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The following may happen:

I carry e.g. 480 mission mats of 2 sorts, other 240 on my mount already. Now I choose mission 6 (3x 120 mats of some sort for camp #6), and hand out mats to the prospector. She takes 2 times 120 mats so that I am able now to take the missing 120 of the 3rd sort.

Though the mission window clearly shows that only 120mats of the 3rd sort are required, the giving screen fills up with 120mats of all sorts, and if you did not take care, the 2x 120 mats of the already given sorts are gone. If you have only 120 of one sort, that one is taken. I think lower fractions are left untouched - not sure.

Workaround: Be careful, I think one can remove the unneeded mats from the giving window preventing to lose them. I put them on the mektoub to be sure.


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Can confirm the behaviour. But isn't this just the already well known behaviour of all mission givers and receivers? They often take too many objects in that temporary inventory, especially when you have to give to them multiple times (because of either high quantity or high variety).

I believe this bug led to the proposal and implementation of the "lock" functionality about 2 years ago, iirc.

Nevertheless, I agree that this greedy behaviour should be fixed. Every now and then someone looses precious material.
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