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Greetings, homins !

We have the pleasure to announce that the Exodus Syndicate is now back in activity ! We are also ready to welcome new members among our ranks.

While the guild has quite the controversial past, we are friendly, laid back and mature people that enjoy a good laugh and a bit of crazynes on the side. This guild is not a nursery, the leadership can and will do their best to help you, but we are no one's slave. Our guildies have been known in the past to be quite helpful and autonomous, we expect the same from any new applicant. Also, you are free to team and interact with other players outside the guild at will, regardless of their faction and race, as long as it is done with a respectful and enjoyable attitude. No one is considered our enemy outside the battlefield and we would like to keep it that way.

As I said, we are very laid back and casual friendly, very understanding of people who have a job and/or a family, because we do too. However, showing up about once a week or posting on the ingame forums to let us know if you're still alive would be much apreciated.

Also, we are very democratic and members have their say when it comes to decide the principal goals of the guild and activities of the moment. We have a few projects that we will be working on to contribute to the community's well being so that Atys feels like a living world.

General information:

Homeland: Burning Desert
Guild Hall: Rydon's Walk in Pyr
* Faction: Kami
* Racial: Fyros
Races Allowed: All
PvP Stance: PvP is allowed. We help the Kamis and friends defend their outposts.
RP Stance: RP is allowed and encouraged but not obligatory.
Outpost: None at the moment. Can live without.

Current leadership:
Leader : Sherkalyn
High Officer : Nightblade
Officers :

When you wear our tag, you are a representative of the guild. Be conscious that your actions will affect the guild's name and not only your own. If you agree with those rules, you are welcome to join us :

* Be proud of your guild tag, wear it with honor, make us proud to have you aboard.
* Be respectful to other homins. No exceptions.
* We do not condone trash-talking and aggro-dragging in any circumstances, PvP included.
* During outpost wars, follow your assigned leader's directions.
* Let the leaders handle inter-guild conflicts and diplomacy.

Any infraction to those rules shall be reported to the leader or any officer as soon as possible and will be dealt with internally.

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Guild History:
Exodus Syndicate, formerly called Eternal Friendship Dynasty, was founded by three good friends who wanted a place to call home. A more unlikely set of friend you would be hard pressed to find:

Redslayer: He was probably the most enigmatic of the three. Loved by Kamists and Karavaneers alike, a more inquisitive and adventuring Fyros, you would struggle to find. Rumour has it that he knew the ins and outs of the four lands of Atys better than any living homin, and whenever he chose to disappear, Ma-Duk himself wouldn't have a clue where to even begin looking for him... He used to hunt in the most unusual locations, where he'd be sure not to be disturbed.

Pelian: This very quiet Zoraï used to be a former mercenary, whose only worry was to know where the next battle came from. For it was only in the heat of battle, with his brethren at his side that this Zoraï warrior truly felt alive. He spends quite a bit of times tracking and killing bosses. But he's also an avid harvester of supremes and a crafter of melee weapons and amplifiers.

SunCe: He was our former leader and principal source of entertainment. A Fyros does not come any larger than life, in any sense of the word. He lived and breathed warfare and was a great battle leader. He would make plans and plots to take over Atys and dominate the whole planet. He is the self proclaimed King of the Universe, Highlight of Arispotle, Alpha and Omega, Champion of Arispotle, Sexiest Beast Alive and the Devil Himself. Love him or hate him, one would struggle to forget him and probably fail to do so. In other words, he is a living legend and probably the most controversial part of our past. But we still love him and miss him nonetheless.

Years later, SunCe decided to merge the Eternal Friendship Dynasty with the Exodus Syndicate, a multi-gaming clan, in order to bring in more people and have more games to play. The Exodus Syndicate was then a mercenary guild that would fight for either side, depending of which offered the most. After the change in leadership, it is no longer the case. New projects are being made and will soon be unveiled.

Sherkalyn: Also known as the Crazy Marshmallow Lady, she iseems to be liked and respected by almost everyone on Atys. She joined the guild when it merged and soon became an officer after proving her worth while she was still stuck on Silan. After months of hard work, she became high officer when Ryzom entered a state of crisis. When SunCe left the New Lands to pursue his dreams of world conquest, she inheritated the guild's leadership. She is the guild's diplomat although she absolutely hate politics and refuses to be anyone's puppet. She seems to have a talent to obtain whatever she needs for herself and her guildies. Her favorite occupations when she's bored is to run aimlessly and to answer lost homins' questions on the Universal chat network.

