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[OOC] Translation of this text - in French [/OOC]

Erminantius went back home with a big packet under his arm. He settled before his desk and opened it. Before him, a quite big book and a writing kit right from the Master scrollmaker from Yrkanis, by whom he was learning this occupation.

Erminantius dipped his quill in the green ink, and started writing on the first page.

This notebook will hold everything I’ll judge worth of being written, to keep a track of what we’ll undertake. Reflections, ideas, debates, results and others. The main subject being the knowledge about the Kitins, in order to fight them more efficiently.

“ We'll find their chink, we'll brave the brawl and woe betide the lagger!”

The Kitin Song, By Lyros Melion


Erminantius turned the page and started writing.


Yesterday, I finally managed to gather a few homins eager to throw themselves into the study of our common foe, the Kitins.

The attending homins and hominas were:

Serae Aylia, head of the guild “Alkiane” and Matis noble of Avalae
Serae Zendae, head of the guild “Amazones Mystica”
Serae Boréale, member of the guild “La Firme”
Ser Salazar Caradini, First Seraph of the Holy Order of the Argo Navis, member of the Royal Academy of Yrkanis
Ser Shot, member of the guild “La Firme”
Ser Osquallo, member of the guild “Amazones Mystica”
Ser Delavega, member of the guild “Gardiens du Savoir”
Ser Erminantius, member of the guild “Gardiens du Savoir”, Matis noble of Avalae
Ser Copal, translator and scrivener for the meeting

I thought it would be tastefull to pronounce a small introducing speech.

If I have organised this meeting, it is because the solutions currently under study against the Kitins don't suit me. In short, fighting the tunnels doesn't seem to me an efficient solution. As for me, in order to fight the kitins, you've got to attack the kitins. And it seems to me that in order to fight them efficiently, you need to know them better. My idea is to create a group of Homins willing to work on an in-depth study of the kitin of the depths. I think there are at least two interesting lines of study. The first one would be the study of the kitin "society", their way of life, their hierarchy, and everything that goes with this. The second would be to catch living kitins for various studies. New weapons, new ways of eradication, new fighting skills, and so on. I think that, in a first period, it would be necessary to gather all the certified knowledge about the kitins, and to use it as a base to start our researches and our actions. But let's it be clear... It's absolutely out of the question to use Goo, or something that may harm one of the other civilizations in Atys...

There, you know what my project is.

The debate then started about the Karan position and the legitimacy of the group.

I’ve hence explained that I had mentioned the creation of the group and my wishes to do researches about the kitins of the depths during the last Nobles Chamber in Yrkanis. The Royal Counsellor should have most likely reported it to the Karan. I haven’t received any news yet, about the creation of this research group being banned. Moreover, there is a quite large ambiguity regarding what the position of the Karan by the nobles, and even about what the Karan would have permitted to the rangers. For that matter, a meeting is planned to clarify all this. Anyway, if the Karan came to require the group to end, the group would be, to my deeper regret, dissolved. Matis should obey the Karan.

After that, we have spoken about the lack of time.

Although each participant is aware that time is limited, the majority of the group considers that it shouldn’t prevent us to act. Because, first, no one knows how much time is left. And what will be acquired, will stay acquired and may be used. Because working in a hurry wouldn’t give good results. And if, possibly, the botanical solution to seal the tunnels was working, it may give us time for our study.

The next subject was the opening of the group.

The group considers that the Matis should carry this project out, since they are its instigators. But it stays open to any homin wishing to join in and who would come in the aim of bringing solutions, and not in bringing problems. It is agreed that everyone will have to make efforts to put aside some of its political or religious ideas.

It is even desirable to inform each nation in a more official manner. The Kitin problem is an Atysian problem, which means that the research group stays open to all homins of good-willing.

The last subject what catching a Kitin of the depths.

