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Réunion de Ryzom Forge - Lundi 6 avril 2015

Communication group
Nothing new.

Event group
Feedbacks on the Refugee Days events
Classical but good. To note that the new appartment's eggs are not showns by Mas users. this patchlet problem should be fixed soon. Goki will publish in the forum the file to add in "user", waiting for the fix. So the eggs will be visible.

Lore group
The Lore group is reorganising quietly to become more efficient. Regarding the part currently open to RyzomForge, the current work is on the Tribes.
The RF Lore group uses the whole known Lore at today (Public, private, event, lore from Nevrax) to make wiki articles as complete as possible on each tribe, sometimes enriching their background.
Currently, the pages for the Corsars and Slavers are under finalisation (before, this was done internally by the Lore team) and the Hamazan tribe is being written. Once all this validated, these pages will be given to the Translation Team and published on the wiki (you can already see some of this on page of the Corsairs of Aeden Aqueous on the FR wiki).
Wiedii insists on the fact that the work done by RF is the most comple possible, using all resources available at this day from the Nevrax Lore, open to the volunteers of the Lore RF team.

Beside this, other "layers" of the Lore are also under work, especially the Marauders and other elements constituent of the Saga by the Lore team under NDA.

Zorroargh is working on the lay up of various portals (lore, each people...).
Zendae is taking care of integrating the chronicles texts

Support group
 The internal constant communication beween Support, Dev and Event team allows for a better reactivity for the answers of the Support
 The RF Support (Linux and Mac) becomes more and more known (and appreciated) by the players. Its help is important and appreciated, and Tamarea takes advantage of today to thank all the ones who help in this group.

Translation group
YannK has implemented a test for the translation workflow according to the explanations of this document. He managed to generate some diff, and integrate the translation resulting files from source files. Drumel and he will speak together about this.


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