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Hellos Atys :D

We are a good bunch of friendly laid back ppl trying to have a good time and make some new friends.

We love to craft, hunt, run around here and there doing random things, looking for new areas or things to poke on, chitchat on mumble xD; although we hate making holes on the ground we still dig a lot o.O ... and some pvp as well...

Fireflies are inviting a few more members to join our family. We put in a lot of effort in helping out new family members in every way possible, We are looking for players who are willing to show some commitment to the game, and would prefer players that are subscribed; however, that is definitely not a requirement. :D

If you are looking for a laid back dedicated,helpful playstyle guild please give us a shout ^^

Guildleader: Lamda

HOs:Tarbu, Mjollren, Aenigma, Paradox, Naema, Alrekur, Royeren, ivy, Saraii, Bones, Valda, Tazmuul, Lotte, Winxy

Officers: Valda, Airus, lilaryn, winxy, Airus, Lillise, Rubak

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Some changes to our guild members :)

GL: Lamda
HO: Naema, Bones, Mjollren, Alrekur, Tarbu, Tazmuul, Macdogles, Valda, Deathly(winxy), Stun.
Officer: Antifongix, Wayra, Celiana, Delia, Ishika, Lafelia, Skuxxguy, Taliya, Wyxvyr, Chaoscontrol,

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Grave of the Fireflies is moving from a civ-neutral approach and is now aligned Zorai. Member choice is respected should you wish to remain neutral.

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i would like to join your guild it will be my first
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