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#1 [en] 

Sirgia Pirello. Officer of the Royal Guard. Opens Natae Assembly.
Naema: Uh, sorry, had to run out and get some paper and pencils XD (pushed wrong buttons and crashed .
Sirgio Pirello: I take it you are not only willing, but eager to do the job. Thank you
Naema: I think im ready
Sirgio Pirello: I have some other business to bring up, but Ozwomen should speak first.
Ozwomen: Ok, thank you :)
Sirgio Pirello: You said you wished to speak about the Karavan altar here in Natae?
Ozwomen: I would like to talk about the Karavan TP in Matis land
Sirgio Pirello: listens closely
Ozwomen: Our Matis citizens are unable to use our TP, but we let the Trytonists use them?
Sirgio Pirello: If Matis subjects are unable to use the pacts to the Karavan Altars this is news to me.
Tenebra: I think one must be follower of the church of the light to use them. Those who have no religion cannot, even if vassals of the kingdom
Sirgio Pirello: Ah, I would have expected that any Matis subject whould already be a convert
Tenebra regrets, but it is that way
Ozwomen: I have been told that our Matis citizens who are neutrals are unable to use them
Tenebra nods
Sirgio Pirello: That is true, Filarae
Naema is interested in what Sirgia Pirello has to say.
Tenebra: There are even a few vassals adhering to the repulsive kamist religion
Sirgio Pirello: The Karavan are strict about the use of their altars
Sirgio Pirello: But you mentioned Trytonists. I did not know that any such existed in the Verdant Forest.
( I missed a little bit here)
Naema: I think what she is saying is, a neutral Matis homin with 50 fame cannot use the tp's when somebody who is only 33 fame and aligned can *(I forgot it is 33 Karavan fame and alignment)*
I would like to propose the Matis set up their own transport somehow, or encourage it. Or support the New Horizons guy to set up in a safe camp in GoC. I have been fighting kitins lately. I have not been able to post this idea in the local newspapers yet, sorry.
Ozwomen: That would help the Matis to get around the forest.
Tenebra: I would welcome a NH transport to GoC very much
Sirgio Pirello: We have talked before to the homins in charge of New Horizons. The are unwilling to risk their special Mektoubs on such a risky journey
Naema: :( Even with the kitin observation camps up?
Sirgio Pirello: If you look on the map you will see that the Observation camps are not near the road from Yrkanis to the Camps. The New Horizons does not have armed guards.
Mpforest: ...and what if we gathered help from homins to open a way to GoC once as an event?
Sirgia Pirello takes notes
Sirgio Pirello: I know that with the staffing of the Observation Camps we are currently quite low in reserve strength
Ozwomen: What a great Idea Mpforest :)
Mpforest: :)
Sirgio Pirello: (OOC: I have noted that suggestion , and will relay it.)
Mpforest: ty
Sirgio Pirello: Perhaps as we build up further strength the guards might be able to help.
Sirgio Pirello: Filarae Ozwomen, the Matis do not control the Karavan altars. Our Karan is High Priest, but he does not dictate policy to the Karavan.
Ozwomen: I know, but we have to think about our Matis Citizens.
Tenebra: as to the guards, I recognized that the guards at the camp Falls of two Totems are not very helpful sometimes. I even died there and they did not help once.
Sirgia pirello is astonished
Sirgio Pirello: That is a derilliction of their duties! I will see that their commander is reprimanded.
Naema raises hand for a different subject
Sirgio Pirello: one moment Naema
Sirgia Pirello is taking notes
Sirgio Pirello: Ozwomen, of course we must look to the welfare of the subjects of the Karan. But by placing their full faith in Jena, their welfare would be assured by a higher power than we can command. (OOC: we can't change the TP's) And by taking full devotion to Jena they would also honour the Karan.
Sirgia Pirello studies her notes for a bit...
Sirgia Pirello: Naema? you had a change of subject?
