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On 8h - Tria, Thermis 15, 1st AC 2579 ((6 years ago)) I stood in Zora's town hall before Fuan Shu-Quan. "Fuan, I have renounced my position within the Wandering Hermits of Onaru." Magistrate Wu-Seng stiffened slightly as I said this; which was not unexpected. "As a Hermit, I was forced to watch as Atys rolled by and there was little I could do to help and continue to hold the vows I made as a Hermit. Fuan, I wish to register the Order of the White Lotus with the Theocracy."

"Anzhanto Zhuangi, you remain an Initiate?"


"And a disciple of the Kami?"

"Yes. I stand as a Guardian of the Theocracy and am Blessed by Ma-Duk."

Fuan looked to Magistrate Wu-Seng, who nodded, and said, "Then as the guild clerk of Zora and with the approval of the Dynastic Magistrate, I officially register the Order of the White Lotus, bound to the Theocracy and to the path of the Kami."

As Fuan pronounced these words, I felt a familiar shift within me binding me to the Order of the White Lotus and binding the Order to the Theocracy and the Kami.

With a smile on my face, I bowed deeply and said, "Ochi kami no."

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Do your scribbles actually mean anything?

Tadhg looks over at the balding Fyros, who just smiles and waves, and then back to the Zoraï sitting nearby who shrugs his shoulders. Tadhg turns his attention again to the tattered parchment, carefully writes "Lorick" in his best Fyros script next to a scribbled mark and then finishes with a flourish of Tryker, "Tadhg."

I'll hang them on the stable wall in each capital and be back before nightfall.

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