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( OOC : translation of this topic : Une lettre urgente )

The Duc Rodi di Varello was clear enough : "there was ermergency", the thing must go on rapidly. And for this he gaves permission to Erminantus for contacting trykers authorities.

Erminantius took is pen and started to write.

To the governor of tryker nation, Ser Ailan Mac'Kean,

Matis rulers, from the hand of Duc Rodi di Varello, gave me autorisation to write to you in order to ask you if you may received us as soon as possible. Indeed we have the will to inform you about a important subject for all homins, and propose you to bring your contribution.
Emergency is hight, we wish to meet you, you and your national representatives, before your next ordinary national meeting.
The matis ambassy will consit of serae Zendae, Ser Salazar and myself.

Matis noble
Leader of the Gardiens du Savoir house

PS : I hope you won't be offensed by this urgent request, neither by the fault I may have committed toward tryker etiquette.

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( more translation, from rumor of atys )

Ailan Mac'Kean couldn't believe it. She pointed the letter with her finger while talking to her scribe.

"Dussy, there is no doubt, it's really a matis that wrote this mail ! I believe he will be surprised to discover our habits...
- Oy, there are chances !
- I don't know what they want to talk about but it seems serious...
- Oy governor, but on the other hand, they always look so serious..."

Ailan sketched a smile : "We will see...

Dussy O'Wirrell smiled and armed himself of his pen, ready to write...

A short hour later, a tryker messenger, out of breath having runned across the three matis cities, sometimes looking for the hall of "Gardiens du savoir", sometimes avoiding a matis staring weirdly at him, slipped triumphantly a sealed missive under the door, despites loud protests of the keeper.

"Lordoy Nair-Erminantius,

It's with pleasure that I accept to summon the Taliari for a extraordinary assembly, wheras they don't need my permission for that. I propose you to meet each other at Frogmore place of Fairhaven the 9h - Quinteth, Pluvia 29, 3e CA 2578 (*)

As want our custom, we will share on that occasion a gift, in the pure respect of our sharing worth, "Sella".
However, as our assemblies are openned to everyone, I wish not to see your delegation limited to three people but on the opposite that you come numbered to enjoy our hospitality.

Tor Lochi,
Ailan Mac'Kean, governor of Naw Trykoth

Not long after a anoucement was placarded on the display boards of the three tryker cities :

Nair-Taliari, Nair-Trykers,

A extraordinary assembly of the Taliari will settle on the 9h - Quinteth, Pluvia 29, 3e CA 2578 (*).
The purpose will be one : welcoming of a delegation from matis kingdom and listening to their urgent request.
On that occasion, we will share with them our famous local beer, in the respect of our Sella worth.

Tor Lochi,
Ailan Mac'Kean, Governor de Naw Trykoth

(*) [OOC] Tuesday 17 Juin 21:00:00 CEST (in 5 days)

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Meeting in an extraordinary assembly, the Trykers welcomed a Matis delegation at Frogmore Place, Fairhaven.
After the customary introductions and gift exchanges, two Matis Nobles explained the reason behind their visit: a Kitin Study Group has been established in the Kingdom, with the study of the kitin threat as purpose, in order to better know it and then better fight it. The first stage will be the capture of a kitin of the depths, which will require the use of a big and very strong net. The matis came therefore to ask the Trykers, as water and water-related work experts, to craft a special fishing net to capture a kitin.
The Trykers, at first reluctant, eventually agreed when the Matis opened the doors of their Study Group to them.
The decision was made to visit the Silt Sculptors, the greatest tryker craftsmen tribe, to explain the request to them.
Arriving at the camp of the Silt Sculptors, the joint officials from the Federation and the Kingdom talked to Be'Riplan Kedgy, the supplier, who sent them to Mac'Cautty Jichy, the overseer. Who will design the net, and conduct tests with considered materials.
Thus, it has been asked that Dzao fiber, spider webs and giant thorns are gathered for this cause.(*)
The Silt Sculptors will await for the Federation and Kingdom officials on the 19h - Prima, Germinally 1, 3rd AC 2578 (**)
[i] [OOC]
(*) The mission materials (spider webs, giant thorns) must be given to the tribe before the next meeting (see **) by the means of missions proposed by the Tribe  Welcomer, the Karavan Ambassador and the Prospector.
A character from the Event Team, able to receive the Dzao fiber, will be regularly available in the camp of the Silt Sculptors tribe until the next meeting (see **).

(**) Next meeting : Thursday, 19 June 2014 20:00:00 UTC (7 years ago) [/OOC] at the Silt Sculptors tribe camp.

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