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Please write down your observations of 'Extra' creatures you see on Atys and their habits, location, characteristics, and anything you would like to add about them. I am talking about things you see out of the corner of your eye that happen quickly.

I will start with the green Helecopter bugs that look like Saltewater taffy candy wrapped up in a wrapper, but they have eyes! I have found them in GoC in the Forest. Thats all the information i have atm.

I hope to catalog all these 'Other' important creatures of Atys, and I am hoping this will be a repository of information about these 'Little' creatures. They help the Ecosystem and might be important to our survival! Please record any other creatures you spot!

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(ooc: I believe Feylin had a lesson / presentation based exactly on this type of creatures, with LOTS of observations. Try to contact them)


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I have seen little yellow/green frogs in Heretic's Hovel, near the Chilling Swamp. They hop all over, but are easily startled and hop away.

I will try to post a picture soon : best I can do atm is a link.  There is an army of frogs way in the background, but when I got close they hopped away :(  I will try to get a better picture to you all soon.


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Another one i saw was these two vibrant pink birds flying through the forest, they were so beautiful since it was night time :)

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Naema, some comments about the whirlybugs (or so I have named them):

I have observed them both in the Forest and in the Jungle, but have not seen them in the Desert nor the Lakes. They come in two colors, both green and brown/orange, and the coloration appears to be coordinated with the season, green being common in the spring and orange in the autumn (if my poor memory remains accurate).

They are always observed swarming around a small area on the ground, which leads me to suspect that they are either attracted to some deposit in the ground, or more likely that they are observed soon after hatching in the spring and in the autumn are observed preparing to mate and lay their seeds in the ground.

With respect,
Mac'Od Bittty
Associate Resarcher, NTCS


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To all:
Herewith is a list of small creatures that I have observed in my travels. This is not a complete description of them, just a starter list for people to expand on, both in number and in depth. If anyone has access to amber cubes from earlier researchers, transcriptions of the earlier work would, of course be worthwhile.

Groundbirds/rocketbirds: All surface ecosystems
Gliding and stooping long-winged birds: common in Desert
Violet fliers: Forest
Small birds in flocks: Jungle (especially Lost Valley)
Small bat-like fliers: Jungle as above. Are these two forms of the same creature?
Buzzing gnats: Around lights and near carrion (possibly two different species)
Whirlybugs: Forest and Jungle (edit:Green and Orange/Red)
Four-wings: long body and narrow wings (similar behavior to whirlybugs): Jungle and Forest and Lakes
Flutterby's: Broad triangular wings, small body : Jungle, Lakes? Forest?
Buzzbugs: Very rapidly moving wings, hard to see body: Lakes

Frogs: (Not just yellow, but also green and red.) Forest (edit: and Jungle)
Mice: Forest, Jungle
Digging Scorpions: Lakes, Desert. (edit:Forest) (edit: brown, red, green)
Dustworms (eyeless) Leap out of the Dust then dive in again: Desert
Gliding snakes: Lakes, Jungle, Forest
Dust hoppers (very small hop from place to place in the Dust) : Lakes at the shoreline in some seasons.

Schooling Fish

Prime Roots:
Umbrella Floaters:
Pulsing Floaters:
Pulsing Toroids (animal? plant?)

Jungle Ghosts -- smoky appearance, glowing eyes, two types (at least). Not animal or bug, but they seem to be alive: Jungle (Void)

Glow (bugs ?): May or may not be alive, but it sometimes seems to me that the glowing sparks that come up out of the Dust in some evenings have something inside them. It may simply be an illusion caused by the bright glow. My alternate hypothesis is that they are exudations of Sap from the Bark, reacting with the air to create light and replenish our stores of magic. In either case they are marvelous.

