Governor has campaigned immediately for the extradition of this Zorai, and although members of the marauders and the Black Circle have tried to free him on the way, we could bring him safely to Fairhaven, where he will be put on trial.

This is the first mention I have found of him. There is more, but it is late and my eyes are tired. I will send you more soon.

Mata né'puké
Khalaoden Winn Kard'ela


#3 Multilingual 

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Kami'ata Rikutatis aribini

Here are some more excerpts about Nung Horongi from our archives.
3rd AC 2549
Then there was Nung, who was incarcerated by us. We have appointed Biggy to investigate. Because there was the suspicion that Nung Horongi was somehow responsible for the murder on our old governor Still Wyler. Biggy really worked flat out even if the investigations were not easy. It took nearly the whole cycle until some information was gathered. But the actual trial was not until later.
4th AC 2549
Nung kept us busy in the next cycle as well... to begin with Biggy, on the mandate of the Taliari Council, was allowed to question Captain Ulyros, who back then was in charge of the investigations after the murder of Still Wyler. The actual act was committed by a Matis woman named Marder, but when she was caught she shot herself in the head with her damned Goo-ammunition. I myself was present when she was apprehended back then.
After some pumping for information Nung finally spoke. He must have lived a long time with the Black Circle and developed this Goo-ammunition there. So, without him this ammunition wouldn't exist! And to the question, why Still Wyler, he said that he was the logical target, because he is a symbol for peace and he ties the rulers together. Dexton and Yrkanis wouldn't have been logical, because they were supposed to go at war at each other later. And Mabreka probably would have become a martyr. Nung said the chief of the Black Circle and Muang were in disagreement, but Nung tipped the scales. Thus he is definitely partly guilty!

There is still more, but the translation of these records into the dialect of Min-Cho is time consuming, so you will hear from me again later.

Mata né'puké
Khalaoden Winn Kard'ela


#4 Multilingual 

Kami'ata Rikutatis y Ari'kami Khalaoden for your work so far.

The Theocracy is very grateful and hopefully we can gather as much information as possible together.

I will begin with an old amber cube from Nung Horongi to Melkair that you may be familiar with, but I will post it anyway to have it all as much information in one place.

My studies about our land are just concluded and I am glad about my return. I have summarized my knowledge about the amber cube but have decided to break it in ten parts so no one else but you can acquire it. Nine fragments will be sent via my agents while I deliver the last myself.

The Goo has two effects. To the one it works on all natural materials and accelerates their decay. This effect is recycling. Indeed, are there other ways to accelerate the decay of natural materials than the use of Goo. However, the Goo also reacts very violently with all magic, regardless of the distance. In particular where the magic of the Kamis is concerned. Because the magic was spread by the Kamis on Atys, it is basically the side effect which expresses itself in the end. The process of this disintegration is much slower and is partial as this Goo spreads much more slowly.

If a Kami touches the Goo their behavior changes immediately. The Kami becomes becomes stripped of personality and will appear as an empty husk. However, if a Kami comes in contact with an excessive amount of Goo they do not survive. I have also observed how the Goo has strengthened in intense magical activities, but for it I have not yet found the reason.

Under the bark the Goo spreads quickly through the sap veins. There are many tendrils of the trees that are used by the Goo to spread quickly through the veins which are connected together.

On the surface it seems to make headway more slowly. It spreads over the air and infects slowly only to move in a very fast manner after pollution has begun. Infected animals serve only as conveyors and are not killed by the toxicity of the Goo. Indeed, the behavior is completely changed: they are very aggressive, strong and completely controlled by the Goo. The Homins of the new lands call these creatures 'bosses' and without realizing that these animals are struck by the Goo.

The Homins are not infected in the same way. The consequences seem to limit themselves to the confusion of the mind, a madness. Besides magic, Homins barely seem to corrupt the Goo. The reason for this difference, I think, is the origin of the energy used in the manipulation of magical, or so was seen in the observation of Muang. I have seen when he did not use his own energy reserves to manipulate magical forces a weak Goo was spontaneously generated and it was not corrupted by magic. On the contrary, when I observed his use of homin techniques Goo generation took place. More importantly, the combination of more complex magical spells, without being depleted, the Goo appeared and destroyed other magic objects for which it should have added power.

