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I've read the thread since the beginning (not really, only since the english part, i can't speak german :p), and most of the (good or not) arguments has been already said. I just wanted to say that the Atreus event was the best event i was able to attend since the merge (and by far). It included some of my favourite NPC, in my favourite country, and the plot was very interesting (dexton, resurrection, and many other things who definitively rang a bell for Geyos, and changed a lot his history :)

But what i've liked most is the way the event took part : fast, unexpected event, without the need to wait for three weeks when you asked to see a NPC ... ;) And sadly, i don't think this kind of event can take part if the event is multilungual, because of the slowness added. And by the way, i'm pretty sure some french akenak (icus or bardor ? don't remind who) spoke of it at the national assembly, only to be silenced by Abycus Zekops. And at least one patriot from dyron searched information about Atreus (we had the opportunity to speak together, though i knew little of him at this time).

Last thing, Zhoi : in french the sentence " Ce personnage est Atreus, qui ne serait autre que Dexton lui-même. " means "This character is Atreus, who WOULD be nothing else than Dexton", not "who IS". Power of the conjugation ;-)

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Thanks for your contribution. As to the event, what you describe is what I felt with the two events finishing the Amber Cube series which had begun already at times of Leanon. It is clear that monolingual events are ways easier to manage, open up more opportunities for roleplay and are clearly faster. And as far as you and your friends enjoyed the event, that is absolutely ok and I really welcome that you had fun.

What is not ok, are consequences for the Lore and the rest of the playerhood. Sharükos Dexton is not the property of one fraction of the old servers, on contrary. For me, he played a key role in my biography as a young woman having chosen the Burning Desert as my homeland, with me taking part in the efforts to save his life, excelling in both finding hints about the disease (rank 3) and digging materials for the cure (rank 4), despite my not very high levels and enormous amounts of dp. Rank 1 in digging was occupied by an other stateless neutral tryker living in Pyr, Guardi from The Free Soul. For my services for the sharükos and the empire I have been rewarded in person by him. Later, when we had to retreat into exile, the decision of the Sharükos to defend Pyr until his death allowed the split treck to the scorched corridor to reunite and eventually proceed (no matter that this was not planned that way by the ET, while the death of the sharükos was). He died as a hero not only of his people, but of all hominity retreating from the second great swarming. Choosing to fight to death he showed his confidence in the sharümal and his ability to lead the Fyros people and other desert dwellers during the evacuation, exile, and eventual return.

I do not know what happened during your event, and, to be honest, I am not even curious. What I hope is, that the obscenity of a Dexton revenant has an end without tainting our memories of a great leader of a great homin people. If this memory is defecated on and destroyed beyond a certain extent it would mean the end of my contribution to roleplay.

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Thanks for your input, Geyros.

In fact, your posting showed both the weaknesses as well as the strengths of a one-language event.

The strenght is its pace, the "reaction time" of both players and NPCs and so on, and it can help to intensify the connection of players/characters because of the possibility of adaptation of a plot to the mentalities and habits of the players from - fundamentally - one server. It is much easier to make it "personal" on such a basis, to shape the history of players without stirring up the whole world.

The weakness is that it really cannot work the same way when people who don't speak or understand the language join in. But if you keep them out, and the plot is something which will shake the foundations of, say, the Empire, you expel two thirds of Fyros Patriots from the development of their nation. You would not have enjoyed the Atreus event (it's still running, isn't it?) if it would have been available in German only. And if, say, it would lead to a replacement of Lykos, you would be, most likely, straight through the roof for being excluded from something changing the World your character lives in.

So the hard bit is to find a solution to all this. The only way coming to my mind - but which would absorb plenty of ET man-power, I guess - would be a three-streak plot, each of similar importance and a similar level of fun, leading together to a finale of nationwide importance. Each language group would play on one of the streaks (multilingual players, obviously, can choose) which only together would resolve. You can, of course, vary on the required categories - Fyros Patriots, Kamists, Neutrals, Fyros born, all homins, whatever. I can imagine this would work.

But then, I can also imagine it won't work at all. ;)


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OK, I think I'll contribute as well since I've been mentioned already ;-)

I am the one who contacted Geyos back when the first rumors came up.
One of the Thesos Akenos mentioned a letter during one of the last assemblies in the great hall (before it moved to Agora) could be that it was Icus but I don't really remember who it was exactly.

So after not hearing anything new I decided to ask someone from Thesos about details and talked for a while to Geyos as a result.
It sounded a bit fishy to me though so I contacted the ET via mail to inform them about it and get to know if it really was official. I only got thanks for the info back but no reply if it's official or not though.

