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*Pappasmurf gently sneaks in to see if some oldies are still alive*

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Depends on how "old" is old. Come on back in, the water's fine (at least in Aeden Aqueous - I can't vouch for Desert or Witherings).

EDIT: Is not old-timer.

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(*) This statement is contested, but we are certainly the longest lasting.
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I remember a Pappasmurf but dimly, as I do with most things ^^

Server? Era? Guild?




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Lets see if i can't refresh my own memory aswell.

Arispotle - 2004-2007 ish
hmm guilds.. uhm..
Was in darkmoon rangers in the start if my memory isn't tricking me
(i think I'm missing one guild here)
Then I've been in Darmina┬┤s guild which i can't remember what was called (before they made nexus)
Then I've been in neXus

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As I said in /uni the other night, for me, Cho initially, in Melinoe (where the devs stashed us in beta), and then Pegasus Foundation, the one where everyone got a beautiful set of white Matis HA after they passed their probation period in the guild. I left some time in early 2006 bc the hubby wanted to play WoW *sigh*. This was a mistake on my part :p

Cho merged with Arispotle some time in 2006 I think.

I played again 2008-9, right after the servers came back up (remember, they were all down for a while), in Order of the Dragonblades with Guild Leader Liloo. That was also a kara guild.

Then I came back again after the most recent merge as kami (because I hadn't done that before), starting out in Fluffy Bunnies and then heading straight into the Asylum ^^


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Ah, thats better, *brushes dust off Pappasmurf *
Lets see if we can't get this char up to date again :-)


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Welcome back Blue man (well, since smurfs are blue...purple?), whoever you are :)

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Dimly remember the name from the forums. Yes there are some of us 'pioneers' (less of the old buster!), still here. Welcome back :o)


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