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I have been playing for 15 months now, and I crash almost constantly. I have tried every suggestion and Ryzom still crashes on me.

I am currently entertaining the idea that it is my system/software that is crashing.

I am running on Linux, Debian Testing (Jessie) and I have used every Nvidia driver that works (GTX 650). Because of my stroke, I can no longer diagnose the problem. Can anyone offer me any suggestions?

Again I am now thinking that is my system software, as I have tried every other possible solution that I can think of.


I have had a stroke in 2011, and am sort of brain-damaged. So, please bear with me.

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Hi, take a look to your graphic card.


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I have changed the settings on the graphics card to maximum performance and to maximum ... um ... the other end of the slide, to no avail.

But if you mean I should change the settings in xorg, I will give that a look when I get done playing


I have had a stroke in 2011, and am sort of brain-damaged. So, please bear with me.

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No, not the settings, perhaps your card soon broken ? have you check something like the temperature ?


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Issue can be come from a defect RAM too. You should check your RAM's with memtest86+

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I run a Mac, but I have found if I turn off the sound on your action bar>System>Game config.>sound>'Un-enable' sound, then I have far fewer crashes if any at all. Not sure if it would work for you, but the sound is bugged for some reason in this game.

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I had issues with the client in Debian with Nvidia, If your system is 64bit try the 64bit client. for some reason, at least on mine Debian (Jessie) did not load the 32bit parts of the driver for Nvidia correctly causing a lot of random crashes. After switching to the 64bit client, Ryzom is a lot more stable
http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=topic/view/21393/7# 7

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Play without sound???

I first played it without sound about 15 months ago, until I got it working... that was hard for me.

One of most recent option was to install the 64-bit Ryzom, so that wasn't th issue.

I will have to run a memory check. (PS it will take forever to run)

I don't think it is my Nvidia card, since I run other games, much more intensive graphics, on my computer, and the video card, on Ryzom, only heats up to about 50 centegrade.

I will look into your suggestions, though.

And thank you for your assistance in this matter. Still, I would rathe run on a crashing Ryzom rather than not running Ryzom.

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OK, I had made an error in my BIOS, and because of my stroke, I had to do a reinstall of my OS.


Anyway, after I had done a reinstall and had retrieved my $HOME directory (it took hours to restore my $HOME) I tried Ryzom.

Ryzom crashed again. (&@%$@$@&!!!)

But I ran memtest and it showed some errors, so I removed 4GB of RAM (now I have only 8GB of RAM). Later this evening, I will run Ryzom and see what happens.

Wish me luck!


I have had a stroke in 2011, and am sort of brain-damaged. So, please bear with me.

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PS: I took some time to find it, but I also re-installed ryzom_client_static_64bits.


I have had a stroke in 2011, and am sort of brain-damaged. So, please bear with me.

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OK, I removed the bad memory from my computer, and after that, I had run Ryzom on three occasions and Ryzom is now working fine, with no crashing of Ryzom, and my computer now maintains two screens rather than one screen on my Nvidia card.

So, I would like to thank Syphox for his/her suggestion that I check my RAM to see if the problem that had caused Ryzom to die on me all the time.

Well, back to playing Ryzom...


I have had a stroke in 2011, and am sort of brain-damaged. So, please bear with me.

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(now I have only 8GB of RAM)
*sigh* I wish...

Glad to hear that it is working for you.


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