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A rare and long-awaited event made the headlines of the Atys Gazette: The Night of Stars.
The Night of Stars

Dear Readers,

Skylovers, and lovers as well, take notes, the night of the shooting stars is approaching!

Don't miss this event which occurs every 15 Jena years!
The best place to view the celestial parade will be in the Lakes.

Following are the programs of the various faction's rituals and feasts:

[Karavaniers] Jena's Sacred Tears
Followers of the Goddess,
This year will be blessed among all!
May her sacred Light rain down upon us and guide our way!
Answer her summons and pay homage to Jena on Dua, Winderly 26, 3rd AC 2577* by wearing the most luminous objects you own. Meet at the temple near Fairhaven.
May the light dispel the darkness!
Jena Aiye!

[Kamists] The Souls Dance
Tonight, the souls of the Kamis will return and greet us to remind us of the Enlightenment to come.
Attend the event on Dua, Winderly 26, 3rd AC 2577* with prayer and compose your most beautiful Haïku about the ambers which shine above.
Assemble at the Kami Ambassadors near Fairhaven to meditate and share your poems.
Ochi Kami no!

[Marauders] The Marauder Stars
Hello Marauders!
Dua, Winderly 26, 3rd AC 2577* is nearing! It's our day! The one that commemorates the arrival of the first Marauders on the promised bark.
Come celebrate on the beach that stretches between the bridges of "Hartley Point" and "Loria's Rise" in Fairhaven, since the sight will be the most spectacular from this location. Wear your best fighting armor as we point our weapons toward the sky and swear that, like the stars, nothing will stop our destiny.

[Neutrals] Dance with the Stars
Governor Ailan Mac'Kean is pleased to invite you on Dua, Winderly 26, 3rd AC 2577* to a picnic under the stars to observe the sky.
Bring your cookies, your beer barrels, and all your friends! Let's turn this event into an evening of universal peace.
We'll be near the cistern on the hill opposite to the Eastmarket in Fairhaven, since it's where the show should be the most beautiful.

[OOC] Ryzom prepares for an exceptional event from March 22nd thru 29th 2014!

In order to not miss the launch of this unique episode in the game's history, meet on Atys on Saturday, March 22nd at 20:00 GMT.
This event will allow the discovery of a very peculiar mission, which will be accessible 24 hours a day for 7 days. Thus, everyone will be able to join in, even if they're not available for the launch.
The event will start on Saturday, 22 March 2014 20:00:00 UTC (6 years ago).

Can a single night of shooting stars hide something totally different? [/OOC]

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On 30th March, there was a sequential event, where these fractile were raddled.
For all who missed this event or just want to have a remember:

Ryzom Event from 30th March 2014


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Very, very nice. Thank you. This and similar screenies and videos are what should be on the website, not the artistically modified screenies that are there.


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A wonderful record of the events of that day - I will be posting the link out to all my friends.


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