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Remembering Tyneetryk
Phaedreas Tears - 15 years old and first(*) of true neutral guilds in Atys.
(*) This statement is contested, but we are certainly the longest lasting.
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Got this log from Feylin's awesome Fauna discovery event :
Feylin dit : Kamia'ata fuuho
Eloan s'incline devant Feylin.
Mjollren fait un signe à Feylin.
Feylin dit : I will have the pleasure to introduce you with the little fauna of our beloved jungle
Samoa fait une révérence des plus courtoises à Feylin.
Samoa dit : Woha
Salazar s'incline devant Feylin.
Anyume dit : (oups, miss)
Poisonblack s'incline devant Feylin.
Feylin dit : Plait-il Anyume ? (surveilles tes macro :p)
Anyume dit : (désolé. ><)
Anyume toussote, un chat dans la gorge
Samoa va surveiller de près Anyume (
Sari nimmt eine Flasche und füllt einen Yubo ab bis dieser sturzbetrunken ist. Sie läßt ihn laufen. Der Yubo torkelt herum und fällt nach 2 Schritten immer wieder um. Dann bleibt er liegen, grunzt und Quiekt zufrieden.
Feylin dit : If i remember right, Bardor, you attended to the presentation I made before the second Swarm, right ?
Tylaikna s'incline respectueusement.
Samoa s'incline devant Tylaikna.
Bardor dit : Yes
Bardor dit : Is it the same one today ?
Feylin dit : yes, mostly
Sari nimmt einen Yubo und stopft ihn mit seltsammen Kräutern voll. Sie läßt diesen Yubo laufen. Der Yubo raßt wie von Kitin gestochen ständig in Kreis bis er erschöpft umfällt.
Zorroargh fait un signe à Feylin.
Feylin dit : As announced, if any of you don't understand the dialect of Min-Cho, I hope he or she came along with someone to translate
Zorroargh dit : Y si alguien quiere una traduccion en espanol, puedo hacerlo
Feylin dit : I have no doubt that you know perfectly the animals on Atys, that you use to hunt
Feylin dit : But there are many tiny animals, often neglected, if not invisible
Bardor thinks he will attend it anyway
Feylin dit : And of course, we won't find them between these buildings
Feylin dit : so, please stand up, and follow me for a journey, keep your eyes open, and don't hesitate to ask for a pause to ask question if you noticed something
Feylin dit : Please follow me
Feylin dit : let's talk on the way
Feylin dit : Can someone tell me what we are stepping on ?
Feylin dit : (or walking on)
Mjollren dit : grass and leaves?
Salazar dit : Some sort of moss, I guess.
Feylin dit : yes, the soil, especially in automn, is not raw bark
Vous quittez Min-Cho.
Feylin dit : fallen leaves gather, and are nutritious for some plants as well as for insects
Feylin dit : and provide hiden places too
Salazar fait un signe à Sari.
Feylin dit : Look at the behavior of those izams
Feylin dit : ah finally, did you see the one that fly closer to the ground ?
Feylin dit : they are catching little preys to feed
Feylin dit : there are insects here
Anyume dit : Ho...
Feylin dit : and we can find larvae if we search
Feylin dit : we will find many such clues of the florishing but invisible life
Mjollren dit : I'm more curious as to why there are fish scales here..
Feylin dit : we can deduce it from the behavior of bigger animals, or find it
Jazzy dit : lordoy ad tolh
Eloan fait une révérence des plus courtoises à Jazzy.
Jazzy dit : (re desolé planté)
Feylin dit : why scales here ? probably a fish that an izam has catched and brought here to eat it
Jazzy dit : a fish?
Icus dit : Yeah, it's swim, but it isn't a tryker.
Icus dit : (it swims*)
Feylin dit : yes, there are waterholes in the jungle
Feylin dit : we will see later the living fishes inside
Feylin dit : let's go on
Tylaikna fait un signe à Jazzy.
Jazzy fait une révérence des plus courtoises à Tylaikna.
Feylin dit : Many insect species live in the ground
Vous quittez les Cités de l'Intuition. Vous sortez d'une région neutre.
Vous êtes dans le Bosquet de l'Ombre. Cette région est neutre.
Feylin dit : when the Sun shines, in summer, we can hear crickets singing in the Grove here
Feylin dit : but there are many others
Icus dit : Is there termit, too ?
Tsologi fait un signe à Mjollren.
Feylin dit : I heard there was a species of termits, but which doesn't build a mound like the species from the desert
Feylin dit : wombaï too, eat insects from the ground, they suck with their trunk
Feylin dit : but this one rather sleep
Feylin smiles
Vous quittez le Bosquet de l'Ombre. Vous sortez d'une région neutre.
Vous êtes dans les Cités de l'Intuition. Cette région est neutre.
Feylin dit : Ah i see scorpions
Feylin dit : they swiftly go back undergroudn
Feylin dit : we can see many different animals here
Feylin dit : It seems taht too many homins make them stay hidden
Feylin dit : I can just advice you to stop somewhere alone and watch , one day
Feylin dit : If you wait with patience, you can see scorpions, serpents, mouses
Tsologi fait une révérence des plus courtoises à Feylin.
Feylin dit : and even a special kind of bird
Vous êtes dans la Mare des Mektoubs.
Feylin dit : birds usulay have a nest on trees, but some lay their eggs on the ground, hidden
