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This time it was the barman of Yrkanis who told Luminatrix another legend. It was a very interesting one.
„There is a legend about an odd place in Upper Bog. You can still hear the old homins call it King Yrkanis' Crown sometimes. Legend says that when Yrkanis was still a young lad traveling with his father, king Yasson, to a council somewhere in the lakelands through there, he lost his crown. It was an ornate, beautiful thing, carved out of beautiful wood, with many intricate details and adorned with wings of the most exotic butterflies. His mother had given it to him not long ago and he almost never took it off. It fell off his head into a bog of deep mud and was nowhere to be found. The boy was very sad when this happened. But his tutor, Lenardi Bravichi, who was accompanying him, soothed him and said that one day the crown would rise from the depths to the bog so everyone could see it brilliance.

Many years later, after Yrkanis had been exiled by his cruel uncle, king Jinovitch and after he had returned back to the forest to take the throne, he noticed branches sprouting up from the place where there once was a bog and where his crown was lost. It was in that place that many of Jinovitch's men bent their knee and swore fealty to Yrkanis because many of them considered it a sign from Jena.

The branches grew tall and majestic and into a shape that looks a lot like a crown. It is believed that Yrkanis' crown, because it was made of wood, sprouted and grew into this strange ornament. The King loved this place very much and used to go there very often. Some people even say that as long as these branches continue to grow and thrive, the Matis lands will prosper and live in peace. But should they wither and die, the war will come back to the forest. So, no wonder, there are people who go there often and some even water it when it's hot to keep it from withering.“

Luminatrix thanks the barman for his legend, finishes her glass of Jubla tea and goes to seek more stories from Atys.



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