Ozwomen: Ok so we need to find another way for them to get around the Forest, but some Matis would like to stay Neutral and we have to respect that.
Tenebra agrees
Sirgia Pirello: I have taken my notes, and will report, but the matter is not for me to decide.
Tenebra: It should be in the best interest of the kingdom that loyal vassals are not worse off than Foreign Kamists and Marauders
Sirgia Pirello: Or Trykers?
Ozwomen: I Agree :)
Mpforest agrees whole-heartedly with Tenebra
Naema: I would now like to mention that it seems the kitins of the deep are still roaming around the forest after i thought we irradicated them! I'm worried the Rotoa trees are not working
Sirgia Pirello: As those of you who attended the National assembly know, the Karan is aware of this problem.
Tenebra: Maybe we need to ask Ser Perinia
Naema: I was reading one day in my Grandfathers old books on the history of Atys and read about a way they used to close up the tunnels after mining....Searching my notes, one minute...
Sirgia Pirello: Ser Perinia is fully aware of the problem, but has not made further report yet.
Sirgia Pirello: I do not know much of botany besides a few flowers and herbs that everyone knows. I leave such exotic matters to Ser Perinia
Tenebra: Yes, his word would be important. Maybe we can arrange a meeting with him
Naema: the chronicles say basically they used to bend down the branches to the moss and inject them with a substance that would make them grow real fast and close the tunnels up.
Sirgia Pirello: As far as the white kitins (and even the large ones near the mounds) I urge you to take axe, mace, pike and sword to them, and of course what spells you are able to cast as well.
Sirgia Pirello: smiles gently
Naema: will they keep comming back?
Ozwomen: yes, we need to kill them
Sirgia Pirello: I do not know. But i heard that the last of the Exterminators was killed today Perhaps that will make a difference
Tenebra: To be honest, i do not fear termites, but i fear unhealthy reactions of some nobles. Our chamber in Davae was abandoned in protest to the Karansa decision to allow termite work in hidden source.
Sirgia Pirello: (OOC: Probably a reboot is necessary to stop them)
Tenebra: lets hope so
Ozwomen: We are a Forest and the Termites would be bad for us.
Naema nods
Sirgia Pirello: Please, let us not argue the termites further. The Rangers have said clearly that they will not use them unless they are told to do so
Tenebra: yes
Sirgia Pirello clears her throat.
Tenebra: let us hope that the Rotoa will eventually work, and no new quarrel arises
Sirgia Pirello: Jenna Aiye
Tenebra: Jena Aiye
Ozwomen: the Rotoa will work, it just needs time.
Sirgia Pirello: Jena will show us the way in the end. She always will.
Ozwomen: Yes, that is true
Tenebra: yes
Sirgia Pirello: Now, i have some more instructions from the Karan, ..Oh dear...
Naema? Are you a Matis Vassal?
Naema: err no. But my Daugher is
(I missed some information here, but Sirgia mentioned the Scrivener needed to be either an ambassador, vassal or noble, so Ozwomen became officially the Scrivener while Naema continued to 'assist' at helping to take notes. then it picked up at....):
Sirgia Pirello: Next on my list is the will of the Karan that there be a Census of the Kingdoms Guilds. We are to collect the information before our next meeting and publish it.
Name of Guild. /Nationality( if any) /Religion (if any)/ Name of Guld Leader/ Name of the High Officers/ Total active members.
Naema is thinking of Mjollrens forum post under guild registrys...but that is a registry by alignment....
Wolfinstine raises hand with a question
Sirgia Pirello: Yes, Wolfinstine?
Wolfinstine: What is the purpose of the Census?
Sirgia Pirello: I do not know. The Karan commands it, is all I know. I would guess that he wishes to know of those who dwell in His kingdom. But that is only a guess.
Naema blurts out, how are we to know how many active members?
Sirgia Pirello: Each guild would have to report that. We would have to trust them to report it correctly.
