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Yes, it is about a well in the Great Outback. But material was already gathered and the well is now finished. Translation for the last post:
Esteemed Akenos,
it is done, the first barrels of water are produced.
To plan how to proceed further, I ask for a small audience in Dyron.
10h - Dua, Medis 14, 3. AZ 2581
(Monday January 12, 8:30pm UTC+1)

Ulyton Meros
Imperial geologist of Dyron

Naema (atys)
This is the first i have heard of this event. Could a proper translation and/or explanation be given of what it is about?
~Thank you :)

In the start post Zhoi noted that this is a town twinning project between Hoi-Cho and Dyron and that it's therefore not necessary to inform homins of other dialects. That's probably why you didn't hear about this.

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OOC: this project has now been opened to all homins (international)!
Please check the opening post for news :)

The next steps will be three transport-missions. Everyone who's interested is invited to come along :)
Main language will still probably be German, however volunteers will certainly help out with translations.

OOC: dieses Projekt steht jetzt allen Homins offen!
Bitte beachtet den Eröffnungspost für die neuesten Entwicklungen :)

Der nächste Schritt werden drei Transport-Missionen sein. Alle, die interessiert sind, sind herzlich eingeladen, dabei mitzumachen :)
Die Hauptsprache wird noch immer höchstvermutlich Deutsch sein, aber Freiwillige werden bestimmt bei den Übersetzungen helfen.

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Oh my goodness, Thank you Zhoi!
This sounds interesting although i am Matis and Forest oriented. However, I am fully supportive of Water supplies for the Fyros (If no spying is going on of Matis lands Ofc!).
Sadly, I cannot be there (OOC, Wed Jan 14 because of RL, Work obligations. I hate how RL interfers with the 'Real Life' of Atys! :)) Maybe i can (OOC: Saturday 17th.) But again probably not on (OOC: Monday 19) But thanks for opening it up to all. I will try to be there if I can. :D
(OOC: Sorry for all the 'OOC' but I am not familiar with the Aty calandars, dates, etc. so i used 'real life' days :))

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( Treffpunkt für die Transport-Missionen? What's the starting point? )


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Start Dyron i think its german event with translate in englisch meeting was in dyron for that treck
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