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Luminatrix was sitting on a hill, resting after a day's hard work. Many thoughts were racing through her head. Lately there have been more and more arguments in the Kami comunity. Rules were getting stricter and stricter, the leash on her neck was so tight it was choking her.

Of course, she knew the Revelations of Ma-Duk by heart, as every Kami disciple should. But they were far from what many of her fellow Kami were like. Of course, there were the nice, kind ones. And then there were the greedy and hateful people. She didn't know what to make of it and she was getting sick and tired.

That day, something she could never have expected happened. She quickly took a quill and scrolls and wrote everything down as she remembered it:


Luminatrix set up her Bodoc skin tent, put enough firewood into the campfire to keep it burning all night and decided it was time to try and get some rest. It had been a long day and the days that would follow would most probably be no better. She got down on her knees for a prayer but then decided against it. If what she had witnessed in the past months was the true face of her religion, she didn't want to be a part of it. She curled up into a comfortable position inside her tent and drifted off to sleep.


Suddenly she jolted awake with a strange feeling of being watched. She made sure there was nobody in the surrounding area before she set up her tent. Suspicious, she gripped the handle of her axe tightly and peeked out. There was a man sitting close to the campfire, watching the flames. He was dressed in white light armor, every piece of a different race and seemed unarmed. The odd thing about him was his face. He did not look like any men of the races Luminatrix had ever seen in her life. At the same time, he seemed to have a bit of every Atysian race in him. He had the tall, strong stature of a seasoned warrior but his face was kind with gentle eyes. Ready to strike if he showed any signs of hostility, Luminatrix stepped out of the tent. “Who are you,” she asked, her voice sounding weaker and younger than she would have liked. He turned to her and smiled. “Do not worry, child. I do not come here to fight. I merely wish to talk.” His voice was soft and pleasant and strangely melodic. Also, he seemed to have some kind of aura emanating from him. Calmness and happiness. Luminatrix remembered some old scriptures she had read once in one of the Kami temples. It said Ma-Duk had an aura like that. But that was impossible, wasn't it? “That's right, child.” Her eyes widened. She had heard about god revealing themselves to homins before but never would have thought a god would choose her. Many Kami called her a traitor and a heretic. She was on the verge of losing her faith. Why would Ma-Duk want to talk to someone like that instead of one of his loyal followers, those who claimed all who did not worship him ought to be put to the sword?

“You are having doubts, child. And you are losing your faith as well.” She sneered. “I guess I've just had bad experience with religion.” He nodded. “I know. You have been through a lot, even though you are so young. And yet, despite all that, your heart has stayed strong, true and open. That is why I chose to visit you. Many of those “true believers” have closed their hearts to me and I can not talk to them even if I wanted to.” She studied his face for a while, then replied. “I am sure many would disagree with you.”
He smiled again. “And what do you think about it?”

She sat down by the campfire and stared into the fire. “I think many of them are as far from true Kami as they can get. They don't even know what being Kami means, what it should mean. The Path of Enlightenment isn't about hatred or greed as far as I know. It is about loving Atys and caring for it, being loyal and generous. And all many of them care about is power and valuable resources. There are many good Kami, of course, but there are many bad ones, too. And they have these rules...rules that make no sense. Rules that forbid trading with other factions and being friendly with Karavaneers or Marauders is unthinkable for them. They act as if they were not homins who simply feel differently about religion, but monsters almost worse than the Kitin. Instead of uniting with the others to fight for greater good, they fight each other like rabid dogs. And they say it was you who told them to be this way...” She watched his face sadden.

“I have created you, child. I am your father, I have given you life and I love you all unconditionally, no matter if you pray to me or not. And how could a father do this? How could a father take away your freedom and push you until you hate him? I have never done such a thing, I have never written any holy books or teachings, it is all the doing of the homins who call themselves my followers. Many of them are wise sages but what they put in their teachings is their personal feelings, opinions and experiences. And while everyone should listen to them and learn, you should also make your own decisions and opinions and not just blindly follow them. Do you know what the word Kami means, child? It comes from the language of the Kami guardians, my first children, the ones who watch over you and guard Atys, the ones who have taught you magic. And it means people. Those who follow the false prophets and leaders with hearts filled with greed behave not like people but like a herd of mindless beasts. Their hearts are closed off to me and I can not speak to them like I can speak to you and those who are willing to let me in. But even they can still be saved, child. Be kind to them, generous and gentle and one day their eyes will open and they will see the right way. The Path is a path to wisdom, happiness and peace of mind. Many forget there even is such a thing as Enlightenment and instead they pursue only riches and glory and power. And that, my child, saddens me greatly.”

