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A little curiosity, what macros do people use?

To get things started, I'll list mine. Feel free to add yours :)

1. Digging your own nodes.

In its simplest form, this macro targets an entity (e.g. Raw Material Source [Mjollren]), and it runs the dig action; this implies you are on the correct action bar, of course. If you switch around to heal someone, you must then return to your "dig" bar.

It can be made to cover variations of the Knowledge stanza, for instance ten lines for the ten material types shown by Knowledge 1.

2. Careplanning.

Mostly used when you're just starting out, if you're careplanning for someone you might as well automate it. Target [PlayerName], target current target's target, run the careplan action. Now you can watch tv and earn xp.

3. /who

It literally goes into chat mode and says "/who" quickly.

This implies you have your Sys Info tab detached and visible at all times. If zero people are in region, the odds of getting a quick rez are lower; tread carefully.

4. /follow

Same deal with /who. You will follow the entity you're currently targeting. Highly useful if you must keep moving, but need to switch your attention to something else for a bit. Beats auto-running.

5. Assist

Comprised of steps 1 and 2 of the careplan macro. Mostly useful in a group where all healers and/or damage-doers must switch targets frequently.

6. Kitin Patrol

Useful if you go into regions where kitin patrols roam. Attempts to target four entities in a row - Great, Gruesome, Killer and Lacerating Kirosta. If all four types come up in Sys Info as found, you might be looking at a patrol.

Obviously this has some shortcomings, due to how the targeting system works (closest entity).

7. Nameds, bosses

The list is long, and you would need several macros to list them all.

If anything, a list of aggro nameds is useful. Seeing Staro or Fylish approach the Outback Ramp means you need to stop, let them pass, then attempt to go up or down the ramp.

Casually checking for bosses as you stroll around Atys doesn't need to be explained :)


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heck.. where to start?

• dig macro.. of course! beginning gentle, cp a little then all harmful to finish. this is essentially 3 macros and using a simple combination ensures i very rarely run out of focus.

• boss search macro.. again, this is another necessity even though i am atys's worst scout.
• many, many chat macros... anything from threatening to rip a face off to dancing like a cheap stripper.
• target and attack macro... useful when combined with a 'target current target's target' macro. 
• kp target combined with a /who.

i also have my key bindings set like a piano... very few key combinations are missed out. minimal use of mouse or, in my case, trackpad. speaking of trackpad, i have it set quite responsive so a three-finger swipe will rotate the camera around 360 degrees.


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Just to add a more detailed KP as I have never looked in sys info to check for it.
  • Say: Talk to anybody: /em starts scanning around for a Kitin Patrol.
  • Target an entity: greusome kiro
  • Say: Talk to anybody: /em spots $t$
  • No Target
  • Target an entity: killer kiro
  • Say: Talk to anybody: /em spots $t$
  • No Target

Can't be bothered to type out the rest so hope you get the picture :) Finish with great kiro and don't untarget so you can know where the 'leader' of the KP is. This will essentially post each Kirosta that is present in around chat. Chances are if they are all there there is a KP and hopefully the great kiro you are targetting at the end is where the KP is :)



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I have the dig & careplan ones mentioned, plus prospecting & dig popped-by-teammate-#1 (currently all prospect & dig options are by ecosystem)

Assist, Follow, AFK (sit & /afk)

I have 2 macros for my current hunting (Preferred victim & fallback).

The /who macro mentioned.

Taunt, "Speeding Up", Heal Current Target HP/Sap/Stam, Heal Teammates 1-8 HP/Sap/Stam (yes, 24 of them), initiate melee attack, initiate ranged attack, cast nuke #1 twice (since hitting that twice doesn't put it on auto-repeat),

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I combined my KP macro (that looks for all four) with my "start digging nearest Raw Material Source with my name on it" macro just to save hassles in PR. Like Mjollren, I had to edit it a little since there were times where someone else would be digging 50-100m away and it'd run to their spots instead of mine for some reason. Since I generally use Material Specializations on my prospecting, I use the simplest form,and to save time, I actually have an icon for it on my dig bars, so I can execute it by just pressing 1. 

My alt and I have one that targets the other and follows her; handy for the "rez and run" as otherwise it'd take me long enough to figure out which way to run that I'd get eaten again.

The Boss macro is a natural, as is "Assist target and execute shortcut 5", which may be a careplan, nuke, or heal depending on which action bar I'm using.

I have one that invites a list of people I normally team with just one keystroke.

I have a few other ones I rarely use, but those are my main ones.


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I don't know how assist works :/ Time to learn new macro :D
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