Perhaps you should have examined the Goo relationship further before you took his word on it.


Let us keep up the good work, mik'ito!


Sygmus Talao-Fyr

Zoraï Ambassador to the Fyros Empire
Celestaï Mik'ito
Kitin College Representative

#5 [en] 

Ari'Kami, Khalaoden and Sygmus. I have found some other documents detailing the life and work of Marung and Nung, it is written in the dialect of Jen-Lai. I will post it here as well.

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"We are Kami. We are here to be you. We are many as you are of many minds. We are one as you are one in Ma-Duk."

#6 [fr] 

du dialecte de jen-laï:

Marung Horongi
En bref

Il maîtrise, comme Nung une magie qui ne viendrait pas des puissances (avec laquelle il sait se téléporter), et s'est intéressé de très près à la Goo. Il connait également ce qu'est véritablement la Matoxia.
Zoraï, a recueilli et élevé Nung Horongi, qu'il considérait comme son petit frère.
Marié à Vao-Jung Horongi
Instigateur de l'assassinat du Gouverneur Still Wyler
Membre des Maraudeurs
Il a toujours été extrêmement virulent à l'égard de Mabreka qu'il estime être un usurpateur.
Des rumeurs le prétendait capable de manipuler les Kitins, de se téléporter sans pacte, et même d'avoir un pouvoir semblable aux Puissances sur la vie et la mort. Lui et son frère Nung auraient fait partie de la Compagnie de l'Arbre Eternel d'après Yi Be-Pian et une affirmation de Marung lui-même.


2532 : Après avoir fait empoisonner le Gouverneur Still Wyler par son frère Nung lors de la signature du Traité des Quatre Peuples, il réclama aux enquêteurs des fragments d'un cube d'ambre qu'ils allèrent chercher auprès de différentes tribus comme la Sève sacrée, les Amazones Matis, les Embourbés, le Cercle Noir, les Chlorogoos, les Tuteurs, les Contrebandiers, la Compagnie de l'Arbre Eternel, les Sèves Sèches, les Matisagoo, les Illuminés, les Maîtres de la Goo et les Antekamis. Il s'avérera plus tard que le cube d'ambre renfermait un Rapport de Pei-Zao à Melkiar sur la Goo.

Nung Horongi
En bref

? - 2548
Il maîtrise, comme Marung une magie qui ne viendrait pas des puissances (avec laquelle il sait se téléporter), et s'est intéressé de très près à la Goo.
Il aurait survécu à l'essaim kitin qui dévasta sa tribu en lévitant au-dessus alors qu'il n'avait qu'un an.
Zoraï, Élève de l'illustre Marung Horongi qui l'a recueilli sur les Anciennes Terres et l'a considéré comme son petit frère.
Meurtrier du Gouverneur Still Wyler
Membre des Maraudeurs
Lui et son frère Marung auraient fait partie de la Compagnie de l'Arbre Eternel d'après Yi Be-Pian.
Il aurait fait partie du Cercle Noir.


2532 : Après avoir empoisonné le Gouverneur Still Wyler lors de la signature du Traité des Quatre Peuples, il réclama aux enquêteurs des fragments d'un cube d'ambre qu'ils allèrent chercher auprès de différentes tribus comme la Sève sacrée, les Amazones Matis, les Embourbés, le Cercle Noir, les Chlorogoos, les Tuteurs, les Contrebandiers, la Compagnie de l'Arbre Eternel, les Sèves Sèches, les Matisagoo, les Illuminés, les Maîtres de la Goo et les Antekamis. Il s'avérera plus tard que le cube d'ambre renfermait un Rapport de Pei-Zao à Melkiar sur la Goo.

2548 : À la mort de Marung Horongi, Nung profèra des menaces à l'encontre du Grand Masque Mabreka Cho. Il fut arrêté et condamné par la Théocratie pour manipulation et recherches sur la Goo et pour complot contre la Dynastie de Cho. Lors de son procès fédéral pour meurtre, il s'évada avec l'aide des Maraudeurs et rejoignit les troupes d'Akilia Tempête de Cendres. Il mourut lors de la bataille de la Source Cachée.