Feylin dit : we can see some fishes here, there are two main kind : with silver scale, or with golden scale
Anyume play with water
Feylin dit : there is not big enough water holes to have many different fish species
Jazzy se retient de ne pas plonger
Eloan suit le regard de Jazzy et pense que lui aussi se retient de se jeter à l'eau.
Vous quittez la Mare des Mektoubs.
Feylin dit : did everyone see at least once, one of the birds i told about ?
Mjollren dit : blue and very fast to dissapear?
Feylin dit : those that come from the ground, and instantly accelerate ?
Feylin dit : yes, Mjollren, but they are not only blue
Tsologi dit : They are pretty cool.
Zorroargh dit : so coool :)
Feylin dit : Vrana, an old friend, called those birds globe-birds
Feylin dit : Obviously, their shape is such as a globe ....
Anyume se souvient d'une lucio très intéressante de cet oiseau...
Jazzy dit : about their forms?
Feylin dit : yes, about th eir shape
Tsologi dit : Bien sür.
Icus dit : Anyume remeber a very interesting lucio about this bird.
Icus dit : (remeber*)
Feylin dit : isn't it strange ? usually birds have large wings, and are not shaped like that, right ?
Tsologi dit : Right.
Jazzy dit : how can flight this bird so?
Anyume dit : ( for curious :p )
Feylin dit : My theory is that these are only very young, we don't see the adult bird
Feylin dit : They still have the globe shape of the egg they come from
Feylin dit : they hardly fly above the ground, at teh beginning
Feylin dit : But they have an innate ability to accelerate, like we can do as homins too
Feylin dit : and this is the key to the survival of this species, so that the young and weak birds can escape predators
Mjollren dit : Why don't we see the adults though? Predators?
Mjollren grins
Feylin dit : They let some feathers behind them, and if you look the flying path, it seems to go above the trees, to the canopy
Feylin dit : I am sure that those adult birds live in the canopy
Tsologi est intéressé par les propos de Feylin.
Tylaikna dit : Did you ever capture one of those birds ?
Feylin dit : No, why would I take their freedom ?
Feylin dit : they are no threat.
Tylaikna dit : Borrow their freedom, I didn't meant emprison them
Feylin dit : I am not sure that a young globe bird could use its acceleration ability twice
Feylin dit : Capture one to check this would be cruel
Tsologi est d'accord avec Feylin.
Feylin dit : (i just saw one emerging from the ground under me ^^ dunno if it's the same ofr everyone)
Feylin dit : Let's go on, we have many other things to see
Icus dit : I didn't really understood the link between taking their freedom and twice acceleration use ...
Feylin dit : if they cannot accelerate again, they can never reach the hights
Nonea dit : I'm suddenly tired.
Feylin dit : so capturing a young one would be doom it
Icus dit : Oh, understood !
Feylin dit : let's run and leave those ragus behind
Feylin dit : poor ragus
Feylin dit : here we have another tiny species ... ah no, just trykers
Feylin smile
Feylin dit : here we have honey
Feylin dit : because there are bee of course
Anyume dit : Honey... miam !
Anyume salive
Feylin dit : Bee are very particular insects, as well as some termites, they live in a society
Feylin dit : where the queen and some males reproduce, while workers gather food, build a lair ....
Feylin dit : this kind of insect society seems a simple version of the kitin society.
Nonea dit : Is it true that the workers are all female in termite and bee societies?
Feylin dit : or maybe it is the kitins that are more complex
Feylin dit : hard to check, they are so tiny, but scholars say yes
Feylin dit : here, we have spider's web too
Feylin dit : I will tell you a story about spiders
Feylin dit : There is a story about the Great Mask Hoï-Cho, during year 2499.
Feylin dit : In those hard times, when everything was to rebuild, same as now, and when many obstacles were piling up, from bandits unrest to troubles around fyros camps in the Witherings, despair could easily find a way to a homin heart.
Feylin dit : As he was meditating, he saw a spider restlessly weaving its web in big grass when the wind was regularly tearing up the work.
Feylin dit : Watching this, Hoï-Cho thought that if a so tiny animal had as much decision, a homin could not do least.
Feylin dit : Story says that it is after this scene that he went to Pyr with Mabreka, to negociate a better control of the presence of fyros peoples in the Witherings.
Anyume smiles and looks spider
Feylin dit : Ah, maybe ... come
Feylin dit : yes, there are a few frogs here
Feylin crie : there are a few frogs here
Anyume dit : A faire sauter à la poêle, avec du beurre et des herbes...
Jazzy ne peut se retenir cette fois ci!
Tsologi dit : même pas drôle
Feylin dit : frogs like water, they often come out when it rains, or when the weather is still wet, in the morning, or the evening
Feylin dit : I have no story about frogs, yet, and i don't know if the frogs, or the cricket, can jump the more far
Vous quittez l' Etang Vierge.
Jazzy secoue ses habit trempé à coté d'Icus
