Are invitaions to see an apartment a good idea?
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Just found out about this.. this is the 3rd time I have played, always in the past as a f2p (hope to sub this toon).

After reading the first post, it seems you are starting with apartments. Is there a way to set something up whereby you can invite someone to your apartment? That would provide a way of showing off your decorations...

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You can invite people :) When you enter the app there is an invite option on the bar that appears.



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No, you don't start with an apartment, you have to buy one.

The RyzHome app comes preinstalled for all players and you can "pre-order" decorations, but of course you must buy and enter your apartment before you can use them.


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The invitation opportunity is in my opinion the only reason for an f2p to buy an apartment at all. You may start meetings with friends, show your trophies, do RP, all that.

F2p do not have storage in apartments. But apartments may provide nice opportunities to communicate.


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Agree Daomei


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