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Et dire qu'il y a un peu plus de 2ans le pull de mob était encore strictement interdit, qu'importe la situation :D

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Non, en pvp il a toujours été autorisé (j'entend bien uniquement quand tous les intervenants sont tag), enfin, pour autant que je sache...


Et si tout n'était qu'illusion?

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Bitttymacod (atys)

I see a problem, not just for OOT healing but for my ability to attempt a rescue! Unless I'm in team with someone, I can't pull the aggro onto myself... :(
I see the solution : team with the player. It's always a good idea when you attempt to rescue someone.

I'm sorry, I don't see that as a desirable change. If I'm working nearby we may both be in teams. Re-teaming takes valuable time from a quick rescue. (I'm not talking about a rez, but a rescue. E.g. I'm working kinchers and I pull the 'pucka that's chasing a digger sort of thing. It's a friendly thing to do and no risk to me.)


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