Wolfinstine raises hand again
Sirgia Pirello: Yes? Wolfinstine?
Naema: so... only guilds based in the forest, speaking the dialect of Natae?
Wolfinstine: and decreases in the winter
Sirgia Pirello: (OOC: I would guess you could inclued them) Naema, those would be the ones that we are responsible for. I interpret this as meaning those whose guild halls are in our lands. This is not a matter for the Scrivener, so if you are willing to post a call for information Naema? In the usual places?
Ozwomen: So we are looking at all guilds in the Forest?
Sirgia Pirello: so it seems
Naema: May i act as Nerhtenai if there is not cooperation from the guilds?
Wolfinstine raises hand
Sirgia Pirello: We are responsible only for those who speak the dialect of Natae. Wolfinstine?
Wolfinstine: Are you looking for actual people or active toons?
Sirgia Pirello: (OOC: I don't know. It says "Total active members" in my instructions.) I would say homins who are active and not indentured servants. (OOC: Active alts but not cp slaves.) Remember, slavery is illegal.
Last item of business I have....
Sirgia Pirello: We are asked to advertise for a Weapon Master, or Master of Arms. We are to launch a public appeal for such a person.
Naema: which kind of weapons?
Sirgia Pirello: I would say that the more the better.
Sirgia Pirello: smiles. Just a moment.
Sirgia Pirello: checks her notes
Mpforest: Dang! Just 2 2h weps to go!
Sirgia Pirello: Applicants will be interviewed by the Nobles. And will be tested in tournaments
Naema: What will their duties be?
Sirgia Pirello: Once chosen, the Weapons Master would have the privilege of controlling the royal army of the city in case of unavailability of local Chief Guards (Official Matis lead players of the same language at events) A Weapon Master can sometimes have the privilege itself of guiding the Matis Royal army.
Naema stares blankly.... O:
Sirgia Pirello: (OOC: that is Goo-trad from the FR--sorry if it is a bit scribbly.) He or she could lead the players of the same dialect when the army of Natae is called for
Naema: Interesting...
Sirgia Pirello: And sometimes even the whole army
Naema: If we post this information on the bulletin boards, is it related to the census?
Sirgia Pirello: (OOC: That is my interpretation, looking at both sides of the Goo-trad.)
I do not think this is related to the census. I think it should be separate postings.
Naema: Ok, so who is going to post it?
Sirgia Pirello: This would be a great honor for whoever is selected. Ozwomen? As our one Noble at the moment, you should have the honor of posting that. Or you may delegate that if you wish
Naema: How is such a person to be chosen or determined? ... Oh, nvm, you already said.
Sirgia Pirello: First by interview with Ozwomen, and then, if i understand correctly, by trial between the applicants
Naema: :) Like a gladiator trial?
Ozwomen: I have a master in 2h sword, can i enter?
Sirgia Pirello: Surely we can do better than mere bloodlust such as a Fyros. It would be a combat between those of good breeding.
I see nothing in my notes that would prevent you from doing so Ozwomen, however... I would think you would have to ask the Nobles of the other cities to act in your stead for the interviews. If we can find a tranlslator to help. Otherwise, it would clearly be a conflict of interest.
Naema: Does that person have to live in Natae?
Sirgia Pirello: I think that they would have to speak the dialect.
Naema: Is there fame requirements?
Sirgia Pirello: And I would expect that they would be loyal to the Karan (OCC: none listed)
Wolfinstine: How about a Transplant such as myself?
Sirgia Pirello: If you are loyal to Natae and to the Karan, and acceptable to the Filarae, I see no reason why your choice of parents would exclude you.
Wolfinstine bows to Sirgia Pirello
Tenebra nods
Naema: :)
Mpforest raises hand again
Sirgia Pirello: (OOC: checking some stuff about the census) Mpforest, please speak
Mpforest: I speak two of the foreign languages (English and French). If i can be of service, I'd gladly translate from one to the other anytime it be needed
Sirgia Pirello: Thank you, that is wonderful news. You may be called upon from time to time.
