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We are pleased to present you officially with the general 2015 Ryzom roadmap, which aims at a unique objective: adding content to the game.
It has been created during a meeting on IRC, with the aspiration of involving more and more players and to give them more influence on Ryzom's evolution.
It deliberately shows only the final objectives set to each team, so that these ones can detail the roadmap that affects them.

Concerned teams: Level Design / Ark
Planned addtion: New Encyclopedia
Added content: Stanzas, amber cubes

Concerned teams:  Level Design / Ark
Planned addition: Ranger Rite
Added content: Ranger, "téléportation" ranger, canal ranger, ranger forum

Concerned teams: Level Design / Ark
Planned addition: Missing light marauder bosses, medium marauder bosses
Added content: Marauder bosses, marauder armors to loot

Concerned team: Ryzom Forge
Planned addition: New zone
Added content: New region

Concerned team: Ryzom Forge
Planned addtiion: New objects
Added content: New popable and equipable objects

Concerned team: Ryzom Core
Planned addition: Debugging Ryzom Core Studio
Added content: Functionnal and indispensable tool for the work of  Ryzom Forge

Concerned team: Dev
Planned addition: Developping Ark
Added content: Tool needed for the the other teams

Concerned team: Dev
Planned addition: Implementing what has been prepared by the other teams
Added content: Content prepared by the other teams

Concerned team: Event Team
Planned addition: New roleplay sequences
Added content: Various definitive sceneries + discovery of new islands

Concerned team: Event team
Planned addition: Tribes events
Added content: Tribe weapons

Concerned team: Lore
Planned addition: Missing additions
Added content: Marauder, ranger, trytonist lore

Concerned team: Lore
Planned addition: Updating the Lore on the Ryzom wiki
Added content: Lore and roleplay texts

Concerned team: Translators
Planned addtion: Improving in game text
Added content: Best quality for the text in game in all languages

Concerned teams: Communication
Planned addtion: Improving commercial visiblity of Ryzom
Added content: Communication using Ryzom web site, web sites about games, linux ou mac

Concerned teams : Winch Gate
Added content: Logistical help

Concerned teams : Winch Gate
Planned addtion : Improving security
Added content: https, secure.ryzom.com, password

Concerned teams : Players
Planned addtion: Stories and decorations using Pocket Worlds
Added content: Instances

This general roadmap, together with a complete reorganisation of the teams, will certainly offer lots of innovation to Ryzom all year long.

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