Because of my restricted ability to get online (RL-stuff is eating up my time) I wasn't really able to follow the events though.

Then Icus stepped back and explained some of the things I heard initially to everyone on that assembly in his discussion with Abycus. That's the point where I knew that it's something official (or the ET might have adapted it after my mail)

The thinking that it's fishy wasn't because of Geyos but because of the hole situation and story I had heard back then and this was also the reason why I never really told other Fyros in Dyron about it.

OK, nachdem ich bereits genannt wurde kann ich mich ja genau so gut zu Wort melden ;-)

Ich bin derjenige, der Geyos kontaktiert hatte als damals die ersten Gerüchte aufkamen.
Einer der Thesos Akenos hatte einen Brief während einer der letzten Versammlungen in der Großen Halle (bevor es wieder in die Agora ging) erwähnt - könnte sein, dass es Icus war aber ich weiß es nicht mehr genau.

Nachdem ich eine Weile nichts neues diesbezüglich gehört hatte habe ich mich entschlossen einen aus Thesos nach Details zu fragen und daraus resultierte dann ein längeres Gespräch mit Geyos.
Es klang für mich jedoch etwas merkwürdig daher habe ich das ET via Mail kontaktiert um diese zu informieren und evtl. in erfahrung zu bringen ob es sich hierbei um ein offizielles Event handelt. Ich habe jedoch nur einen Dank für die Info und keine Antwort ob es etwas ofizielles ist erhalten.

Wegen meiner wenigen online-Zeiten (RL-Kram frisst meine Zeit) war ich nicht wirklich in der Lage den Ereignissen weiter zu folgen.

Dann trat Icus zurück und erklärte in seiner Diskussion mit Abycus einige der Zusammenhänge die ich zuvor schon in Erfahrung gebracht hatte. Dies ist acuh der Punkt an dem ich wusste, dass es sich um etwas offizielles handelt (oder das ET hat es nach meiner mail einfach übernommen)

Mein Denken, dass es merkwürdig ist hatte nichts mit Geyos zu tun sondern mit der gesamten Sittuation und Geschichte die ich damals gehört habe und dies war auch der Grund warum ich es nie anderen Fyros in Dyron erzählt habe.


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Salazar (atys)

The weakness is that it really cannot work the same way when people who don't speak or understand the language join in. But if you keep them out, and the plot is something which will shake the foundations of, say, the Empire, you expel two thirds of Fyros Patriots from the development of their nation. You would not have enjoyed the Atreus event (it's still running, isn't it?) if it would have been available in German only. And if, say, it would lead to a replacement of Lykos, you would be, most likely, straight through the roof for being excluded from something changing the World your character lives in.

People acting in the shadow to remove Lykos and put Atreus (believing he is Dexton or not, that's not the point), only contacting a little part of the Patriot ? I doesn't feel it's a problem, whatever their language is. I would've been disapointed if patriot were running the scheme without me, no matter the language they are speaking.

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That's exactly what I was saying, Geyos - and therefore a plot like this is a dangerous thing to tackle in ony one language. ;)

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That's not what i'm saying - just saying that as a player i don't see a problem if people who do scheme in the shadow doesn't alert everybody. In fact, it seems pretty obvious to do like that. If i'm not in it, i would've been disappointed not because they speak french or german or english or whatever - but because they didn't found me trusty enough to invite me in.
I actually don't give a fuck which language you are originally speaking, as long as i can have a conversation with you ... ;)

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Thanks for giving a proper translation, Geyos :) This is very helpful to know!

Unfortunately for those of us here who cannot speak French, we have to use some kind of translation.
If you use Google (convenient for translating whole homepages), sadly it REALLY turns out like this:
"Ce personnage est Atreus, qui ne serait autre que Dexton lui-même."
"Dieser Charakter ist Atreus , der kein anderer ist als Dexton sich."
"This character is Atreus , who is none other than Dexton itself."
Give it a try to see yourself?

I wonder how many English-speaking and German-speaking Ryzom-players have already tried it out (at least after Daomei gave the link to http://fr.ryzomnomnom.com/wiki/Euracus_Cethus in her opening-post) and were thinking: "Oh great, we're left out again from some important part of the Ryzom-story, but it's hopeless to object since the Event-Team won't listen to us anyways. Better just ignore it again to not waste energy on anger as we cannot change anything.". More and more German-speaking (not everyone of this community is from nor living in Germany btw., like myself) players just give up and do not really care any longer. Which is sad in itself.

