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Chambers of Nobles of 5h - Holeth, Mystia 30, 4th AC 2576

The local Chambers of Nobles will take place in the Intendant's room of each city:
At 20:00 GMT for Davae (DE village) an Avalae (FR village);

At 22:00 GMT for Natae (EN village).

At 21:00 GMT, the three local assemblies unite in the Throne Room for a national assembly.
Only Nobles, Subjects and attributed Ambassadors are allowed.
A Matis translator who can translate the dialect of Avalae (FR) into the dialect of Natae (EN) would be useful.

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you must have the times wrong? how can the meeting in Natae be 2 hours later than the meetings in Avalae and Davae, but then there is a meeting in Yrks 1 hour later after Avalae and Davae? Isn't the meeting in Yrks supposed to be after all 3 cites meet?

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[OOC] The national assembly usually occures another day than the cities ones but there is no mistake on the times: today there will have 1 hour of cities assemblies and 1 hour of national one.
The English assembly is the only one to be scheduled after the national one instead of before because of timezones problem. [/OOC]


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