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You will need 7z to do that (it should probably be installed, if not install the package p7zip-full[on debian/debian-like], p7zip[fedora, archlinux, ...]) and rsync[same, package rsync[debian/debian-like/fredora/archlinux/...]. Run everything as a simple user (NO sudo/root), one line at a time. If you are prompted during extraction of the archive (the 7z e line), answer A

mkdir -p "$HOME/ryzom"
wget http://freefr.dl.sourceforge.net/project/ryzom/ryzom_client.7z
md5sum ryzom_client.7z

This should return "dd4d093e041fa86579a30ea2514484fb" ; if not, do :

rm ryzom_client.7z
wget http://freefr.dl.sourceforge.net/project/ryzom/ryzom_client.7z

Then go on :

7z x ryzom_client.7z -o"$HOME"
rm ryzom_client.7z
cd "$HOME/ryzom"
chmod +x ryzom_update.sh
sh ryzom_update.sh
wget http://manda.glorf.fr/client/ryzom_client_static_64bits

If you are using a 32 bits system, use

wget http://manda.glorf.fr/client/ryzom_client_static_32bits

Launch the game with

cd "$HOME/ryzom"

If you are too lazy (like me) and don't want to have to type your username / password everytime, use

cd "$HOME/ryzom"
./ryzom_client_static_64bits username password

Before complaining about "it doesn't work", make sure you did everything in the tutorial, then try again to run it, if it still doesn't work remove the folder "$HOME/ryzom" and redo all the steps again. If you are having trouble with the installation of 7z/rsync, google it, i can't know every single package of every distribution :)

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