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Dear players;

Following a Ryzhome bug, that has since been fixed, part of the gifts from the Atysmas 2013 events did not get to those who should have received them.

The Development Team, collaborating with the Event Team, who managed those events, was faced with the fact that this bug made it impossible to retrieve the list of the participants in the events and the gifts that should have been received. The only known data was the list of the objects that were given and the list of the players who had won at least one object through those events.

The decision of both teams is that any player who won at least one object through the Atysmas 2013 events will automatically receive all the objects. This solution, although not an ideal one, seems to be the fairest way to deal with the problem. Soon, all the players concerned will receive the remainder of the items given last Atysmas even if they did not participate in all the events.

The Ryzom Team

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Hu huu Tamarea:)

Eine frage zu den alten event preisen vor dem merge, Wird es die alten gegenstände die man aus alten events ( Vor merge ) mal bekommen hatte wieder geben oder muss man sich alles wieder neu erarbeiten bei anderen Event s ?
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