Sirgia Pirello: On the Census: I find a note lower down that only those guilds who adhere to the Karan need to be counted. Neutral guilds such as Phaedreas Tears are welcome guests but cannot be expected to support the Karan as a matter of course.
Naema: am i to post this, or again, Filarae Ozwomen to do it about the Census?
Sirgia Pirello: I asked you to handle the cesus post Naema
Naema: I would love to do it. I will say it is by 'Orders of the King!"
Mpforest thinks Sirgia is sharp to remeber all this :D
Sirgia Pirello looks at her notes and hopes she can transcribe them later.
Ozwomen: I would say it is "Orders of the King" about the census Naema :)
Sirgia Pirello: is there any further business?
Ozwomen: yes one thing please.
Sirgia Pirello: speak
Ozwomen: The Rangers expedition to the New Land, Can Ambassadors go to keep an eye on the Rangers?
Sirgia Pirello: I do not know. I know that there will be only a few people in the group for the scouting expedition happening soon. And those ranks are filled.
Ozwomen: They are leaving in about 2 weeks, can we find out please.
Sirgia Pirello: The larger expedition that was announced--that will be a different matter.
Naema thinks...I did not hear of a larger expedition! O:
Sirgia Pirello: (OOC: For the scouting expedition only the five chosen players are allowed--It's alpha testing...)
Sirgia Pirello: There being no further business.... this meeting is closed

I would like to thank Naema for her notes and doing the Census and thank you to all who attended the Natae Assembly.

Matis Ambassador of Natae Ozwomen.

Take care and have fun:)

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#2 [en] 

Nobles Assembly notes from Dua, Floris 14, 3rd AC 2577

Sirgia Pirello says: First of all, We were supposed to take a census of the guilds in the Forest that speak the dialect of Natae.
Sirgia Pirello says: Naema was supposed to undertake that task but has not communicated with me.
Sirgia Pirello says: (Is she online?)
Dazzie says: no
Ozwomen says: no not online.
Sirgia Pirello says: Well, I will have my scribe Cerulean write her a letter.
Sirgia Pirello says: In the meantime, Ozwomen if you could send an Izam Mail of the information for Spears of Eora, and Dazzie, the same for Cara Via.
Sirgia Pirello says: ((Send ingam IM to Cerulean))
Sirgia Pirello says: ((ingame^))
Dazzie says: ok
Ozwomen says: doing that now.
Sirgia Pirello says: Thank you. I know that there are other guilds but we will make do with what we have.
Sirgia Pirello says: Next item of business:
Sirgia Pirello says: Scrivener for the meeting.
Tenebra bows in a courtly manner.
Sirgia Pirello says: Naema took notes last time and sent them to Ozwomen, who published the account on the public message pillars.
Sirgia Pirello bows to Tenebra.
Sirgia Pirello says: deles silam, Please come over here to sit.
Ozwomen bows to Tenebra.
Sirgia Pirello says: Filarae Ozwomen, have you had any thoughts about who would make a good Scrivener?
Ozwomen says: I would like to ask Dazzie.
Sirgia Pirello says: ((Turn on ChatLog -- and make a reasonable RP report in the Forums of what went on at the meeeting.))
Ozwomen says: Cara Via live in Natae now.
Salazar bows respectfully.
Dazzie says: yes
Ozwomen says: How do we turn on chat log?
Sirgia Pirello says: Filarae Dazzie you anticipate my question. Thank you.
Ozwomen bows to Salazar.
Sirgia Pirello says: ((type /ChatLog in a box))
Sirgia Pirello says: Deles silam Filara Salazar
Sirgia Pirello bows to Salazar.
Salazar says: Deles Silam.
