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I would like to ask that the number of rotations of the Zoraï guard patrols among the Cities of Intuition be increased, in light of the 'predictions' of this oracle during our latest assembly. I wish to emphasize that this is in no way an acknowledgement of the veracity of this oracle's premonitions, however, I would be remiss if I were not to suggest an added amount of caution be implemented during this time.

It is my fervent desire that the populace not be driven into a state of panic and fear, since both these emotions have a way of leading to dangerous consequences. The fact is that a threat of something "dear" being taken from us can be interpreted many ways, but the mere anticipation of this could have a drastic impact. If this means someone or something is in danger, then the increase of guard rotation would be beneficial in hopefully avoiding such an occurrence. Even if that danger does not come to pass, at least we can hope to instill a feeling of calm with their increased presence.

While we, the Theocracy, look further into this oracle and her prophecies, we must be absolutely certain that we do not immerse ourselves in doubt and mistrust in the process. Although I am not yet convinced that any of her ramblings are truth, we still need to take any necessary precautions to ensure that we are prepared for whatever the future holds.

Ambassador Sygmus

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Sygmus Talao-Fyr

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Anger. As hard as attempted to concentrate on the soft dirt below him, the anger rising has flooded his mind. Any attempt to meditate with the planet, as this supposed Oracle suggest, has been unsuccessful.

~Syg, calm. Breath.~

The Igam wings flutter and the trees whine against the wind. Almost as if one affects the other. The rays from the sun wash over Sygmus, the red of intense heat overpowering the darkness of his closed lids.

~You must find her.~

He wouldn't have to if the guards were trying! He lost it; the connection severed. Syg's frustration was apparent as he slammed his fist into the dirt. Hanging out with the Fyros and the Fraiders might have their influence on Sygmus but this is something else. Someone's life is in danger this time.

This oracle 'foresaw' these events and some of what she said may have struck a cord. Sygmus replayed the voice of the lovely akenak Lerya in his mind.

~I put aside the religions of Ma-Duk and Jena, for the Fyros as a people were more important.~

Those words echoed similarly with this Oracle. Sygmus stood up from his meditative position and walked toward the Guard Captain. He has to put this behind him and forgive the guards. In the end this is not their fault. Something else must be happening that Syg and his brothers must figure out.

~The theocracy may not be perfect but it is right. It is what we need. Prove it.~

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Sygmus Talao-Fyr

Zoraï Ambassador to the Fyros Empire
Celestaï Mik'ito
Kitin College Representative

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Rikutatis penned a letter to Sage Supplice, grief and sadness twisting the expression on his mask:
"Kami'ata Sage Supplice,

Despite Sygmus's valiant search efforts, the Zoraï girl known by the name of Suki that went missing near Min-Cho could not be found anywhere. It has been a few months now and I am forced to officially call an end to the search efforts.

Her mother is in great grief, of course. But the Min-Cho Intendant is taking care of her.

A connection between the missing girl and the prophecies of a certain Oracle has been made. Followers of this false Oracle claim her disappearance marks the beginning of the first prophecy. However, I could not verify the truth of that. And this Oracle has completely disappeared from the Witherings since her last public appearance.

I will keep you updated in case anything else happens.

Mata yume,

Rikutatis, Dynastic Scribe"


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