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For some times now I have been working on a personal (and therefore unofficial) project: creating Python bindings to the Ryzom API. There's still a lot of work to do, however I choose to share this project with you for what it's worth. Unlike the lite PHP Ryzom API, theses bindings do all the hard work four you: you don't have to manipulate some dark XML tree.

Main features

  • Simple access to a character's main data ;
  • simple access to a guild's main data ;
  • item sorting ;
  • item tags ;
  • server tick to in-game date conversion ;
  • API key check.

Yes,when you retrieve an item list, this list is sorted just like the in-game inventory. Ok, for now not everything is sorted, it's an alpha release, I'll add it soon enough. Something else you will love about items are the tags: each item comes with a tag list, which is a very simple way to filter items.

Python version

This package is developed for python 3, however, it also supports python 2.7. Please note that python 2.6 is not supported.


The following example output a very basic HTML listing of a guild hall and a character bag/room/pets: http://pastebin.com/dXYiQ7mE. More examples are available in the documentation.

How to install

The simplest way to install it is to use pip :
pip install ryzomapi


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Thanks for this. I added link to wiki


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