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The Events Team

"I have questions about the roleplay of Ryzom, whom should I contact?"

For everything that does not relate to CSR (gameplay, moderation or technical assistance), we invite you to contact the Events Team:

1. By e-mail to

2. On Ryzom chat:
- On #pub-event-lore channel:
- By private message to an event team member.

3. In game:
- By private message (/tell nameofcharacter), if an animator is logged on Atys.
- By private message at events (right click on the NPC and select "Talk").
- By in game (izam) e-mail (Shift + W) sent to an animator.

"What is the role of the Events Team?"

In Ryzom, the Events Team takes care of the Roleplay part. In other words, they bring to life the story and history of Atys, and share it with the players during events played in the game, as well as through Chronicles published on the forums.
In addition, the Events Team helps players develop their own events and  refine their character's history so that it may be more integrated in  the world of Ryzom.
And of course, it listens to the demands of the players: it takes into account all their ideas and feedback.
Its motto: Power to the players

"Who is currently active in the Event Team?"

(List updated on October 15th, 2021)

Manager of the Events Team: Margote

Members: Beesjy, Bepock, Drumel, Ikophia, Inaros, Lukijan, Nydatos, Orphidius, Pavor, Ptitbill, Wiedii

"How do I join the Events Team?"

If the role of animator is tempting you, please check this post about recruitment.

The Events Team

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(Note for the translators: the old EN post is here: )

Dear Players,

The Event Team is continuing its recruitment campaign. We need you, your availability, your talents and your vision to expand our ranks and to best meet the expectations of players and let them experience new fabulous adventures.

You want to change your vision of the game by entering the backstage of Atys? Do you want to give your time to enhance other players' experience? Do you quiver at the idea of playing one of the most powerful figures in our history, to see the world turn with the eyes of a Sage Zoraï, a Tryker merchant, a Matis guard or a Fyros senator? Do you have a passion for writing and a desire to see your ideas come to life on Atys?

Look no further, try your luck applying to the Ryzom Event Team! We are looking for writers but also actors. 

To submit your application, please send an email to with the following information:
- Your last name, first name;
- Your date of birth;
- Your player account name;
- Your main character(s);
- Languages known
- Your availability in general;
- An estimate of your knowledge of the game at gameplay level;
- An estimate of your knowledge of the public lore of Ryzom;
- A statement concerning your motivations and possibly your plans.

If your application is accepted, we will proceed with an interview and, if all goes well, then you will become a member of the Event Team.

See you soon!

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Animators recruitment is open!

We are looking especially for an animator who's not playing tryker  and interested in taking care, eventually, of the tryker events.

Generally speaking, we're looking to extend the animation team in order to offer more regular and varied events, and also to have animators in the american and australian timezone.

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