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Luminatrix was sitting by a campfire with her friends from the Arid Matis tribe in Hidden Source one evening. The night sky was clear, it was warm and lovely.

Gicha Varinia, the tribe chief asked her. 'So, our friend, do you know any legends from the Tryker lands? We have heard many from the homins who travel through here but we are always glad to hear more.'

Luminatrix smiled. 'Yes, there is a legend I know of that isn't very well known.'

Gicha smiled. 'Do tell'

Lumi looked into the flames of the fire and started telling the story.

'This one is a legend Tryker hunter told me once. The name is The Miracle at Resting water.

Many years ago a young homin from the village of Windermeer decided to go exploring the area
called Resting Water. He knew it was very dangerous but he was very sure he could fight off any
predators or bandits. He swam through the calm water, hearing only the wind playing in the trees
and the singing of ybers. He climbed out of the water and sat on a beach, watching the rocks all
around. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the warmth of the shining sun and after a while he fell

He was woken up by the terrible sound of a pack of zerx. He jumped up and the beasts noticed him.
He would have handled one, maybe two of them but there were at least five and they were all
around so running was not an option either.. Being a devoted followed of the goddess Jena, he fell
to his knees and prayed desperately to her, begging her to save him. But Jena didn't hear him. The
animals were approaching him and it was clear to the young homin that it would be his end.
Not knowing what else to do, he started praying to Ma-Duk, the god who was said to be a demon.
“Oh great Ma-Duk, Giver of Life, I know I haven't worshipped you but please, save my life.”
Suddenly there was a loud rumbling sound and one of the rock walls contorted into the shape of a
great angry face. From its mouth came a wave of water right at where the young man was standing.

When he opened his eyes, one of the creatures called Kami stood over him. “Stand up, young
homin. Don't worry, you are safe now,” it said. “What happened?” asked the homin. “The great
Ma-Duk heard your prayers and summoned a wave that washed you away from the zerx beasts and
took you here, to our outpost, where you are safe.”

When the homin went to look at the rock wall, it was only a smooth grey rock again. He returned
home and came back with a chisel. As a sign of his gratitude he sculpted a giant face into the rock,
to remind all homins that Ma-Duk is watching over them. He also converted and became a priest of
Ma-Duk and he told his story to everyone who dared tell him Ma-Duk was a demon.'

The tribe chief smiled. 'That's a lovely legend.'

Luminatrix was curious. She was sure there were many legends in the Matis lands she had never heard of.

'Of course, let me tell you one. It is called The Princess for a Thousand Dappers

The whole Matis kingdom was mourning its princess. One day she went on a hunt with two royal
hunters and none of them ever came back. The king, her father, was grieving most of all. But he
refused to believe that he would never see his precious daughter again. Therefore he announced that
whoever would bring his daughter back to him, would be awarded a knigthood. At those times,being a Matis knight meant being very respected and als o getting a nice lucrative salary from the
royal treasury. Who wouldn't want such a thing?

A Zorai scholar, a Fyros warrior and a Tryker merchant were travelling together across the kingdom
of Matis when they heard of this. „Friends, that would such a great thing if we could find the
princess. Imagine, a knighthood! We would never have to work again in our lives!“ said the Tryker.
„Yes indeed,“ said the Fyros. „But how do you intend to find her?“ The Zorai came up with an idea.
„Maybe we could find a girl that looks similar to the princess, teach her how to talk and behave
properly and then tell everyone it's her!“ They all agreed it was a good idea.

One day in an inn, they met a slave trader. At those times slaves were a common thing. Almost
every family who could afford it had at least one slave working for them. The trader had a group of
slaves with him, they slept at the stables with the horses. The three friends saw a slave girl who
resembled the lost princess strikingly. „My friend, how much would you ask for that girl there?“
The trader frowned. „Her? She's pretty indeed but stubborn and useless for work. I'd give you a very
nice price. A thousand dappers!“ They agreed and bought her.

When they made her bathe and dressed her in clean clothes, she was very beautiful. They decided it
was going to be their „princess“. On their way to the capital city, they taught her the proper courtly
ways that they thought every princess should know.

When they arrived at the palace and told the guards they were bringing back the princess, the king
met them hurriedly. He was convinced it was indeed his daughter. The plan was working! „My dear
gentlemen, I cannot thank you enough. Tomorrow we shall have a ceremony and there I should
knight all three of you!“

The next day there was indeed a ceremony, many nobles attended it and welcomed back their
princess. There was a feast as well and the three friends were happy.

When they were to be knighted however, the king had a solemn expression on his face. „My
daughter has told me what had happened. Her hunters were killed and she was kidnapped by
bandits, who were however killed by the slavers. You bought her as a slave and planned to cheat
me, telling me it was my daughter, because she looked like her! For that I would happily have your
heads. But you shall know I'm not ungrateful to you for finding her and bringing her home safe. You
shall keep your heads on your shoulders. And I shall give you back the money you paid for her.“
The king indeed tossed a pouch of money to them. The three snatched it and hurriedly left the
palace. They were never seen in the kingdom again.'

It was getting very late, so Luminatrix went to sleep. She liked the legend very much and was determined to find more legends like this from people all over Atys.



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So good Lumi :)
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