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Does anyone else feel this would be good?
Yes! Love it!
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No - hate this! 0
Would be good if (see my reply)....
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Okay with me.. don't see reason, but don't mind.
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#1 [en] 

is it possible to set something up for us to display favorite items on apartment walls, or build plaques/signs to hang? For example, hang up a weapon on a plaqe that says "My first Tekom-Duk Dagger" or "Waving Tanner Sword - gift from ?????" or just a plain sign with favorite words of wisdom?

#2 [en] 

The devil is in the details. If you are letting Joe Player do this, there has to be a program designed or a part of Ryzom changed to make this happen, and models must be made.

This can be done. The question is: is it worth the effort?


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#3 [fr] 

Tout ce qui est inutile est indispensable !!!
La louche est indispensable par exemple, quel joueur confirmé peut se passer d'une louche ? ^^
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