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Since a few days Megacorp is behaving in a weird manner. Chat lines are getting reordered after having been displayed ... and the reordering is wrong.

Example 1:

Arfur was saying he doesn't know which altar in Maiden Grove is neutral, with the other two persons answering. Somehow his line was placed last.

Exampled 2:

Last two lines should be in reverse.

I have seen this behaviour on two computers, so I'm ruling out defects on a particular machine. Any input is welcome :)

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If you look at the second example, it's clear. The "official " time of the post from Mjollren is 1701. I suspect that there is an initial delivery (somehow) and then the server re-orders the posts by the "actual" receipt time. I suspect that the actual gap between the posts of Zehrix and Mjollren is more like 500msec.


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I had the same issue. My line stays at bottom and replies from others appear above it. Maybe there's 5sec cap between Ryzom and Megacorp clcks. This didn't happen to me until yesterday.

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Bittty -

Good observation, but this does not change the fact that Megacorp used to order lines perfectly until 1-2 days ago. Something is broken, either due to human error or due to changes made server-side.


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Two weeks later, the problem is still there ...


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I have the same issue. I noticed on Android that the time-stamp of my sent messages is 2 minutes in the future of the phone's clock.


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This happens to me mostly when I'm posting from my phone using the Ryzom Portal (which I do a lot). I haven't noticed it happening when I'm posting from a browser.
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I have the same issue. I noticed on Android that the time-stamp of my sent messages is 2 minutes in the future of the phone's clock.

I think it must be that posts from a phone are given a timestamp 2 mins in the future (but they appear immediately). Then when the replies come in, these have a normal timestamp and so appear before the first statement.

A more extreme example occurred last year, when I posted from my phone on 3G, not WiFi as normal. My post appeared 2 hours later !!!

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i use megacorp from firefox on a PC and still also have the problem, i believe that marceline use's the default mac browser (no idea it's name because i don't have a mac) and he also suffers the problem. i believe that bones has the same issue and he's on linux using firefox (i think). so clearly it's a pretty common issue regardless of browser or OS.


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Everyone in guild has this - response to chats come before whatever is said on megacorp - can live with it - just have to do mix n match if we are talking about more than one thing at once


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I've got this issue as well on my computer when I log in ( I use Chrome) and when I log on my phone as well. Can get quite confusing... xD



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