Nightblade: Former leader of the Night Crew, SunCe convinced him to join our ranks and crazyness ensued. This eccentric Fyros is a very cuddly one and he probably loves all the women of Atys, even the fake ones. Although he has no master YET, he still has years of survival experience on Atys and could teach you many things. Izams flapping around Pyr stables have a tendency to make him go into barbecue frenzy. He's also a Desert and Prime Roots harvester and a weapon crafter.


Recently, the Guild's roster was cleaned to make the Fyros Fame progress somewhat possible in order to obtain Fyros Alignment. Also, we wanted to make the roster a bit more representative of the Guild's real size and activity. If you are returning to Atys and find out that you are no longer in the Exodus Syndicate, you are welcome to send us a tell or ingame mail and we will re-invite you as soon as possible.

As of January 20 of 2010, the Exodus Syndicate is now a Fyros Patriot guild and serves the Empire. Homins of all race are still welcome to join us. Our members can now become citizens of the Empire as well as vote in the Akenak Elections or even run as Akenak candidates if they wish to do so !


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Welcome Back Sherkalyn :)


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Welcome back to Exodus Syndicate from Drama Free.

I loved the introduction section, Sherkalyn, but you do realize that you have listed five people under the "three good friends." Are you related to Douglas Adams?

Diplomacy does not equal politics. Diplomacy consists of finding a mutually acceptable way to settle differences without resorting to "other means".


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Douglas Adams is my hero. But, no, SunCe, Redslayer and Pelian created the guild. THEN we merged with the Exodus Syndicate and the guild got renamed as I joined. Later, Nighblade joined us. Nightblade and I are the leaders of the current version of Exodus Syndicate. Hoping that Pelian will come back soon like he said.

PvP is no longer our main focus, although we might participate in it if our contribution is required, whenever we CAN.

We are not trying to conquer the world in order to dominate Atys... we just want to have fun and we're a fun bunch to hang out with.

We'll only try to get an outpost if we have a sufficient membership to make the hassle worth my time, as it requires much inventory management and time spent either cleaning the guildhall to make more space for space-hungry cats or running in and out of the guild hall to make drug deliveries.

And diplomacy is how I deal with politics so my guild doesn't get too much collateral damage from intra and inter factionnal shenanigans.

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I have the pleasure to announce that the Exodus Syndicate is currently alive and open for recruitment. The current leadership has changed a bit and we're going through an overhaul of our goals and priorities, but you are welcome to contact us if you would like to participate in our revival.

Leadership :
Guild Leader : Sherkalyn
High Officer : Redslayer
Officers : Kerdiran and Arkyus

The Exodus Syndicate is now a Fyros Patriot guild that aims to help defend the desert citizens from any future invasion, be it from the Kitins of the Depths or those bloodthirsty Matis. We currently do not own any outpost, but depending on the need of our (future) members, we might start looking for one.

We participate in world treks, boss hunts and outpost battles whenever the opportunity presents itself.


Crazy Marshmallow Lady
Former Guild Leader of Exodus Syndicate
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Fantastic to see yet another guild back up and runnin, good luck ;)

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i would like to join the guild. i am a new player and going to join the kami faction

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Good to know ! Meet you ingame. But before we meet, be aware that we are a Fyros aligned guild and that I have recently been elected on the Fyros Akenak council (player government) so that we get more Action going in the Desert... well, that is if they make the meetings and events at times when I can actually be there. *grumbles*


Oh and... *huggles Solo* I missed you too, hun !


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ah ok i a. a zorai race. would that matter? if not i would still like to join.

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The Exodus Syndicate is happy to welcome Setsuii, Coriolis, Ztsi and Munkeyking amongst our ranks.

Also, for the first time since ages, I have been to an Outpost battle and it has been great fun. Well fought, everyone. I would just like to specify that, no matter which side Exodus might pick on a fight, we do not consider ANYONE as an enemy outside the battlefield. We are Fyros Patriots, not Frahars. We fight honorably and respectfully. Less talking, more fighting ! Yarr !


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