Sirgia Pirello says: ((check System Info to see if it is turned on...))
Irfidel waves to Salazar.
Sirgia Pirello says: ((it's either /ChatLog or /chatLog -- the capital letter in the middle is critical))
Ozwomen says: system states "Unknown
You say: its /chatLog
Sirgia Pirello says: ((lowercase "C" --just tested...))
Ozwomen says: Yes working now.
Sirgia Pirello says: Thank you, Dazzie, for taking this position.
Ozwomen says: Thank you Dazzie and welcome to the small team.
Sirgia Pirello says: Filarae Ozwomen, have you had any applicants for the job and title of Arms Master for Natae?
Dazzie says: Sorry:/ I was afk for a sec what position did i take?
Ozwomen says: Not received any applicants, some players asking but that is all.
Sirgia Pirello says: Scrivener... Did I mistake a comment of yours?
Dazzie says: I was anwsering to living in Natae
Sirgia Pirello says: My apologies, Filarae.
Dazzie says: What does the arms master do?
Sirgia Pirello says: First we have to deal with Scrivener.
Sirgia Pirello says: Then we will address the question of Arms Master.
Sirgia Pirello says: ((brb -- howling dog...))
Dazzie says: lol
Tenebra says: if I am allowed to a remark: as long as no arms master has been found for Natae, nobles or vassals interested in arms' training may ask Filira Osquallo or Ser Djaimse (who speak our dialect) about participating in Avalae's arms training
Sirgia Pirello says: ((back -- dog ejected...))
Dazzie says: :)
Tenebra says: ((hopes the dog is fine))
Sirgia Pirello says: Filarae Dazzie, will you take the job of Scrivener? ((Dog is fine, just excited -- and now exited))
Dazzie says: what is it that i would do?
Ozwomen says: Tenebra can we come back to that after we have talked about Scrivener.
Sirgia Pirello says: Take notes of the meeting (chatLog) and make a report on the meeting available to all (post in the Forums).
Dazzie says: so just chatlog and post?
Sirgia Pirello says: It doesn't have to be long and detailed, just good solid information.
Sirgia Pirello says: You also get the title of Scrivener.
Tenebra says: (( you may have to edit the log a bit afterwards ))
Dazzie says: I will give it a try Loracas will help me with this
Sirgia Pirello says: Thank you. If it turns out to be too much effort, then just say so.
Ozwomen says: Thak you Dazzie and Loracas :)
Dazzie says: Ok i will I also have a ho that may want to do this as well i will check with him
Sirgia Pirello says: An example that my scribe Cerulean might put for this portion of the meeting: "Sirgia brought up the appointment of a Scrivener. After some discussion Firlarae Dazzie agreed to take the job."
Dazzie says: Ok understood:)
Sirgia Pirello says: Of course he would not make an error in the spelling of Filarae...
Ozwomen says: lol :)
Dazzie says: :)
Sirgia Pirello says: The position of Arms Master for Natae is open and Filarae Ozwomen posted the requirements on the public pillars.
Sirgia Pirello says: The person would lead the troops of Natae in any battles, and might be given the opportunity to lead all the Matis troops if he or she is good enough.
Sirgia Pirello says: The selection will be based on skill at arms and the pleasure of the Nobles of Natae.
Salazar 's mouth's corners are twitching.
Dazzie says: perhaps salazar would like this honor?
Ozwomen says: I would like to keep it in Natae if we could.
You say: sadly, I have seen to many suns and moons for such duty
Dazzie says: Salazar do you live in Natae?
Salazar says: I have to care for Davae already ... Also, I'm a priest, not a soldier.
Sirgia Pirello bows to Salazar in a most courtly manner.
Sirgia Pirello says: Just a moment...
Sirgia Pirello checks her notes.
Sirgia Pirello says: Here it is...
Sirgia Pirello says: Applicants will be interviewed by the Nobles
and expertise checked at a tournament. Nobles choose their Master at Arms.
