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Hello everyone, I am having an issue with the mission "Hidden Resources of Majestic Gardens" which is the Rite Mission for Cicho Trivaldo (barman increase focus by 50pts) in Yrkanis. I have sat in a couple of different locations as instructed at sunset and still having issues completing the first task.

I understand that the hill north of Matis Arena is unmarked territory and i have faced myself towards the sunset in a few different areas and yet nothing happens. Is this mission bugged and if not, would someone please explain to me how they completed it.

Thank you, Soyeok

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The mission is not bugged, but it is tricky.

You have to equip the amulet and then wait on the hilltop until evening. Evening is (iirc) from 18h-22h. It doesn't hurt to run around a little bit until you get to the correct site.

Since the sun does not actually set (being stationary in the sky), there is no directionality to the search for the trigger.


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Good day Bitttymacod and Happy Easter. Thank you very much and I will try the next sun-set :)


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This mission took me ages to get but it is doable.  Just have to try standing in different positions on top of the hill.


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Mission accomplished guys, thank you for the help :)

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