"We are Kami. We are here to be you. We are many as you are of many minds. We are one as you are one in Ma-Duk."

#7 Multilingual 

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Kami'ata Rikutatis aribini

it has taken me some time, but here are the last excerpts about Nung Horongi which I have found in our archive.
1st AC 2550
The imperative was to find judges for the Nung trial. After some discussion we came to agree to the following persons:
  • Zorai judge: Sartyrica
  • 1st Taliar judge: Xrijan
  • 2nd Taliar judge: Dachsli
  • Homin judge: Stiara
  • Citizen judge: Reeth
We wanted to include the Zorais and the Trykers, because they are the affected peoples. One independent Homina as representative for the remaining peoples (here Stiara as a Matis living in Fyros seemed fitting to us). And finally two Taliari, because after all it is the Tryker people who perform the trial and it is our jurisdiction. Governor Ailan left the adjudication completely to us, because she said of herself that she would be too prejudiced, more than other Trykers, because of her close personal relationship to Still Wyler (in whose murder Nung was directly involved after all).
2nd AC 2550
The judgment against Nung Horongi! The trial was tough, but it brought many things to the light of day. You couldn't shake off the feeling that Nung knew more about Atys than each one of us homins from the New Lands. That with him we have a piece of truth sitting in front of us, even if corrupted to the bone. Nung is a murderer, an unscrupulous murderer, but he is not a liar. In the best case he is exaggerating, but I believe he knows a piece of the truth.
"Appointed judges, Vice-Governor and attending homins
We came together today to judge the delinquencies of Nung Horongi. As ordered prosecuter I will now read the charges again and thereafter demand a sentence. The charges, based upon the testimony of Nung Horongi in front of many witnesses, are the following:
Nung is accused to have prepared and cooperated in a murder of ulterior motives.
Nung Horongi is charged to have planed the malicious murder of Still Wyler together with Muang and to have it executed by an assasin of the Black Circle. The murder was done with ulterior motives, since both merely searched, without further reason and in an inhomin way, a target to test a weapon.
The weapon which was created by Nung and Muang, has to be considered against the nature of Atys and the devine order, both from the Kami and the Karavan. Also Nung neither showed remorse nor did he see reason. He, therefore, still must be viewed as a danger to all homins on Atys.
For this reason I, as prosecuter, demand the following sentence and will present some thoughts thereto.
I hereby demand to keep him in solitary confinement until the end of his life.
Considerations for this punishment:
We can exert the severest punishment for a homin with the character traits of Nung Horongi, because the severest punishment for a such a self-centred, arrogant homin would be to let him fall into oblivion: to extinguish him from memories and to eliminate him from the history books.
Also a death sentence is not possible, since he would surely use the chance of ressurection, which Nung has denied his victims perfidiously, and we are not capable to create such a weapon, and I for one would refuse to use it.
Likewise to simply dump him into the Goo is not an option, since Nung knows this stuff too well and could use it to escape.
Therefore, and given his age, a confinement. This confinement should be here in the Lake Lands, best in a chamber under water. In the Prime Roots we discovered during his transport, that he gained strength again there, and we have to expect similar in the proximity of Goo. Surrounded by clear water he should be unable to draw strength from unholy sources.
Thus far the charge from my side.
After the reading of the charges, Dachsli slapped Nung, which broke of a piece of the old Zorai's mask. This has lead to an outrage. I could not blame him for it, but I would not have done it.
The judges deliberated for a long time. There were actually those, like Xrijan, who pled for not guilty! There we have one of the greatest Goo manipulators, whose research probably caused the final death of dozens of homins, one whose goal it is to sow war and to plunge the New Lands into chaos ... and we should not find him guilty?
The judges passed following judgement:
"We, the judges, find the accused Nung Horongi not guilty of the murder on Still Wyler. However, due to the collaborative incitement to carry out the assassination of Still Wyler, the accused is sentenced to a house detention of 5 years. This has to take place on the sovereign territory of the state New-Trykoth. The actual murder could not be proven against the accused. None of the interogations has found a single piece of evidence for it. The accused however admitted the incitement and the selection and for this he has to be punished."
The judgment was sound in my opinion. He was already sick and will die soon. I don't want the Federation to sully itself with blood. A murder cannot be atoned with another murder, an error not corrected with a previous error. But that he is supposed to be not guilty of the murder, this wording is hard to bear. Even if he has "only" incited, he is guilty of the murder.
Nung's last words in public were the following: "I have nothing to say about the verdict. But since it's probably the last time that I see the sky, there is something I want to say. Since I can think, I have occupied myself with the things that surround me. Soon I won't be there anymore, wherever this last journey might take me. But the homins that continue to live on Atys ... I fear the times that are coming will not be easy. Be glad that there is Goo. It is probably the only thing that can stop that what you call Ma-Duk. Fear the happiness. You don't know what grows beneath your feet and gets stronger every day! There is nothing more to say."
Nung died two cycles later in Fairhaven from old age. He was exactly 130 years of Jena old. The last who has spoken to him in his cell was Salazar.
3rd AC 2550
A quiet cycle, after all we deserved a break after the excitement about Nung. The Zorais wanted to put Nung on trial too, but Nung evaded this. He died at the beginning of the cycle in a cell in Fairhaven. We agreed to bring his ashes to Zora. During the trial he said that it drew him to Zora, to spend his last days near his people. Even if Nung was a criminal and a crazy person ... at least his ashes should rest among his people.

