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#1 [fr] 

Salazar brushed the dust off his clothes and sighted when he did spot a tear in his robe. He had to be more careful and probably should give up fighting the White Kitins on his own. It took too long and the outcome was minimal since scavengers usually robbed him of the Kitin carcasses before he could take samples. And sometimes the Kitins got close enough to pierce his clothing. He had only two robes left, the other one bearing the colours of his Order. Already, if reluctantly, he had made a compromise with what he was wearing most of the time by allowing green to creep in where brown was what he wanted. But he could really no longer afford to look immaculate since the Order’s riches, and his own inheritance, was lost during the Second Swarming. 'So Menthys will have to do some more stitching on this,' he thought, 'and let’s hope it will be durable enough for a few more years.'

He carefully put the vasculum aside the table he had occupied since Erminantius’ meeting of the Nobles at Bravichi’s Rotoa and sat down. Books, manuscripts, parchments were all over the table, seemingly without any order. For him, in his mind, there was order, though. He knew exactly from where in the Academy’s library he had taken them for study. At the same time he felt as if he had looked through more of these as even the largest library could hold, but he was well aware that there was much, much more to see, and also that some papers were not as easily obtainable, but stored away in the rooms of the heads of individual departments, of the head librarian and of the Academy’s president. However, he was determined to find something of use for Filira Erminantius’ worthwhile project, and since he had left the Chamber of Nobles and politics behind, he had plenty of time to do so. Yet not every member of the Academy he met had accepted his decision and helped him in his endeavour. Some thought him ungrateful, disloyal to the Karan and worse, while in fact he was convinced that his step kept damage from the court while preserving some of his dignity. Some simply ignored him, and some even showed hostility towards him; so he left some sections of the library for Filirae Aylia to research, as she was still well respected, although not an Academy member.

Menthys still brought him news from all over Atys, so he had heard that that Icus guy had left the Akenak. This did not worry him, nor did it relieve him. The Fyros were famous for their irrational, foolish behaviour, and the search for Dexton was just that kind of folly he expected from them. After all, if the Sharümal had survived – what would be the outcome of it? Probably he had become mad, then he would be a threat to the Empire rather than an asset. Or he would be guilty not to be with his people when they did need him, namely during the Second Swarming and the time of reconstruction. In any case, it would put Lykos in the urgent need to get rid of him, for if he had to step down from the throne he would show a weakness which would make it impossible to return to it at a later date. So either there would be murder at best or civil war between the followers of Dexton and the followers of Lykos at worst. But then, Salazar preferred them to spill their own blood than the blood of the other nations, if bloodshed indeed would be the only thing that kept the Fyros’ all-consuming flame burning.

What did indeed worry him was the announcement of the Awakened Fey-Lin to leave the Zorai Circles. It was not that he felt any special empathy towards her, but for a time they were allies in the search for Almati’s legacy. When he tried to prohibit the Ranger’s endeavours in Hidden Source, he stepped in not just for his own beliefs and what he thought would be the best for the Kingdom, but also for his most unlikely allies in the Witherings, as such a rapid turn of the weather vane in Verdant Heights would put the Zorai in an uncomfortable position and, worse, could stop any research for Almati at all. He knew that Zhoi favoured the chance of a biological solution as well, but he also knew that some saw her as a quarreler, while Fey-Lin was well-respected in all countries. He didn’t really know if she was respected by the Rangers as well, as they had shown very little respect to anyone recently but themselves, and he expected them to get worse rather than better in their behaviour.

'Ah, well! Back to work!' Salazar thought. He took out his dog-eared notebook, placed it on the one space not filled with books and parchment of all sorts just in front of him, and flipped it open. Then he carefully cut the quill before he dipped it into the ink to write.

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#2 [fr] 

While Salazar was studying manuscripts that he had borrowed from the Royal Academy, a note caught his eye. It referred to an amber cube consolidating Matis knowledge about Kitins. He immediately went to the Academy to borrow this cube. Alas, it turned out that it had already been checked out, more than two months ago, by the Duchess Mona di Fareni. She should have brought it back three weeks ago. Strange ... she had never been late returning ​​a cube before ! There was something mysterious about this...

#3 [de] 

That tid-bit of information, the notion that an amber cube with probably exactly the knowledge he was looking for had vanished baffled Salazar, for obviously it was lend during a time Filirae Aylia and he were already such regular visitors in the Academy's library that the Duchess must have known about their efforts.

