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Good day everyone, I would like to first start-off by saying that the Dog's of War are not an inactive guild if some people had been paying attention there are still tons playing daily or at least 3-times a week, so whomever made that statement you should have looked before you leaped.

The main reason for this post is a few days ago, I was contacted by Alex to see if I would exchange outpost for outpost between Zora and Pry which I would have had no issues doing so but then on the same day MJ thought it would be a brilliant idea to declare war without waiting to see if I would agree or respond to the proposal as presented. Now, to make this perfectly clear; I do not care nor even mind being attacked because that is part of the game play and I in all fairness took both of the OP's I had by force, the difference was those 2 OP's were left by inactive guilds and the Kami faction defended them both twice because I made the posts calling for as much when I was making my daily faction runs. I had asked for both of those OP and because the Kami faction is incapable of making any decisions quickly, I took them fair and square.

Now, fast forward to the actual battle where a Q50 outpost was left defenseless and yet they still could not take 24 rounds with a full team or more based upon the feedback I was given. After this point was brought to my attention and with assistance from another guild-leader, the post was removed from Kami forums and toons were put on notice. That very same day of the defense and the following day, MJ did not even bother to show-up for the OP he declared war on and wanted so much to have. I was asked by a guild-leader not to say or post anything nor to declare war on MJ and the Kami faction. What has been lost in all of this and how short toons memories are, I declared war just to prove a point and if not for someone asking me not to I would have targeted the most valuable Kami OP and attacked it every 3-4 days (not sure on cool-down period anymore) for the next 6 months just to shutdown your precious mats because unlike all of these guilds crying how hard it is to make dappers, i have that much to do so.

I know that there will be a huge backlash and i could careless nor give a rats back-side because the action taken by MJ amounts a huge pile of Mek feces and I will watch that OP, look for the toons who now own it and the minute i see no one i am returning the favor in-kind (again just to prove a point by i will take the OP with just myself and my alt no one else) since asking seems to not mean anything anymore if you are not willing to wait a couple of days for a response.

Feel free to fire away and have fun….


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I attacked on a Sunday with no idea that Alexarwe was trying to contact you. I don't think you're important enough to be asked for permission before. This is not how OPs work. You renounced the faction alliance long ago. You stand on nothing.

You took OPs because they were left undefended, yet you come whine when the same happens to you. A one-man guild holds two outposts and sees no problem, yet when a one-player guild takes them, it's unfair.

"The full team" during attack consisted of me, my alt and another player. There were about 8 people in the entire region of CoI. I'm glad your friends are feeding you lies.

Oh well, this is amusing to me. Please do keep writing more words :)


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We were having a guild team at the time, yes, with everyone doing their own thing. The number of people at the OP was as indicated. You could inquire a bit more thoroughly before you go ahead and make assumptions, but then you wouldn't be yourself.

OP is going to Alexarwe's guild as soon as they're ready to declare on it. You would know if you were reading kami forums or bothered to ask .. well, anyone. Any more empty threats I should be worried about?

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Would either of you want a free q50 Greslin pick? If you ask very nicely I could probably find a q100 for you XD

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*makes popcorn*

(q50 popcorn)

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Can I have a q50 OP, popcorn, and a greslin pick?
That way I can be entertained while I sit in the OP and use the pick to eat Aru's popcorn. :D



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Zatarga, I'm confused. Someone declared on your OP and it's a crime or something that needs to be apologized for? If I wanted to, I could have my alt declare on your OP any time I wanted. (I'm pretty sure I have enough dappers to give him.) Of course I'm neutral and a pacifist, but I'm not sure that my alt is.

Of course if I did that with the one person alt guild, I might be accused of a false declare and be disciplined, unless I could talk some of my friends' alts into coming to help me. (That might be cool. Alt Wars IV: The Alts Strike back.) ((Hey, Widget, wanna attack an OP? We could get Saady to heal...))

I also don't understand your statement that you are going to shut down the GotF OP production. I'm pretty sure (and I did some checking with people that ought to know) that production continues until the OP is won and the old drill is destroyed.

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What happens when I push this???


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*steals some popcorn from aru and Hand some to Bitttty* :D

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@Bittty - Maybe... but I'm afraid that if Gidget tries digging without me, she'll gas herself and get eaten by a Bolobi. As much as I complain about how she treats me, she does pay well.

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Oh god, what am I reading ? A noob is crying cause he lost his outpost ?

Come Marauder my friend and cry on my shoulder. yo uwill see, they don't have the guts to be tagged in normal days. They are just a bunch of pony !


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