Mata né'puké
Khalaoden Winn Kard'ela

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#8 [de] 

Die Bürger der Bernsteinstädte spekulieren heutzutage viel über Marung Horongi. Ist er wirklich tot? Oder konnte er durch irgendeinen bösartigen magischen Trick, vielleicht gar durch die Verschiebung im Fluß der Vergangenheiten seinem Ableben entgehen?

Und: ist er derselbe, den nicht wengie von uns unter dem Namen "Muang" kannten, von dem es heißt, daß er sich selbst im Verlauf seines Lebens den Nachnamen "Hoi-Gi" gab?

In der Tradition früherer erfolgreicher politischer Zusammenarbeit zum Wohle aller Homin-Nationen der Neuen Lande möchte ich ein paar handfestere Teile dieser Gerüchte schriftlich festhalten - für alle Homins, die daran Interesse haben; als auch für zukünftige Interessierte.

Zorai-Augenzeugen behaupten, am 10. Medis im 4. Atys-Zyklus 2583 (24. Juni 2015) gesehen zu haben, wie eine Botin der "Gemeinschaft des Ewigen Baumes" den Weisen Supplice aufgesucht hätte. Eine Zeitlang später seien Initiaten und Erleuchtete der Zorai durch folgenden Aushang über einen Brief der Gemeinschaft an die Zorai-Kreise informiert worden:
Schreiben von Be-Pian Biani
Kamia'ata, Weiser Supplice,

Wir haben erfahren, dass Eure Entdeckung eines Teils des Tagebuches von Marung Horongi etliche Erleuchtete interessiert hat. Wie Ihr vielleicht wisst, war Marung eine Zeitlang als Schüler in unserer Gemeinschaft. Es fügt sich, dass er bei uns einen Teil seines Tagebuches zurückgelassen hat, das wir an einem sicheren Ort aufbewahren.

Als wir von Eurem Interesse an diesem Thema erfuhren, haben wir beschlossen, diesen Abschnitt der Theokratie anzutragen.

Wir werden Euch in unserem Lager im Nexus am 1h - Quinteth, Folially 5, 1. AZ 2584 erwarten, damit Ihr es sicherstellen könnt. Diesen Zeitpunkt erwartend werden wir es an dem geheimen Platz behüten.

Mata waki, ochi kami no.