He cursed between clenched teeth, for he had taken away his attention from his studies over and over again in his efforts for the Almati solution he had promoted almost feverishly from moment on it was implicated to Fey-Lin and him. When it was put on hold during the quarrels with the Rangers and his step-down from the Chamber of Nobles, he had plenty of time to study the papers and amber cubes in the Academy, but then came the hearing at the Royal Palace, and again the intense work to prepare and execute the idea to close the Kitin passageways with rooting Rotoas took him away from the study desk out into the greens of Verdant Heights, which had to be cleaned of Kitin forces, then into the caverns of the Upper Roots to find the necessary Rotoa seeds from plants once prepared by the great Almati himself, and finally back to the Kingdom to plant and grow the Rotoa on the Kitin mounds. It worked like a spell, (and spells were indeed involved) and the efforts of Cuiccio Perinia and the Matis Nobles - with the help of volunteers from all nations - produced beautiful, blooming Rotoas of a size never seen before on Atys. Those Rotoas were indeed expressing the wonders of Verdant Heights and the determination of the Matis people, and they charmed the senses of not just the Matis, but every homin. Most of all, they praised Our Lady Jena with their refined scent and beauty and became - for the short time of their bloom - a symbol for the Matis triumph over the Kitins.

In between, the Karan had asked him to return to the Chamber of Nobles, and to take over the Assembly at Davae by then deserted for quite some time. Salazar could hardly refuse without duping His Majesty, although he didn't even live in Davae and always had little interest in village bureaucracy, which seemed to him the pettiness of planting flowers or arranging fairs, and also the populousness of Davae was so small that he could not delegate work. He was excited, though, to be back in the game of Matis politics, and it seemed to be fitting that he returned with the Rotoas in Verdant Heights, and then in the Witherings - where the Matis kept their promise and helped the Zorai closing the Kitin mounds - in full bloom.

But too little time he had spent during this exciting time in the Academy, it seemed, and somewhere in between the Duchess Mona di Fareni had taken with her an amber cube which might - or might not - hold a solution, or at least a clue to the understanding of those damned armoured invaders. Salazar could not remember meeting the Duchess before - a High Noble from an old family, as the name implied - but then he was a scientist and rarely attended the social functions of the Court. Probably Filirae Aylia knew her? However, for the moment it was crucial to ask back the amber cube. Therefore he sent out some of the boys who sometimes ran errands for the Argonauts, to gather rumours as well as proper information about the the Duchess. Afterwards he sat down and started to write a couple of letters - to Filira Erminantius, his fellow academian, to inform him about the current situation, to Karan Stevano as a report on the development - or non-development - of his studies, to Filirae Aylia giving her an abstract and asking about the Duchess, and finally to the Duchess herself, proposing for a meeting. The first three he sent by Izam, the fourth he gave to his page Menthys to deliver it personally. In fact, he wanted Menthys to keep an eye on her - Salazar was far too long in politics to be confinding.

Then he leaned back, did put the tips of his fingers together, and waited.

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#4 [fr] 

Menthys, the page of Ser Salazar, came back from the home of the Duchess Mona di Fareni with news: The servants of the Duchess hadn't seen her for some days and were quite concerned since she seemed depressed; she repeated without cease that her reputation was lost. They had no idea of her whereabouts but hadn't dared to alert someone for fear it would make things worse.

#5 [fr] 

[Matis] The Royal Academy's Lost Amber

A sealed letter was carried to the Nobles of the Kingdom:
Oren pyr!
Could you please rid me of a sorrowful girl who casts a shadow on the enjoyment and good humor that usually prevail in my bar? I do not want any trouble in my establishment.

She does not seem to be able to hold her drink and I understand that she is a Matis Noble. Therefore, I cannot kick her out without risking diplomatic issues.

Thank you in advance for a quick intervention. She is always in the bar, but because of her status, she often hides in the back room. I shall close that room to do cleaning on 15h - Prima, Pluvia 1, 1st AC 2577* and you will be able to meet her in the public hall at that time.

