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Feedback on the Gibad event, during Ryzom Forge meeting
Vaiatua have found the event balanced and dynamic. The attack by the Shadow Runners was an interesting surprise element. The members of the convoy haven't crossed swords with the Antekamis unfortunately... As for the Gibads it was pleasing to learn their language little by little! Vaiatua appreciated that the previous event, where they had fought wild gibbaïs, had an impact on the behavious on the Gibad leader also. The last positivie point is the type of convoy event with a packer mektoub who sometime just is pig-headed, by going to the pond to have a drink for example! And the fact that we had to ask for hay to food it when we stopped at the Hamazans. For the Antekamis, the explanation of the fact they weren't there anymore will come in a few days. Time for Zatalyz to write what happened to them.

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There is also the initial request, to complete with your own opinion ; )

Tamarea says sur #ryzomforge, thanks Lyne for translation !
If there are any feedbacks on yesterday event, I'm interested. The Gibads have a very special knowledge (the Gibad language). To the players had to understand some words to create the contact. Visibly, some of the players have loved it. But learning in live a new language won't be of interest for everyone

So, to have a feedback on the event in general, and on this point in particular, makes interest to me.


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I think it was an amazing event!

Very dynamic, things evolved organically. It felt like all our choices mattered and there could have been many different outcomes depending on what we did. The fact we had a Hamazan in our group completely changed our actions and our decision to make Eppie a prisoner and hand him to the Hamazan tribe.

Also, even though the members of the caravan didn't cross swords with the Antikamis, two other Hamazans ended up finding and fighting them. And after the event was finished more RP was generated by Zorais and Hamazans meeting in their tribe camp to talk, exchange information and discuss future plans of action. So that angle of the event did get explored as well. Just in a different, unexpected way ^^

Having to figure out the Gibads language was a very unique and interesting type of diplomatic RP.


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Indeed, a very fun and challenging event.

Even the beginning, having to run errands to get the bah-ets made and the plot twists that took place then. It really felt fluid and natural.

I hope more comes from this and some even more interesting paths can be intertwined. *Looking at you Fakuang and Krokwai* =)

Thanks for your hard work.


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*se dit qu'il va devoir rajouter un langage à blablatys*


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