Be-Pian Biani
Anführer der Gemeinschaft des Ewigen Baumes

Es heißt, Marodeure hätten nicht viel später die Delegation der Zorai zur Gemeinschaft des Ewigen Baumes in den Nexus attackiert. Die Delegation hätte jedoch mit der Unterstützung anderer Homins, darunter auch der kami-jenaistischen Matis-Amazonen, glücklicherweise ihr Ziel erreichen können. Letztlich sei ein beschädigtes Pergament an die Zorai übergeben worden, von dem leider ein kleiner Teil am Ende fehlte.

Es soll sich wie gesagt bei diesem Schreiben um die Reste eines alten Tagebuches des verbrecherischen Verräters Marung Horongi handeln. Der erste Teil davon soll schon veröffentlicht worden sein ( 8 )

Zorai-Initiaten und Erleuchtete erhielten folgende Abschrift:
mutmaßliches Tagebuch
Quarta, 12. Germinally, 1. AZ 2481

Eine Horde chitingepanzerter Kreaturen ist über das das Land hergefallen. Sie hinterließen nichts als Tod und Verwüstung und halten nun direkt auf Zoran zu. Hoï Cho hat entschieden, dass wir alle fliehen müssen. Wie kann er solch ein Feigling sein? Wir müssen uns ihnen entgegenstellen, standhalten, mit all unserem Wissen und unserer Magie! Die Hominheit muss siegen! Wir dürfen nicht fliehen und unsere Stadt, unser Land und unsere Werte preisgeben!

Bei den Kami, wie konnte ich mich so in Hoi Cho irren? Er hat die Flucht gewählt, dieser Feigling, dieser Verräter! Und er zieht alle Zoraï mit sich... Lasst ihn ziehen, aber wir, der ganze Rest von uns, müssen bleiben! Wenn sie nur auf mich hören würden, zusammen könnten wir diese Insekten zurücktreiben ins Nichts der Tiefen, wo sie herkamen! Hoi Cho, Du bist verabscheuenswürdig, Deine Dynastie verdient kein Vertrauen! Niemals wieder werde ich Dir folgen!!

Ich werde gehen und mit Mao-Lung reden, dem Anführer der Gemeinschaft des Ewigen Baumes. Er wird mir gewiss zuhören, ich bin sicher.

Quinteth, 13. Germinally, 1. AZ 2481

Mao-Lung ist nicht besser als die anderen ... Sei es! Sollen sie alle gehen! Ich werde hier bleiben!

Quarta, 18. Germinally, 1. AZ 2481

Diese Tiere, die aus den Tiefen gekommen sind, säen Verwüstung, wo sie hinkommen. Ich habe mehrere Dörfer durchquert, und jedesmal zeigt sich meinen Augen die selbe Szene des Grauens, in der zerfetzte Körper und leblose Blicke, verzerrt von Schrecken und Pein, die Hauptrolle einnehmen. Überall erfüllt der Gestank des Todes meine Sinne, und das bedrückende Schweigen treibt die überlebenden Homins in den Wahnsinn.

Bei den Kami, das darf nicht sein! All diese leblosen Körper, all meine toten Brüder, sinnlos gestorben wegen der Feigheit ihrer Führer! Wir hätten uns alle zusammenschließen müssen, vereint gegen diese Monster, die aus den Eingeweiden der Rinde heraufgestiegen sind! Die Magie kann uns den Sieg geben, bin ich denn der Einzige, der dessen gewahr ist? Ich weiß zwar nicht genau, wie, aber es ist meine feste Überzeugung..
Ich versuche die wenigen lebenden Zoraï, denen ich begegne, davon zu überzeugen, mit mir hier zu bleiben, aber sie hören nicht auf meinen Aufruf zum Widerstand, zu sehr damit beschäftigt, zu fliehen .. zu fliehen, wie es ihnen ihr Großer Weiser empfohlen hat.

Zhoi, Erleuchte aus Hoi-Cho

- wenngleich wie einige der jüngeren Erleuchteten trotz mehrmaligen Ersuchens während vergangener politischer Sitzungen noch immer nicht in der offiziellen Liste der Kreise... /L_Zorai_Liste

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#9 [en] 

After reading the information provided by Khalaoden and Zhoi, Rikutatis compiles the two recently restored fragments of Marung Horongi's diary in this dossier, written in the dialect of Min-Cho:
Fragment 1
Pages from Marung Horongi's diary

Tria, Medis 10, 2nd AC 2456

My name is Marung Horongi. I was born in Zoran, in 2450. I'm 6 years old. I've decided to write my diary like the bigger ones do. But I've got to say I'm a big one since yesterday! I'm finally wearing a mask! Other children my age don't have a mask yet. I 'm told I'm gifted.