Feylin dit : here we can find some remains of butterflies
Icus se demande où est passée Eloan
Feylin dit : we can see alive butterflies somewhere else, but it's far from here
Feylin dit : and here, we have remains of fireflies
Feylin dit : as insects of lights, there are some myths around them, amongst the Old Religion of Kamist-Jenaist
Feylin dit : they are supposed to have been blessed by Jena's light in the first moments of Atys
Eloan rejoins le groupe discrètement.
Feylin dit : They inherit this light from parent to broodling. Jenaist-kamists are supposed to believe that fireflies are enlightenend insects.
Feylin dit : higher state, they wander near pregnant hominas in order to make the choice of their next family.
Tsologi reste calme et respectueux.
Feylin dit : .....Being ready to evolve to a higher state, t (sorry, bad copy)
Feylin dit : Thus, in order to guide them, hominas sleep near a light-amber that guides fireflies to them.
Feylin dit : oh look here
Feylin dit : do you see the flying swarm ?
Nonea nods.
Tsologi dit : yes
Feylin dit : up, on the bark wall
Feylin dit : those strange insects are called gyrosects
Feylin dit : in a interview of Ardan Keale that is only in the dialect of Jen-Laï, he calls them "Helicane" too, i would translate that as Helibee, or Helibeetle
Feylin dit : indeed; those insects fly thanks to a helix, and not to classic wings
Feylin dit : As strange as it may appear, it is the same kind of helix that in the wind turbines in tryker lands
Feylin dit : Trykers use helix to get power from the wind, gyrosects use their helix to trnsform their own power into a wind that lift them up in the air, allowing them to fly
Tsologi sourit, content.
Feylin dit : Maybe in different ways though
Feylin dit : be careful on the road, we will walk near ragus and torbaks
Jazzy dit : sorry
Vous quittez le Bosquet Vierge. Vous sortez d'une région neutre.
Vous êtes dans le Vide. Cette région est neutre.
Mjollren pointe Manda.
Feylin watch over Tsologi siting here with a smile
Icus dit : This is not the tiny fauna of the jungle, Mjollren ^^
Mjollren grins
Feylin dit : here we can uncover another kind of insects
Feylin dit : but watch you skin
Feylin dit : they are parasites
Anyume dit : I don't want cook this...
Feylin dit : There are two main types of parasities, those on plant hosts are aphids, feeding on sap
Feylin dit : those on animal hosts are fleas, feeding on blood
Tsologi dit : What are the dangers ?
Mjollren dit : except that they suck blood?
Icus dit : Depends, are you a plant or an animal ?
Feylin dit : Parasites pose a little danger by themselves, they just weaken a little their hosts
Tsologi dit : Well...
Feylin dit : But being weaker may be fatal if you have to fight
Feylin dit : and they can transmit disease
Tsologi dit : If in bag?
Feylin dit : of course, to be really weakened it requires a lot of parasites
Feylin dit : To put parasites in a bag ? well if they cannot escape, or if they are just aphids, there is no risk at all
Tsologi dit : Just asking...if one digs parasites...
Feylin dit : We can look after some more insects in the Void, there are dragonflies, butterflies, and another kind of flying insect to see
Feylin dit : and we can see bats trying to eat them too, maybe
Feylin dit : but i am not sure to find them in this season
Tsologi dit : I like bats. On to the void.
Feylin dit : otherwise, we already saw everything I had to show you
Feylin dit : Do you have questions maybe ?
Anyume dit : no
Zorroargh dit : no
Tsologi est content.
Tsologi dit : Thank you for your knowledge. Merci pour le partage.
Jazzy dit : no thank you Nair-Fey-Lin
Salazar dit : Indeed, thank you for the insights.
Zorroargh dit : Thank you a lot. It was very interresting
Salazar s'incline devant Feylin.
Tsologi est reconnaissant envers Feylin.
Zorroargh est reconnaissant envers Feylin.
Icus tire sur la couette de Eloan
Anyume dit : Vraiment intéressant
Salazar dit : I will return to Yrkanis now.
Anyume smile
Salazar dit : Deles Silam. Jena with you.
Feylin dit : You are welcome.
Salazar s'incline respectueusement.
Feylin dit : Deles necat, Salazar
Tsologi fait preuve d'une grande compassion envers Feylin.
Icus dit : My greetings to jena !
Feylin dit : Let's try to find more, if some of you stay
Mjollren dit : I /wave
Mjollren fait un signe à Ofartapeng.
Feylin dit : Ah here, some dragonflies
Tylaikna dit : Any link with Kipesta or Kizoar ?
Feylin dit : they are little torbaks, for insects, dragonflies hunt on fly
Feylin s'incline devant Mjollren.
Eloan montre une épée discrètement à Jazzy.
Tylaikna est reconnaissante envers Feylin.
Mjollren fait une révérence des plus courtoises à Feylin.
Samoa fait une révérence des plus courtoises à Mjollren.
Feylin dit : (je peux reprendre en français peut-être maintenant ? :) )
Tsologi dit : Comme tu vuex.
Samoa dit : (on aura l'interprétation par Icus en anglais ? ^^)
Feylin dit : Ce sera plus simple si tout le monde comprend
Feylin dit : voyons si on en trouve d'autres
Jazzy dit : (il interprete meme de français à français Icus ;p)
Icus dit : (non, en fyrk :p)


