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Taliari’s Assembly – FH on 18h - Quarta, Nivia 4, 4th AC 2603 (2019/06/25)

Under chairmanship of the Governor Ailan Mac’Kean


Bai Nhori Drakani
La Tribu Talodi
Les Larmes
Jyrvie (Rangers’ Observer)
Sword of Shockwave
Bauz (Membre de UFA)
The Free Soul
Guildless citizens
Fleur de Tuber
Nilstilar (Matis Ambassador)
Les Légions Fyros
Naveruss (Fyros Ambassador)
Guildless non citizens homins
Sun-Zhia (Zorai Ambassador)

Organisation of the Taliari’s assemblies

Appointement of the clerk

Kyriann is appointed.

Appointement of Taliar or Deputy Taliar

No appointement required

Internal affairs

The little ones’ Market

The first edition took place during Floris, AC3, 2603. The feedback are good and the collective has decided to repeat the Market, once a jena year, during the 3rd AC. The next one will be in 2604, probably at the end of the 3rd AC. (*)
A course on the criteria for choosing the right equipment will be held before the Market itself. The expert for the next Market has yet to be appointed.
The rules for sellers will be strengthened, in particular on compliance with price ranges.

Training sessions for FUA members

In the absence of Nair Luna'Kan, commander of the FUA, Kyriann explains the project.
The aim is to strengthen the FUA by creating a group dynamic within the Trykeri. To do this, we would start with joint hunts restricted to Trykeri. Subsequently, specific sessions more focused on the fight against homins could be carried out for FUA members.
Beginning of joint hunting: 3rd AC 2604. (**)

A request from Marauders

Nair Eolinius tells the story of what happened to the rescue team looking for Liosta Be'Zephy.
One of the marauders' requirements was for Trykeri involvement in the defence of OP.
On behalf of the Nhori Drakani, in thanks for Liosta's safe return, Nair Kyriann agrees not to participate in any OP wars against the Marauders during the years 2603 and 2604.
As the Taliari from the other guilds had to leave, no joint answer can be given.
This question leads to a rather heated discussion between Nair Fleur de Tuber and the Fyros Legions, whose interference in purely internal affairs is regretted by Nair Fleur de Tuber.
Nair Ashgan points out that the Marauders won a round by setting up the discord.
Nair Governor asks that those present meditate on the meaning of Tryka and its limits so as not to crack the cohesion between Trykeri and between Nations.

External affairs

Nair Eolinius is appointed Federal Ambassador to the Theocracy to replace Nair Kyriann.

Matis kingdom

The Kingdom is quiet. Ambassador Fleur de Tuber was able to acquire a former guild hall as an embassy.

Fyros empire

Ambassador Naveruss has nothing new to report.

Zoraï theocracy

The new Ambassador Rin Sun-Zhia is welcomed as she should be. She introduces her sister Rin Ro-Zhia who will assist her as secretary.
The Governor clarifies that there is no specific location for embassies in FH.
The last Circle Assembly appointed Nair Siela to conduct research on the Goo weapons and Nair Chen Lai'Suki to conduct research on the Wui Yu-Ruz identity thief.


Observer Jyrvie reports the resignation of their instructor Wuaoi Yai-Zhio and his replacement by Apocamus Dradius.

Round at the bar offered by the Tryker Federation


[OOC]* Mid-August 2019.
** During August 2019.[/OOC]


Kyriann Ba'Zephy Rie
Cheffe de la guilde Bai Nhori Drakani
Mère de famille

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Multilingual | Français | [English]

Agenda of the Taliari’s Assembly of 22h - Prima, Mystia 13, 4th AC 2605

1 Organisation of the Taliari’s assemblies

  • Appointement of the clerk for the current assembly
  • Possible appointement of Taliar or Deputy Taliar
    • A new Crya « Chevaucheurs de Cataracte »
  • Possible appointment of Talalochi or Deputy Talalochi

2 Internal affairs

  • Integration of repentant marauders
  • Report of previous editions of FH Market and planification of the next one
  • Training sessions with FAU
  • Kami-blast happening in Loria

3 External affairs

  • Appointment of ambassador vacancies
  • Atysian news : Speechs of the Ambassadors
    • Matis kingdom
    • Fyros empire
    • Zoraï theocracy
    • Rangers

4 Round at the bar offered by the Tryker Federation to the participants at the Assembly.

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