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We are one of the oldest Guilds of Arispotle, a mature group of players that is enjoying the life in Atys with freedom and fair play, some of us are in Atys since the beginning.

We are an international Guild, Matis and Karavan aligned, mostly European based.

Freedom and fair play is the key.

* Leader:

* High Officers:
Aiwass, Anders, Callysto, Clavayn, Gilgameesh, Glukator, Hans, Jehlia, Yarel

Legion of Atys Ambassador Officer at Silan: Tamys

Our motto is: Do it, even if it's impossible!

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Silvae Custodes

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Update on Legion of Atys in New Ryzom era.

We are still Karavan, Matis and international, guild language is English.

Leader: Sharonie
High Officers:

We are recruiting and if you would like more information about our guild, feel welcome to PM me or any of the other guildies.

We do PvP but it is not main goal


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hopefully you get this message. The legions seems like a good place for me to get a good foothold onto the basics of Atys and maby advanced my way through the world. I like the "its not impossible" attitude and wish to be apart of it. PS Where is the Guild based (which of the four main cities)
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