About Dexton's death on Leanon, there's a bit more in my chatlogs:

2012/09/28 21:40:18 Orphie Dradius ruft: Eine mächtige Gruppe KItins stellt sich uns in den Weg
2012/09/28 21:40:36 Geist von Atys sagt: Immer wieder öffnet sich der Boden und Kitins erscheinen rund um die Fyros-Hauptstadt. Der ganze Boden scheint in Bewegung!
2012/09/28 21:42:50 Orphie Dradius ruft: irgendwas scheint die Kitins grade verschreckt zu haben
2012/09/28 21:43:51 Dexton sagt: Homins! Ihr müsst weiter in Richtung Oase vorstoßen. Ich werde die Stadt meiner Vorväter mit meinem Leben verteidigen!
2012/09/28 21:45:11 Dexton sagt: Ich werde die Stadt - meine Stadt nicht kampflos aufgeben!
2012/09/28 21:45:21 Geist von Atys sagt: Auch an den anderen Toren strömen Kitins in die Stadt, Imperator Dexton blickt immer wieder hinüber zu der Stadt seiner Väter.
2012/09/28 21:46:36 Dexton sagt: Ich werde einen Teil der Kitins in die Stadt locken, und mich mit den Wachen um sie kümmern!
2012/09/28 21:48:12 Dexton sagt: Sterbt ihr Monster!
2012/09/28 21:49:08 Dexton sagt: *Steckt seine letzte Kraft in die Schläge*
2012/09/28 21:49:26 Geist von Atys sagt: Dexton stellt sich den Kitins am Cerakos-Tor, jenen Ort verteidigend, an denen sein Vater begraben liegt.
2012/09/28 21:49:32 Dexton sagt: *Ein Kitinstachel durchbohrt Dexton's Herz*
2012/09/28 21:50:03 Dexton sagt: *Mit schmerzüberzverzerrtem Gesicht sinkt er langsam zu Boden*
2012/09/28 21:50:54 Dexton sagt: *Mit einem letzten Schlag mit dem Schwert seiner Väter vernichtet er seinen Todesboden mit einem Schlag*
2012/09/28 21:51:49 Dexton sagt: *Reglos liegt er, das brennende Schwert mit festem Griff in der Hand, am Boden.*
2012/09/28 21:52:12 Dexton sagt: *Der Atem wird flacher und flacher, bis er ganz verstummt...*
2012/09/28 21:52:28 Geist von Atys sagt: Mit dem Schwert in der Hand, so wie es sich Dexton immer gewünscht hat fällt der Imperator vor dem Tor der Stadt.
2012/09/28 21:53:39 Lykos sagt: *beugt sich zu seinem Vater und nimmt ihn auf seiner Arme*
2012/09/28 21:54:08 Yrkanis sagt: Mit dem Schwert in der Hand zu sterben, aufrecht als Krieger. Dexton sprach davon, dass er so sterben wolle.
2012/09/28 21:54:19 Yrkanis sagt: Sein Wunsch ging in Erfüllung.

2012/09/28 21:54:24 Yrkanis neigt sein Haupt.
2012/09/28 21:55:27 Lykos sagt: Nun lauft vor ich bringe ihn zur schmiede und komme gleich nach
2012/09/28 21:56:31 Orphie Dradius sagt: lasst Dextons Opfer nicht umsonst gewesen sein, lasst uns langsam weiter ziehen
2012/09/28 21:56:50 Yrkanis sagt: Lykos wird später zu uns stoßen, lasst uns langsam weitergehen!
2012/09/28 21:58:56 Geist von Atys sagt: Mit klammen Herzen ziehen die Homins weiter, dem Flammenden Wald entgegen, während immer wieder Kitinhorden gegen Pyr anrennen und die Stadt langsam einzuschließen drohen.
2012/09/28 21:59:09 Orphie Dradius sagt: Die Kitins machen uns den Weg nicht leicht
2012/09/28 22:00:26 Yrkanis wirft sich in den Kampf, mutig und entschlossen kämpft er Seite an Seite mit den Homins.
2012/09/28 22:02:15 Orphie Dradius sagt: Bitte wartet auf die anderen Anführer
2012/09/28 22:02:16 Geist von Atys sagt: Lykos will seinem Vater die letzte Ehre erweisen. In den magischen Feuern der Schmiede übergibt er den Leichnam seines Vaters den Flammen. Das heilige Feuer der Schmiede hüllt den Körper ein und verwandelt ihn binnen weniger Augenblicke in feine Asche.
2012/09/28 22:05:23 Geist von Atys sagt: Immer wieder bricht der Boden vor den Homins auf, so als spürten die Kitins, wo die Homins sich bewegen, als hörten sie das Scharren ihrer Füße im Sand auf der Flucht.
2012/09/28 22:06:02 Ailan MacKean sagt: Kämpft mit Mut im Herzen!
2012/09/28 22:07:45 Geist von Atys sagt: Mit der Asche Dextons in einer Urne erwartet Lykos die Homins am Abgang zum Flammenden Wald.

