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Returning from recognition and combat in Upper Bog, Daomei writes notes to the officials of the Kingdom of the Verdant Heights. Instead of sending by Izam she decides to go to Yrkanis to report the new developments to Miaccia Stazzo. After having passed the informations to the guard commander, she walks to the respective offices and hands out the letters to the clerks.

To their Majesties Stevano-Karan and Miela-Karae, the Royal Court and Advisors, the Chamber of Nobles, the Ambassadors of the Kingdom of the Verdant Heights, and Ser Cuiccio Perinia (for the Royal Academy)
Daomei Lin Carthan, Ranger Companion (by proxy of attributed Ranger Companion Kiwa'lie)

Their Majesties, Filae, Serae,

I regret having to bring disquieting, if not alarming news about the kitin situation in the kingdom. The threat is not over yet! Large numbers of kitins reappeared at the kitin mounds in the forest.

Attached please find a copy of the report of my ranger applicant comrade Mac'od Bittty about the situation at the kitin mounds in Knoll of Dissent, Upper Bog, and Heretics Hovel:

Warning to Homins traveling in the Forest

While it is unclear how these creatures found their way around the rotoa roots blocking their tunnels, the exceptionally large number of kitin workers indicates that they are trying to reopen the passage to the surface. As denoted by Mac'od Bittty, all those creatures are aggressive (though the range of attack is less long than during worst times).

We all hope that the Royal Academy will find out how the kitins managed to reappear, and which measures are appropriate to finally drive them back. We hereby offer our support for every combat, escort, or research activities.

Matis Aiye! For all of Atys!

Daomei Lin Carthan

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Just a thought:

Before the planting of the rotoa's the majority of the kitins weren't aggro. I understand in planting them the rangers were attempting to do good however, if the kitins are now in larger numbers and more aggressive it would appear it has had the opposite effect.

If you had planted one rotoa over one mound, stepped back and observed you could have foreseen this. Instead it seems matters are far worse now. A little more scientific approach before blindly experimenting on mass with kitin mounds could have made a big difference.

(If you did plant one rotoa and observe the effects for a lengthy period then obviously I retract my post).

That being said means more kitins to kill so happy days :)



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I want to point out that the botanical solution, using rotoa trees to seal the mounds, was not a project of the Atys Rangers, but rather a joint effort of the kingdom and the theocracy. That does not mean that we wouldn't be supportive of every attempt to fight the kitin danger.

I refrain from any critique of this method and wait for the research of the Royal Academy and its results, and further on for the decisions of the Karan and the nobility about the next steps.

Generally spoken, nobody expects the kitins being happy with any attempt to lock them out and to deprive them their access to the New Lands, their last remaining achievement from the second great swarming. Therefore, it is too early to decide whether the current developments are caused by flaws in the sealing method, or are the result of desperate efforts of the kitins to defend their bridgeheads in our lands.

I agree that one should use the opportunity to kill some more kitins.


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