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Hi everybody, my name is willyu and new menber, just say hello to everyone.

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Heya, and welcome to Atys :)



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Hi Willyu! Welcome to Ryzom :D

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Hello Willyu! I am a pretty new player too. Welcome!

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Hiya~ and welcome!!


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Hey hey, welcome.
Have Fun.


Sygmus Talao-Fyr

Zoraï Ambassador to the Fyros Empire
Celestaï Mik'ito
Kitin College Representative

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Hey, and welcome!

Remember, if you can;t have fun, take Lilz's :)


Everone has an opinion, and of course are entitled to have one, but others are equally entitled to decide whether they choose to agree or disagree. Acting like a complete Muppet isn't likely going to change minds or win support :)

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And i shall take your life.

Bubbason (atys)
Hey, and welcome!

Remember, if you can;t have fun, take Lilz's :)


"We won our freedom and will not fold to any homin laws of the New Lands. The only law we recognize is ours." ---Hail Melkiar the Black Varinx---

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Lordoy Nair'Willyu,

Welcome and have a nice trip...

...on Atys ....



Y syln Ubhal / Je suis Pomme
Y Teinh'Lir Zir Tor TRYKA!!! / Je combattrai toujours pour La Liberté!!!
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