This gave me the impression that Emperor Dexton did not want to be resurrected by the Kamis, since his was a glorious ending that he himself had wished for, as King Yrkanis stated. Even if Dexton's life-seed perhaps wasn't damaged by the Kitin that impaled his heart. Otherwise Lykos would have been the killer of his father who was merely in a coma as many homins know it prior to a resurrection by the higher powers. Besides: the recent IC-"explanation" for resurrection that Daomei has linked to (here's the English version: http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=topic/view/19440/1# 1 ) is very disappointing in my eyes, revealing not even a little bit of useful news or Lore, especially not about the life-seed...

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Thanks Zhoi. Here an (unauthorized) english translation:

About Dexton's death on Leanon, there's a bit more in my chatlogs:

2012/09/28 21:40:18 Orphie Dradius shouts: A powerful crowd of kitins is blocking our way
2012/09/28 21:40:36 Rumours of Atys says: Again and again the ground opens and kitins appear around the Fyros capital. the whole ground seems to move!
2012/09/28 21:42:50 Orphie Dradius shouts: something seems to have scared the kitins recently
2012/09/28 21:43:51 Dexton says: Homins! You must proceed to the oasis. I shall defend the city of my ancients with my life!
2012/09/28 21:45:11 Dexton says: I shall not surrender the city - my city - without fight!
2012/09/28 21:45:21 Rumours of Atys says: On the other gates as well streams of kitins rush into the city. Emperor Dexton looks again and again at the city of his ancients.
2012/09/28 21:46:36 Dexton says: I shall lure a part of the kitins into the city, and take care of them together with the guards!
2012/09/28 21:48:12 Dexton says: Die, monsters!
2012/09/28 21:49:08 Dexton says: *all his remaining power putting in the sword strikes*
2012/09/28 21:49:26 Rumours of Atys says: Dexton has his last stand at Cerakos Gate, defending the place where his father is buried.
2012/09/28 21:49:32 Dexton says: *A kitin sting pierces Dexton's heart*
2012/09/28 21:50:03 Dexton says: *his face strained from pain, Dexton slowly sinks to the ground*
2012/09/28 21:50:54 Dexton says: *With a last strike of the sword of his ancients he destroys the death bringer*
2012/09/28 21:51:49 Dexton says: *Motionless he lies, the burning sword in his hand.*
2012/09/28 21:52:12 Dexton says: *The breath gets fainter and fainter, until it subsides...*
2012/09/28 21:52:28 Rumour of Atys says: With the Sword in his hand, as Dexton always had desired, the emperor falls at the city gate.
2012/09/28 21:53:39 Lykos says: *bows down to his father and takes him in his arms*
2012/09/28 21:54:08 Yrkanis says: Dying with the sword in his hands, upright as a warrior. Dexton told that he desired to leave that way.
2012/09/28 21:54:19 Yrkanis says: His wish was fulfilled.
2012/09/28 21:54:24 Yrkanis bows his head.
2012/09/28 21:55:27 Lykos says: Now march on. I shall bring him to the forge and will be back soon.
2012/09/28 21:56:31 Orphie Dradius says: let Dexton's sacrifice not have been in vain. Let us march on slowly
2012/09/28 21:56:50 Yrkanis says: Lykos will join us later, let us go on slowly!
2012/09/28 21:58:56 Rumours of Atys says: Heavy-hearted the homins march on, towards the flaming forest, while kitin hordes storm towards Pyr and threaten to encircle the city.
2012/09/28 21:59:09 Orphie Dradius says: The Kitins dont grant us an easy passage
2012/09/28 22:00:26 Yrkanis joins the battle, bold and determined he is fighting alongside the homins.
2012/09/28 22:02:15 Orphie Dradius says: Please wait here for the other leaders
2012/09/28 22:02:16 Rumours of Atys says: Lykos is paying the last respects to his father. In the magical fires of the forge he gives the corpse of his father to the flames. The holy fires of the forge enwrap the body and turn it to fine ashes in a moment.
2012/09/28 22:05:23 Rumours of Atys says: Again and again the surface opens before the homins, as if the kitins sensed where they were moving, as if they heard the scratch of their feet in the sands.
2012/09/28 22:06:02 Ailan MacKean says: Fight with courage in your hearts!
2012/09/28 22:07:45 Rumours of Atys says: With the ashes of Dexton in an urn Lykos awaits the homins at the entrance to the flaming forest

It is obvious that sharükos Dexton did not die as a warrior to sneak out later via a resurrection pact. That would be absurd. We honor a great warrior and cannot accept a ridiculous afterlife.


