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1. How did you come to know about Ryzom?

Found it in App Store

2. Have you played any graphics intensives games before?


3. Which OS you use for Ryzom.

Mac OS X 10.10.2

4. F2P or P2P?



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I found Ryzom while checking the Apple App store, they had it featured in 2007.

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1. Local blogger tried the game and recommended it for its complexity and atmosphere.

2. It's my first in the mmorpg genre, but I did play other graphics-intensive games (shooters, racing, etc).

3. Windows XP in the past. Windows 7 until 1 week ago. Ubuntu 14.10 currently.

4. P2P, after approx 5 months as f2p (waited until desert dig mini-master)


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I was looking for a game to play un Ubuntu. Saw some pictures, figured it could be a nice game. Definitely wasn't disappointed :)



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1. Started over 5 y ago. Looked for 3d fantasy mmorpg to run on old win xp 1.2 ghz system.
Scanned mmorpg lists at mmorpg.com and playmassive.de.
Ryzom was playable + nice graphics + someone started friendly talk.

2. adventures, fantasy rpgs: TES, Gothic, Sacred etc. Ryzom 1st online game.
Meanwhile exploring other mmorpgs too.

3. current system win 8, lots of ram, ghz and cores. no problems with Ryzom.

4. both

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1) recherche d'un jeu français en ligne initialement pour jouer en famille

2) premier mmorpg

3) sous windows, occasionnellement sous linux

4) période d'essai gratuite puis 4 comptes payants, actuellement 3 et des f2p

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1. I saw a two-page ad in a gamereactor magazine.
2. Yep
3. Windows
4. P2P


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1. Advertisement in the German "Gamestar" mag including CD for Open Beta to "Saga of Ryzom"
2. LotrO, SWtor, Forsaken World
3. Windows
4. P2P



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searched for "free to play" opensource mmorpg, found ryzom, and started playing, stopped for a while, found it again and have really stuck around since then.

yes countless games that fall under this question

several versions of windows (currently win 7 ulta x64), 2 distro's of linux

2 subbed accounts (mine and my wife's) 2 free accounts (for when sub's don't fit in budget)


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1. How did you come to know about Ryzom?
I found Ryzom here: http://www.mmorpg.com/gamelist.cfm/show/mac/sCol/rankHype/sOrder/ desc

2. Have you played any graphics intensives games before?
Lord of the Ring Online (since 2007), WoW (2 months), Guild Wars 2, Eve online (1,5 years), Elder Scolls Online (still active), Portal 1 + 2, Minecraft (with high res textures) and many more

3. Which OS you use for Ryzom.
I use MacOS 10.9, Mavericks

4. F2P or P2P?
Paid, two weeks after I started to play I made the subcription, I like to support this game because it is very special (a young mektoub looked deep in my eyes, and I just knew this was the right thing to do)

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1. Mac app store
2. Yes a few :)
3. MacoOS Mavericks something
4. P2P

I know many who came about Ryzom via the Mac app store and getting it on there was a great decision. Ryzom should look to expand its reaches via similar apps that offer games like steam. This would be a massive benefit and increase numbers :)



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1. I found it on the Mac App Store but also was encouraged to try through some online reviews.

2. Guild Wars, WoW, Elder Scrolls, some others to a lesser extent.

3. MacBook currently using OSX Yosemite. I haven't had any issues with it.

4. P2P, the price is fair and I like that I was able to try as a F2P first. I would contribute more to assist with game development if this was an option as I think the game is quite promising.


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1. I was looking for a free or cheap MMORPG and as a Mac user the choice is (or was) a bit limited. I found Ryzom on the Apple Store just 5 weeks after release for Mac
2. I have played Elite, Marathon, Call of Duty, Halo, Warcraft (before it went online), Age of Empires, Gunfighter online
3. Mac OSX Yosemite
4. Subscribed as soon as I could - this game deserves to survive and to do that it needs subscribers


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1. How did you come to know about Ryzom?

Advertisement in a pc gaming journal (german PCGames) when open beta started in 2004. They also provided a beta CD. I didn't install it back then but joined January 2005.

2. Have you played any graphics intensives games before?

Yes, like other roleplaying games for PC.

3. Which OS you use for Ryzom.

Windows 7

4. F2P or P2P?[/quote]

P2P since my two weeks of free trial ended in February 2005. :)


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1.) I looked up in MMORPG.com list for alternative to GuildWars ... found it 2006 :)

2.) GuildWars 1 and many offline RPGs

3.) Windows 7

4.) actually P2P with all accounts
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