Sirgia Pirello says: He will have the privilege of
controlling the royal army of the city in case of unavailability of local
Chief Guards (Official Matis lead players of the same language at events)
Sirgia Pirello says: The Karan greatly desires that such a person be appointed, but if we have none willing...
Salazar says: Sounds sensible. Needs enough willing homins in one village to take part in a tournament, though.
Sirgia Pirello says: That is true, Filara Salazar.
Doca says: but you only loocking for a matis Vassal to do that job ?
Sirgia Pirello says: (( http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=topic/view/19499/13 1700#131700 ))
Sirgia Pirello says: The Master of Arms must be a Matis Vassal or Noble, yes.
Salazar says: I have no idea about the statistics of people living in Natae, and being reliable enough to take such responsibility.
Tenebra says: the master of arms should really be a master, as I understood, able to teach fighters for the kingdom
Salazar says: Well, that is why it is required to show his skills at a tournament.
Sirgia Pirello says: That was the reason for the idea of a tournament.
Salazar smiles slightly at Pirello.
Tenebra nods
Sirgia Pirello says: Tenebra? Please be seated.
Tenebra says: ((apologies, had a disconnect and was not aware))
Sirgia Pirello says: Ser Salazar? Please be seated as well -- there is no need to loom in the background.
Sirgia Pirello smiles
Salazar says: Ah, yes, it's a bar ... I'm that old-fashioned.
Sirgia Pirello says: Filarae Ozwomen, please make your announcement again to remind people?
Ozwomen says: Ok :)
Sirgia Pirello says: Next item of business:
Sirgia Pirello says: The Kitin Mounds continue to have kitins near them. Have any of you worked to kill kitins?
Dazzie says: All the ones i have came across where empty
Doca says: i tryed but they win :)
Ozwomen says: Yes :) But as Dazzie said a few are empty.
Sirgia Pirello takes notes
Sirgia Pirello says: Which ones were empty? If they stay empty this would be good news indeed.
Dazzie says: maybe we could make a list of which are still active and arrange a party to clear them?
Tenebra says: I regret but my combat abilities are far too low for those creatures
Ozwomen says: The Rangers keep tell us the Kitins are around the mounds, but on looking at them they are empty.
Dazzie says: sorry to say I dont remember only that i passed them and they were inactive
Tenebra says: good news when they are empty ((but remember that after reboot they always are))
Doca says: the one in nort east of Heretic Hovel is very active
Sirgia Pirello says: Perhaps after the close of this meeting the nobles could travel to the various sites and check them.
Tenebra says: we should set up patrols or contact Ser Erminantius who patrols them to my knowledge
Ozwomen says: The Rangers could be seeing them, but we are not, Naema posted in the forums that they were empty, but was told the Kitins were back.
Tenebra says: ((was a reboot issue that they were empty I fear))
Ozwomen says: I will check again today.
Sirgia Pirello says: Thank you. We must remember that the Kitins are always an enemy.
Tenebra nods
Ozwomen says: Yes that is true.
Sirgia Pirello checks her notes
Sirgia Pirello says: I think that is all the items of business that I have.
Ozwomen says: I would like to talk about Megacorp please :)
Sirgia Pirello says: Ah, the artifact that fell in the Lakes and the mysteries around it.
Ozwomen says: I have noticed we are giving out our passwords to and unsecured website called Megacorp, some players have asked me to look into this.
Tenebra says: ((that is ooc))
Ozwomen says: Megacorp has a (Http) page it should be (Https) for a secured website.
Sirgia Pirello says: ((Have you written a ticket on it, Ozwomen?))
Tenebra agrees but that is definitely ooc
Ozwomen says: No ticket yet, it was only 4 hours ago when told about this.
Ozwomen says: Will send a ticket is today.
Sirgia Pirello says: ((I agree that it is worrisome, but it's not a proper subject for this meeting.))
