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As a test, made this metal (yes, atys a living planet etc but it's a test! ;) ) skin of a HQ black fyros heavy armor.
Seem to work, but where the *"§$% are the fyros and fatis helmets ?
tryker and zorai helmets i found in a seperate bnp-pack (where the karavan and generic armor skins are) but no fyros or matis helmet.

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Purg Derren

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Wow.. great work...I will buy one, too :-)


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It looks gorgeous. Maybe we could say it's a highly polished shell of a PR animal? :)



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sieht toll aus, mich würde das Ergebnis dann bei der Damen Version auch interessieren :))


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Luminatrix (atys)
It looks gorgeous. Maybe we could say it's a highly polished shell of a PR animal? :)

Nah, it's stolen Karavan ships, melted down by some clever Fyros.


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