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I am relatively new here, I jumped straight to Pyr from the beginning and I have finally gotten a mission for collecting Goari eggs. I got the directions of where I should dig, I killed the Goari, and I still have the indicator that I should dig there.

But I cannot. I have tried my pick, I have actually tried everything in my inventory to dig, to no avail. I have abandoned the mission three times, and gone through the process again, three times, but I cannot dig out these Goari eggs.

What am I doing wrong? Should I dig the eggs before killing the Goari?

Thank you for any help in this dilemma.

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OK, I have JUST tried it the fourth time, and I was able to get the egg.

But, still, why could't I do thi the last three times???

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This quest have a bug. In my memory, if you die when you have this quest, kill goari is not taken into account. After you kill goari, what is noticed in your diary's quest ?

To pass the bug : find a strong friend, take quest, go on goari, kill him without death yourself, see NPC to validate.
In once ; don't disconnect, don't death. See your diary's quest.

An other bug, for later, in Desert (welcomer quest too) : a NPC ask you to find choice mud, but it's fine, something like that.

Use universe canal for ask help, too. A lot of people know this bugs and can help you to kill goari and debug :)

Good luck !


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Hiya Laofa,

i had this problem too, and I think now, the reason of this glitch belongs to the game mechanics, called "drop chance".

Not every killed Mob (here a Goari Queen) will drop an egg. According to the fact, that with this mission the Goari Queen is called by breaking the termite mounds as a mission step, in this case all spawned Goari Queens should drop, otherwise the Mission has to be started again, and again, and again, until one of the spawned Goari Queens will make you the gift of an egg.


If you mean the Quest "Mud for the Bathing House" (translated from my german interface, might no the original english mission title) - they really need Q50 "choice mud" from Oflovaks Oasis. The Foraring skill has to be 50, to solve this mission.

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I think the problem may be with being teamed. I tried to do the quest 3 times while teamed and it failed all 3 times, then did it solo with a non teamed healer and it worked fine.

Maybe it was all luck.

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I don't remember being team when doing that quest and still having that bug, there is a quest with the same bug in jungle too where you end be canceling the quest and doing it again.


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Many people have that very same problem. Generally people just say just what you said, "wash, rinse, repeat".

PS: I don't need no stinking team.....

PPS: except for gaining healing skill!

PPPS: yes, I am in a guild.

PPPPS: go figure!


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