Ozwomen says: The other question players are asking me is Guild chat in Megacorp.
Doca says: but maybe you can talk about to your friends fast ? :))
Ozwomen says: Some guilds are worried about spys, should I send in a ticket about this?
Sirgia Pirello says: ((talking to friends fast... let's go on with the meeting.))
Sirgia Pirello says: If they are worried about spies, I would suggest that they use our tried and true methods of communication rather than some alien artifact.
Doca says: But Megacorp it selfe is not ooc
Doca says: o do i misunderstand that ?
Tenebra says: yes
Tenebra says: ((read the announcement by Tamarea))
Sirgia Pirello says: Many homins have found alien artifacts of mysterious purpose. I myself have not seen one.
Tenebra says: Ser Pirello, may I comment?
Sirgia Pirello says: You may.
Tenebra says: Short time ago, during the Night of the Stars, a strange object crashed into Lakelands
Salazar says: (Serae, if I can trust my eyes. *coughs*)
Tenebra says: We were able to retrieve an ancient artifact therefrom and managed to activate it
Sirgia Pirello nods
Tenebra says: In the end a message occurred mentioning the name "megacorp". I do not know what it is
Tenebra says: The karavan is observing the object, resembling karavan machines
Tenebra says: I hope we get informations in the upcoming season (ooc Saturday)
Tenebra says: that is what I know
Sirgia Pirello says: That matches the reports I have seen. Ser Salazar? I take it that you have seen this as well?
Salazar says: I only left the sight today. Over the last few days we tried to extinguish the fires, but without lasting success.
Salazar says: A Karavan Observer is there, but strangely the Trykers have not send soldiers, nor scientists to secure the spot.
Salazar says: I can't make head or tail of it at the moment.
Doca says: they made a fence around it
Salazar says: We expected a sign by Jena, but this doesn't seem to be it.
Sirgia Pirello says: (( OOC:: Guild chat in megacorp.io is available to persons kicked out of the guild until they re-log at the megacorp site.))
Sirgia Pirello says: ((OOC: no timeline on securing the login.))
Ozwomen says: They can be there for ever?
Sirgia Pirello says: I understand that there will be another gathering at the site in the near future. Perhaps then the scholars will have gained understanding.
Salazar nods.
Salazar says: As far as I know, the Academy was not yet invited to participate ...
Sirgia Pirello says: ((OOC March 29 20:00 GMT ))
Ozwomen says: I think it would be good to have guild chat like, friend list when you know when they are on like ingame. Or should this be sent in a ticket?
Sirgia Pirello says: ((Send it in a ticket or put it in the Ideas for Ryzom Forum.))
Sirgia Pirello says: ((Chats are OOC))
Ozwomen says: Ok thanks :)
Sirgia Pirello says: Does anyone have further business for this Assembly?
Ozwomen says: ignore is not working in Megacorp.
Ozwomen says: No thank you :)
Sirgia Pirello says: In that case, I see no reason to continue to linger here other than the excellent drinks.
Sirgia Pirello gathers her papers.
Tenebra bows to Sirgia Pirello.
Salazar smiles slightly.
Sirgia Pirello bows to the assembly
Ozwomen is thankful to Sirgia Pirello.
Dazzie bows to Sirgia Pirello.
Tenebra is thankful to Sirgia Pirello.
Sirgia Pirello says: Karan Aiye
Sirgia Pirello says: Matis Aiye
Doca bows to Sirgia Pirello in a most courtly manner.
Sirgia Pirello says: Jena Aiye
Salazar says: Matia Aiye, Jena Aiye.
Tenebra says: Karan Aiye, Matis Aiye, Jena Aiye
Salazar bows respectfully.
Tenebra says: deles necat
Dazzie bows in a courtly manner.
Sirgia Pirello says: Thank you all for coming.
Salazar says: May Jena's light brighten your days, and her blessings guard your dreams.

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