Quinteth, Harvestor 19, 1st AC 2458

I've been learning magic with the Kamis for a year already. I don't understand why the other children need so much time to learn such simple spells. I want to learn more, faster!

Prima, Winderly 4, 3rd AC 2462

Today, I'm 12. I've learned much from the Kamis, I'm by far the best mage in my age group. I've got the feeling that the Kamis aren't teaching me everything they know, but I manage to reach further than what they're showing me. One day, I'll know as much as they do!

It's time for me to leave Zoran. I've asked to join the Company of the Eternal Tree because I think this tribe can teach many things! Tomorrow I'll go and join them.

Quarta, Thermis 18, 2nd AC 2470

For 8 years now, I've been learning within the Company of the Eternal Tree. I now know as much as they do about the fight against the Goo and I can't perfect my magical art any further here. I'm grateful for their invaluable teaching, but I must leave them. I've got to find a mentor worthy of my genius. I have decided that I will be the apprentice of the Grand Sage Hoï-Cho.

Tria, Winderly 4, 3rd AC 2475

It has been 25 years since I was born, and 5 since I became the apprentice of the Grand Sage Hoï-Cho. He's answered all my hopes; he's really the worthy mentor I was hoping for. Near him, amongst the great and important homins of Zoran, I'm learning all about the political apparatus and I'm getting known by the most powerful of this world.

In the meantime, I'm still perfecting my magical art with the Kamis. Without them guessing, I'm figuring out some things they don't want to teach us, and I'm beginning to master an art known only by them....

I'm destined to do great things, I can feel it with every breath I take. There's no doubt that, when the time has come, I'll be the one best fitted to replace Hoï-Cho at the head of the country.
Fragment 2
Quarta, Germinally 12, 1st AC 2481

A horde of chitinous creatures has swarmed over the country. It has left only death and desolation, and is now heading directly towards Zoran. Hoï Cho has decided we should flee... How can he be such a coward? We have to face them, stand firm, focus all our knowledge and magic against them! Hominity must stand victorious! We cannot flee and give up our city, our country and our values!

By the Kamis, how could I have been so wrong about Hoï Cho? He chooses to flee, that coward, that traitor! And he's dragging all Zoraï with him... Let him go, but all the rest of us should stay! If only they would follow me, together we could drive back these creatures to the deep void from whence they arose! Hoï Cho, you are despicable, your dynasty cannot be trusted! You are not worthy of trust! I will never follow you again!!!

I will go and speak with Mao-Lung, the leader of the Company of the Eternal Tree. He will listen to me, I'm sure of it.

Quinteth, Germinally 13, 1st AC 2481

Mao-Lung is not any more worthy than the others... he was leading his tribe away from their village when I arrived! So be it! Let them all go away! I will remain here and fight!

Quarta, Germinally 18, 1st AC 2481

The creatures, these kitins from the depths, sow utter desolation in their path. I passed through many villages, and each time viewed the same scene of horror in which the mangled bodies and lifeless faces distorted by fear and pain shared the leading role. Everywhere the stench of death fills my senses, and the oppressive silence drives the few surviving homins towards madness.

By the Kamis, this should not be! All these lifeless bodies, all my brothers dead in vain because of the cowardice of their leader! We should have stood up and joined our forces against these monsters risen from the bowels of the Bark! Magic can lead us to victory, am I the only one to see it? I don't know how yet, but I firmly believe it...

I'm trying to convince the few remaining Zoraïs crossing my path to stay with me, but they won't listen to my call for resistance. They are too busy trying to flee... flee as their Great Sage ordered them!


"We are Kami. We are here to be you. We are many as you are of many minds. We are one as you are one in Ma-Duk."
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