Luminatrix's heart sank. ,We are making our Father unhappy with our actions,' she thought.


“But how would we know what is right and what is wrong if we had no rules at all?”

Sparkles appeared in the god's eyes. “Every creature of Atys has a piece of my heart in their own. Your heart will always tell you what it right and what is not. If it makes you unhappy, then it obviously was wrong but if it brings you joy, you have done something right. Some find happiness in hunting dangerous creatures, some in helping others. You must know how to listen to your heart's voice, that is all you need. Of course, those who choose not to listen are the ones who are shallow and hateful.”

Silence fell upon them as Luminatrix thought about what she had just heard. “You said you don't need us to pray to you...but how should we show you our love and devotion then?”

The smile returned to Ma-Duk's lips. “As I said, a piece of my heart is in the heart of every homin. So when you love each other, you love me as well. If you choose to pray, you can of course. But it's not necessary. Nor is spreading your faith, be it by preaching or warfare.”


“You say we are all your children. But Karavaneers have a very different story and they worship a goddess named Jena? Who is she then?”

“Jena was a real woman once. She was a daughter of a nobleman who became a devout Kami priestess. She was kind, selfless and generous and helped everyone she could. That caused her to develop quite a following. She was loved by many but hated by many as well because she refused to obey the foolish laws and helped everybody, even those who were not considered ,true Kami'. She was accused of heresy and executed by a fanatic sect leader. Many years after that the strange beings you know as Karavan came to Atys. They saw how strict the rules of being Kami had become. They made me seem a strict father with no mercy in his heart. So the Karavan figured it would be best to create a kind, loving and forgiving goddess Mother. They had learned about Jena and she seemed a good candidate. As it was many years after her death, many legends were told all across the realm. It did not take much to make homins believe that she was a goddess.”

“So they used her?”

“Indeed they did. And that, of course, made Kami who worshipped me very angry and the war between factions started. It has raged ever since, but you have witnessed that for yourself, haven't you? There is nothing wrong with worshipping Jena. Although not a goddess, she was a great woman and many homins could learn a lot about generosity and selflessness from her if she still lived.”

Having learned the truth, Luminatrix knew why there was so much hatred between the Kami and the Karavan now.


“How do I walk the Path of Enlightenment and help others walk it as well then?”

“You must listen to your heart's guiding voice and do what you feel is right. Listen to what other homins have to say, no matter how old and experienced they are. You can learn many things from others. Do not be blinded like the others and always think about your future actions. Do not let your heart rot away with greed, bloodlust or thirst for power. Enjoy the pleasures of life but accept the pain when it comes to you. Do not hate anyone just because they worship a different deity or because they belong to a different race. When you fight, fight for what you believe is right, help the good by supporting them and the bad by showing them the right way. Explore and never assume you know everything and can't learn more for that would be a foolish notion. That, my child, is the path to Enlightenment, the path to wisdom, peace, happiness and peace of mind.”
The god stood up. “I must go now. Do not forget what I have told you tonight, child.”

“But what if I need to speak to you again?”

“Remember, I am in your heart. So all you need to do is listen to what your heart says.”

Ma-Duk smiled. He reached out his hand to her and touched her forehead lightly. She could feel a strange burning sensation where his fingers made contact with her skin.

“Goodbye, my child. Be safe.” With that, he vanished.

Luminatrix opened her eyes. Was it all just a dream? She could feel the mark on her forehead though. It didn't burn anymore, it was only warm. She touched the spot but there was nothing but her skin. When she looked at her reflection in a puddle of water outside, there was nothing. But she was sure it was there, she could feel it.

And she would never forget.



Explorer, storyteller, universalist, fighter for freedom and equality.

"Without contraries, there is no progression" - William Blake

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Very nice Lumi. Cant wait to see the rest of the story unfold :D

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