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Wow! Thank you for your informative posts!

One more thing i noticed was some kind of nat or fly that buzzes around the stables in Davae. I noticed it after turning on my sound and using New Horizons to tp in to town. You immedeately hear them.

Keep up the Searching and posts please! :D

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I've observer the little frogs in GoC in the pond near Kara tp. There is a lot of them, like Bitty said, green, yellow and red ones. They aren't there in all weather and seasons however. I've seen them hopping around and croaking in a summer rain.



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What about the things we don't see but hear.

-The big thingie down the cliff from Ykranis Kamo TP
-The dooodle doodle doo bird or whateve rit is up in the tree by the rattled brains in GoU (near Blak Lams)

I remember a discussion in Uni some years ago where I mentioned the "zip birds" and "zoom birds" while digging by PS Tunnel and kara TP in Void and us all laughing because not only did everyone agree the terms were appropriate but also which was which,


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Ok, so I figured its time to post a few pics. Here is a couple. First, if you look closely there is the Helecopter bugs in GoC :)

and here are a few Dragonflies! :D

#12 [en] 

And... not sure if I should include this one, but to me, they are my beautiful Fireflies :D

#13 [en] 

And a sequence of our lovely Blue Dart birds...:D
He comes out of the ground, bounces a couple times, then whooosh! he is gone!

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