Several participants mention that, in various tribes, captive kitins have been seen. Especially kipestas. The group considers hence that it is possible to learn by these tribes, how to catch kitins. It is also mentioned that the Karavan had studied a kitin of the depths several years ago. And that the Karavan was able to put in place fences that the kitins had lots of difficulties to break. A meeting with the members of the Karavan is then to be planned in the future.


It is decided to create two groups to start to work.

The first one will be constituted of serae Zendae and ser Osquallo. Its first mission is to note all the tribes who visibly know how to catch a kitin.
The second group will be constituted of serae Aylia and ser Salazar. Its mission is to gather all the knowledge already acquired and sure about how the kitins of the depths live (social organization, how they reproduce, how they feed themselves…)

Erminantius looked for a long time at the first page that he had just written… He was wondering if it was a flash in the pan or the beginning of something important. Time would tell.[/p]


He closed the notebook, remembering of somtehing his father had told him just before his death.

"It’s not because things are difficult, that we don’t dare to do them. It’s because we don’t dare doing them, that they are difficult."

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#63 [fr] 

Erminantius had just returned from the assembly of Avalae.

He was smiling. He took his notebook and his quill.

I'm back from the assembly, and the Karan's councillor has just announced that the Karan was pleased with my initiative. He has even announced publicly that the Karan authorized me to pursue. I’ve got to admit I’m pretty proud of myself. At least, the Karan will know my name. Now, I’d better be up to my ancestors, and show to all that the Matis can work for the good of Atys.

I think that, now, we’ll be able to work with serenity.

Zendae has confirmed that one tribe had a captive Kipesta. We’ve got to look deeper in this way.

I haven’t gotten any news from Salazar. I hope that everything is going well on his side. But I know that his work is more complicated, and that it’s probably not as easy as it seems.

In the meantime, I observe the mounds and I take notes. I should go around in the other nations, to check if the mounds are the same. In any case, in the Forest, the kitins seem to pile up sawdust. I wonder where it comes from. And why these piles of sawdust are there. Sometimes, they’re putting them quite far from their tunnels.

I wonder if, by studying this sawdust, we couldn’t know where it comes from.

Erminantius closed his notebook, put on his armor, and went on the ground to study the kitins…

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Kitin Studies - Search of documents about Kitins

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Kitin Studies - Capture a Kitin


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#66 [en] 

Translation of this text by Erminantius

At the end of the last meeting of the study group, Erminantius went back home. And he thought that he was really too tired to write down the minutes of the metting in his notebook.. It would wait for a few hours.
He went to bed and postponed it to the next day.

After a well deserved night of sleep, Erminantius got ready as usual. He looked if news of importance had arrived for him, then went to his office, opened his notebook, and started to write a short report, trying to forget nothing.
The second meeting of our small group took place at the foot of the rotoa of Bravichi. There were:

Serae Boréale
Serae Wushepeng
Serae Nerwane
Serae Zendae
Seare Phaozu
Ser Salazar
Ser Osquallo
Ser Copal
and Ser Zorroargh that I had invited

Seare Zendae presented us with the results of her “researches”, namely how the tribe of the masters of goo managed to catch a living Kipesta. After an interesting discussion about the place for the capture, we spoke about the discoveries of Ser Salazar thanks to the amber cube of the academy. Ser Salazar made us know his will to study the importance of the kitin secretions, I allowed myself to add that it would be interesting to try to know better how the kitins breed. We concluded that Ser Salazar should, in a first time, try to make contact with the two scientists experts in kitins who are mentioned in the amber cube.

We’ve shared the tasks so that our project goes forward on the other line.
Zendae and the amazons have to clear the choice for a place of capture, and a place of store.
Serae Boreale and myself have to find a way to create a strong fence.
And there was also the need to find someone to help us making a quite big and strong net.

Last point, it has been decided that Ser Zorroargh would be considered as a “permanent guest” in our meetings.

Erminantius closed his notebook, thinking that he still had a lot of work to do.
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