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Good day everyone, last night (March 29th) I had asked for a res near Kami TP in Grove of Confusion and to Sad and Gidget I am terribly sorry for not saying thank you last night when i thought i did before i crashed again. My network is not very stable here in China (which is no excuse for rudeness) and my mom would be upset with me in real life for not saying thank you.

It was brought to my attention and now that it is know, please accept my apology for I am not a rude person nor was i playing any games to cause harm.

Thank you and please have a nice day....


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Dialogue is always complicated, even more by chats and translations. But ryzom people is generally understanding and friendly :)


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I figured your silence was due to either a connection issue or a computer crash as you stood there immobile for a bit before winking out, and that you would have thanked us at the time were it within your power to do so.

Though I don't feel that an apology is necessary, I think it would be rude to refuse such a sincere and humble gesture, and thus accept your apology in the hopes of ridding you of any guilt.

You are welcome.


Do not assume that you speak for all just because you are the loudest voice; there are many who disagree that simply have no desire to waste words on you.

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Thank you everyone for your understanding and next time i crash, i will send an in-game mail :)


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Dear Soyeok:
No need for apologies, the first thing i thought was you were having bad internet connection..;p
You did come back and sent me a /tell and said thanks.
So, dont worry that much, just have fun in game and feel free to ask for help any time you need it.


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