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Deles Silam!

I, Zaero Stachini, Royal Anthropologist, wish to speak with Nobles and concerned Subjects on Holeth, Pluvia 6, 4th AC 2550 (JY) at 0h * at the Royal Conservatory regarding the recent increase of the Gibbaï population in the Verdant Heights. Any freelancers wishing to share their expertise or volunteer their time are welcome to attend.

Zaero Stachini
Royal Anthropologist

[*Part 1] Saturday 22 May @ 20:00
[**Part 2] Sunday 23 May @ 19:00

#2 [en] 

Copies of documents obtained during search:

1. Torn Note
...very important that you have on hand the potion to weaken the goo mounds. It cannot be stressed enough that if the mounds are not kept under control they will seep their way through the bark and...

2. Experiment Conclusion
It was observed that prolonged exposure to modified goo would change the beings in such a way as to permanently increase their constitution and metabolism. The goo radiation takes longer to effect the larger of the beings. There is a limit as to the increased growth rates and each being would go through at least 2 additional phases. Note that only the larger beings would mutate a third or fourth time to become "superior" and that further experimentation is needed to conclude how this occurs as not all of the largest beings would mutate 3rd time or 4th.

3. Smudged Journal Page
By utilizing our contacts fro ... the Darkening Sap welcomed us with open arms. They were extremely excited to learn of results of the initial goo-see ... riments and were eager to place goo-seedlings and to obser ... baï for themselves. We were told to not to discuss our knowledge about the fin ... s they cannot be fully tru... the Matis. Tomorrow a few of us set off to scout the remainder of the Verdant Heights. It is the hope of our lead... ingdom under our control. I look forwa ...

4. Letter to a Loved One
My Dearest Love,

I am afraid we have made a mistake by joining in the research with the group from the Old Lands. When we were approached with the information they showed us, we could not help but to be excited. I fear that our quest for knowledge and utilization of the goo has allowed us to be taken advantage of. Though we have requested that the experiments be stopped and refuse to participate any longer, the Marauders will hear nothing of it...

I do not think that I will be returning...
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