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Geyos (atys)
If i'm not in it, i would've been disappointed not because they speak french or german or english or whatever - but because they didn't found me trusty enough to invite me in.

We're circling a bit now around the core of it, I'm afraid, Geyos. So were Fyros Patriots from other communities actually invited to join in - and if not, were they not invited because a) they were thought not trusty enough, or b) because they don't speak French and would slow down the proceedings?


#56 [fr] 


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Ok, let me recap what I gathered so far on this:

This Atreus claims to be Dexton reborn but doesn't seem to act much like Dexton reborn.
He has gathered quite the following in Thesos, but is not well known outside of it.
It is unlikely that he actually is Dexton, because Dexton's life seed was supposedly destroyed.

So far, so good. Now the question is how this will conclude.

If Atreus will be deemed an imposter and dicarded by the Thesos population, he will be no more than an interesting annecdote in the Thesos history for anyone curious enough to ask.

In that case it would be perfectly fine to run the entire event french only.

However if the Event Team is going to treat him like he actually is Dexton reborn that would fundamentally shake the lore of the entire game. This is what people are worried about and rightfully so.

They could say that Dextons seed wasn't actually destroyed, but merely lost. I don't know the lore enough to say if that would be possible, but it still wouldn't explain Atreus strange behaviour. This needs some serious explanation that would need to be done internationally.

Sometimes issues like these can be missed by the people responsible, so it's good that they get pointed out beforehad so that everyone can prepare for it accordingly and avoid a repetition of the Matis termites/flowers desaster.

And then there is of course the third option: Atreus actually is an imposter, but continues to get support in Thesos, which might lead to a civil war. This would be perfectly fine with existing Lore, but it would still require the event chain to become multilingual in some way at that point.

The french can't just simply assassinate Lykos, just because the royal guard can only defend in english.


The only sane man is the one who considers himself to be insane. Im sane, btw. }¦-)>

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Zhoi, learn some French before using that as a proof. Here is the French complete citation :

Watch your tone, Maximus. And before telling me to learn French while you were babbling something about a "proof" (?) or "misquoting", you might want to learn to read properly instead, so you will be able to understand what's being said and meant. I already made clear that the sentence "SEEMS" phrased as a fact, and that this translation was done by a tool that many people use - Google. Geyos already clarified the real meaning of the sentence and I thanked him for that.
By the way, misquoting a sentence, with a bad translation, out of context, is just intellectual dishonesty. At least if you were trying to imply things, it would have been OK. But trying to prove it with faked facts that are made to look real ? Zhoi ? How can we even trust your quotations now ? Who can prove you're not inventing things up from thin air to prove your point ?

How to trust my quotations? Maybe by asking others who also made chatlogs. A counter question: how can I trust ANY word you say at all after you willfully chose to misinterpret my words in the worst possible way contorted by distressing prejudice?
Yay ! Let's vote for the next story : I have an idea that could all please you : something with two old ladies drinking a cup of tea and telling each other how they felt during the day and about how they cannot eat candybar anymore because their system cannot digest it. Normally, it should not be too too excessive for your tastes. Except if you do not like that fact that eating means going to the crapper afterwards ?

This "idea" of the two ladies talking is not a new one at all. It reminds me a lot of the casual roleplay I have experienced and actually enjoyed a lot in another MMORPG that I'm still visiting from time to time. During events or spontaneuos meetings we were impersonating completely normal people - farmers, butchers, shepherds, retirees etc. - meeting regularly to think up funny and quirky IC-stories of "our" everyday life on the spot, weaving these stories together, even exchanging letters in between meetings spreading absurd rumors about NPCs and so on. Oh, and we didn't leave out things like loo breaks either ;)

Without "questing", "levelling" nor even trying to leave an impact on the world of any kind at all we merely indulged in creating a fun "atmosphere" and also breathing a sense of "life" into the game-world. Yes, some people really do things like that, and they love it.

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With Maximus' posting gone, this obviously not longer made much sense. Therefore deleted.

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