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Should there be a mission to obtain Barley and Hops, and obtain the title of Master Brewer?
Hell yeah!
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No, that's a dumb idea.
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There should be a mission to forage Barley, and Hops. And when you complete, you obtain the title of Master Brewer.

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Unfortunately, neither barley nor hops grow on Atys. You will have to discover what it is that Tryker beer is made from.


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There are, were already ideas on occupation, that still not realized. I don't think it's time to bring new ones.
Before Merge there were Tier2 Occupation (Advanced) and a plan to add also Tier3 (Master Occupation?) ..there were ideas like animal tamer etc ...now Tier2 is taken out the game again after merge (technical reason i think?) so ...first let's look if occupation is a direction that want to be continued or not.

There are - since the "realaunche" with WinchGate - already at least 3 lines that were began but not continued:
- Kitin Lair
- Occupation
- Rites


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Purg (atys)
There are, were already ideas on occupation, that still not realized. I don't think it's time to bring new ones.
Yes, but this is frivolous and fun

@Bittty - hmm, stinga buds... yes, ingredients need thinking about - bet some mission mats could be incorporated


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Stinga and Shooki for Tryker and Fyros respectively.

An occupation to make rum and beer would be quite cool I think. Priorities wise the people who could do it well are really busy but I might have a look at trying a noob attempt of it sometime.



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