Pecus Cegrips
Thesos Barman

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#6 [de] 

The search for Duchess Mona di Fareni and the amber cube had led the Matis nobles through all countries of Atys. They went to the dust and dirt of the Burning Desert with its hostile inhabitants (namely Fyros); to the splendour of the Kingdom's Hidden Source, where they fought bandits; to the cooling waters of the Lakelands and surprisingly friendly primitives; and to the humid heat of the Witherings, where the amber cube had found its way into the hands of the sage Supplice. The sage, fortunately, was only to willing to return the cube tro its rightful owners. So he passed it on to Uma Filarae di Fareni who in turn gave it to Salazar. The latter, excited, returned to Yrkanis immediately to study the contents and to prepare a transcription. So in his care- and artful hand, he filled page after page:

Treatise on Kitins, by Merio Glotto of the Royal Academy

We come across Kitins everyday, but we never really try to understand them: kitins are the number one enemy to kill, and that is enough for many. Yet we would have much to learn by understanding them better. Is their behaviour merely instictive or are they capable of thinking and learning? How are they organized? How do they communicate among themselves? Why do they attack us? Is it because they consider us competitors for territory, or because they view us as unrelenting enemies?

The Rangers, Kitin specialists supported by Nations, are best placed to answer our questions. Their knowledge gives us the beginning of an answer, but deeper understanding of Kitins is still a long way off.

There are many theories regarding Kitins and their behavior, the most recognized being the works of Ardan Keale and Daeronn Cegrips.

Kitins have a complex social organization. They live in colonies inside nests or lairs. Each lair is led by a queen, as opposed to nests which are simply outposts without a laying queen.

There are many known Kitin nests on the New Lands, such as Demon's Lap, Underwood Woe, Desertstock andTunnel of Woe. Paramount Stock seems to be an old Kitin nest, nowadays abandoned. Since 2548, the old Ktitin nest of Alamati Wood is again inhabited by a colony, led by a young queen.

There are several ktiin species, each with a precise role in the colony:

A large, predominantly white omnivorous arachnid with a large abdomen, this kitin harvester collects resources for the colony. Like the kincher, it analyzes resources and marks the most valuable with an inky secretion. This worker kitin occurs all over Atys.

This kitin drone mates with and protects the queen. Without straying far from the queen, the kidinak will attack predators on sight flicking out its front hoe-like appendages to slice away at the aggressor. In kidinaks the front pair of legs are modified to form small pinchers used for cutting up and conveying flesh into the mouth. This elite kitin occurs all over Atys.

This kitin hunter is recognizable by its huge mandibles and small abdomen and dorsal excrescence. The kincher precedes other kitins into unknown territory to pinpoint precious resources. Munches and analyzes everything in its path, selecting and marking the best materials. This kitin fighter occurs all over Atys.

One of the most virulent predators on Atys, the kitin royal soldier is a gregarious giant living in community protecting the queen. The kinrey sprays acid at its victims and will attack and pursue any homin or beast venturing too close to the nest. This elite kitin occurs all over Atys.

The kitin worker is the only true plant feeder of the kitin family. This great placid arachnid builds nests, cares for larvae and can often be seen in herds munching away on the bark all day long. The kipee occurs all over Atys.

A six winged, highly colorful kitin scout with an elongated abdomen. The kipesta seeks new territories for migrants to establish new nests. Projects a potent flaming pollen-based substance at its prey. The venom is stored and produced in a pouch which deflates as the substance is thrust up through its proboscis and blazes into flames on contact with air. Kipestas occur all over Atys.

A migrant protector, establishes new nests, its large abdomen allows it to carry resources and larvae to new territory. The kipucka has a deadly dart at the end of its tail which it will use to lethal effect for attack. This great three meter tall elite kitin occurs all over Atys.

This huge kitin soldier, recognizable by its long streamlined abdomen, is a terror to all fauna living within its vicinity. Its venom, one of the most virulent on Atys, is injected into its prey through the spine situated on the extremity of the abdomen. The kirosta occurs all over Atys.

The kizoar is a prudent kitin scavenger whose powerful wings, with a span of 2 meters, allow it to flee swiftly at the slightest danger. Collects resources for the colony. It will hover over agonizing prey until it is safe enough to finish it off with its lethal sting. This worker kitin occurs all over Atys.

Not enough specimens were seen, in the depths of a nest, but they seem to guard the kitin larvae.

Rangers have discovered that kitins seem to use a scent communication system. For exemple, Kibans and Kinchers seem to communicate with olfactory secretions, which are easily spotted because of their color.

There is still much to learn about the Kitins. Should we one day manage to communicate with this fascinating race, the base of our relationship with the kitins would be turned upside down.

After Salazar had finished copies for the Karan and for Filira Erminantios, he sprinkled the papers with white ashes to dry the ink. Then he rubbed his ink-spotted white hands, jawned and - while the first light of day shone on the green pastures of the Kingdom - went to bed, a slight, satisfied smile on his lips.

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