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Hello everyone, I am Clayster, a player who is a fan of PvP since 2009;). So VOILA Jai think has something related to PVP. I explain:

I would like a league created on the server with a league FR - EN - ESP - So RUS 4 league
With games dates defined. The matches will walk Points system such as 50 points if you win but if we lose, we lose 25. I'm trying to do is that at the end of a month's league, the TOP 10 or TOP 5 leagues FR - EN - ESP - RUS meet to see who is the best player on the server.

This will bring spice to the game ...

So I am already having opinions before all things and after if it's doors fruits, Staff proposes to make its official. Do like a little rascal of BOSS CHANCEY;) Here you have to see!


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Many alrwady thought of a league or smth.
1. you forgot about GER (DE)
2. ESP are maby only a few, FR or EN are the most, how you want to compare? 1-5 players vs. best of 200 ?

i also was thinking about a league, but i was thinking of ingame nations: Matis, Fyros, Tryker and Zorai first fight in internal tournaments and the winners fight on a championship vs. each other, but here is same problem ...there are no equal amounts of players.


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